The Daily Astro for August 13, 2013



The Daily Astro for August 13, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester







The Moon is very busy today, with quite a few aspects. It remains in Scorpio the entire day.  The day begins  (2:48 AM EST), with a Moon/Saturn conjunction, which isn’t exactly a “rise and shine” combination. (It’s more like “rise and bitch obsessively about everything .”) This pair is a bit unforgiving emotionally.  We may feel our restrictions more keenly early in the day. Two more early-day aspects, the Moon contraparallel the Sun (7:21 AM EDT)  and a Moon/Mercury square (8:39  AM EDT),  can mean that someone’s not being clear about what they really want, or else hidden agendas are in operation. This trend will intensify as Mercury inconjuncts Pluto at 10:58 AM EDT.  With Mercury aspecting the Moon in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, it’s probably a good idea to watch your words today –something tossed off lightly may  be mis/interpreted in a very different light.  It can turn into Mind-fracking central (Go Google “fracking”–it’s a very disruptive process) if we’re not careful. Maybe someone’s looking for a fight, or twists your words against you. If used constructively, these aspects can lead to some very interesting and deep exchanges. Strategy comes into play–how much information do you release?  

Venus is semisquare the North Node and opposite Salacia, a Trans-Neptunian object. Salacia, in Roman mythology, was the goddess of the sea, consort of Neptune, and queen of salt water (Sal = salt). so it looks like relationships, or one important relationship, will test the limits of our belief system or make us question our values. I suppose we’ll be wondering if this person is “worth their salt”! Venus also relates to what we value or desire, so questions may arise, especially if what people say is different from what they do.  A Moon/Juno square may require us to take a  step back in our primary relationship and acquire a new perspective or finally address long-simmering resentments that have been allowed to reach the boiling point.

When the Moon trines Jupiter at 11:11 AM EDT we may find that whatever we’ve uncovered today was actually our lucky break.  Maybe it prevented us from sinking more emotional capital into a relationship that’s not what we thought it was; maybe we have discovered who’s got our back and who could give a flying **** about us!  Alliances may shift based on what we’ve uncovered.  We may still be in shock about the revelations  (Moon inconjunct Uranus at 2:07 PM EDT), but try not to fly off the handle. The Moon in Scorpio hooking up with Uranus in Aries reminds me of someone with an unavoidable urge to spew forth all the “family secrets” while adorning the spewage with extremely colorful  (and well-placed) curse words. Remember the earlier advice to watch what you say and how you say it!  The Moon trines Chiron in Pisces at 2:26 PM EDT, reminding us to be compassionate. Try and understand what’s lurking underneath the facade or what old injury cycle people are re-enacting. Healing is possible tonight if we give ourselves the space and time.



Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  ” A carrier pigeon.” 

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A man carrying a bird in a golden cage.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ ENLIGHTENMENT. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “RESTRICTION.”

Yesterday we had chickens, today we have carrier pigeons and caged birdies.  The Kozminsky Symbol features the proverbial “bird in a gilded cage”. As Kozminsky says, “There is no suggestion of unkind treatment but there is that the native is not a free agent.”  This bird-n-residence is carried around or moved to different places at the whim of others.  It’s about being restrained or falling under the influence of others. The planetary connection here is with Neptune, which is related to the 12th house of restriction/hospitalization/imprisonment–like being in “karma jail”. Kozminsky alludes to mediumistic abilities (also very Neptunian), but with the danger of being controlled from both visible and invisible worlds.  Be careful about what you get yourself into, especially if it’s a situation that looks too good to be true (all that glitters…).  Where have you gotten too comfortable, or too lazy?  Is it time for a “jail break”? 

The Sabian Symbol continues the avian theme. Carrier pigeons aren’t used much any more, but back in the day they were used to carry important or sensitive information “under the radar” to the intended recipient. They were often used during wartime or in periods of crisis, to avoid using the normal modes of communication that might be monitored by others. This Symbol is about communication in all forms, and also relates to the development of telepathy or other forms of intuitive or spirit communication.   It also is connected to timing and being in the right place at the right time.  It’s about news, receiving messages, being  a go-betweens, staying alert, and being able to read between the lines. You may receive an important message today, or suddenly become aware of the undercurrents swirling around a complex situation. On the down side, this Symbol relates to gossip, indiscretion, an inability to be silent when it’s the best course of action, missing subtle signals, or breaking a trust.



6 of Pentacles / 6 of Cups 



Two Six cards today!  The Sixes in the tarot’s Minor Arcana mirror the Big Kahuna 6, the Major Arcana card The Lovers, in some way, and the Lovers is connected with Gemini, so we’re dealing with a multi-faceted situation that may involve a choice and the ability to synthesize information from a variety of sources. The 6s in the Minor Arcana, particularly these two, reflect a bit of the “calm after the storm” , as they follow the shake-’em-up  5 cards. The 6 of Pentacles relates to a double flow (Gemini’s symbol is the Twins), and the principle of sharing. 6s seem to right the balance in some way, they’re seeking equilibrium and harmony. The 6 of Pentacles relates to our gifts, the things that enrich us or establish our reputation. As we give, we also receive. Offers come in, we feel appreciated. The 6 of Cups tells us to look to the past or childhood in order to re-discover our gifts. What were you good at as a child? Is there anything you’ve given up over the years that you regret not doing? We may find ourselves in situations now that mirror our past in order to send us a message (like the Sabian Symbol’s carrier pigeon) about our true gifts. We learn something about ourselves by going back to the past, or someone from our past shows up to remind us of who we are. This combination can indicate skills or talents carried forth from past lives, what we’re instinctively drawn to, or things we find “easy” to do. It’s about finding your purpose in life, what you were born to do. The feeling of these two cards is synchronicity: a timely message or a visit from a special person can lead you to the life you’re meant to live.  It’s where we find our heart’s desire, our special gift to the world.




–August 13, 2013

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