The Daily Astro for October 5, 2012

The Daily Astro for October 5, 2012  

The Moon remains in Gemini today.  It’s another day of change–we’re heading to the “dark side” as today both Mercury and Saturn move from Libra to Scorpio. Mercury enters Scorpio at 6:35 AM EDT and Saturn follows suit at 4:34 PM EDT, so they’re traveling in tandem, merging energies. This combination reminds me of those times when we’re walking around and overhear someone saying something as we pass them on the street—we catch the words and they prove to be incredibly meaningful or significant for our own situation. Pay attention to the deeper meaning of things now.  This is a pair that relates to investigation, research, getting to the bottom of things. Secrets may be unearthed; we start to unravel mysteries.  There’s also an emphasis on getting to the heart of things and tossing out anything that isn’t essential. We get closer to the truth here. With the Scorpio emphasis, other people’s resources, investments and our close ties to others is also highlighted.  This combo is a little heavy, but we’re fortunate to also have the Moon in Gemini uniting with the Sun in Libra at 9:41 AM EDT and then, at 5:08 PM EDT, the hooking up with Jupiter in Gemini, adding a dose of optimism and cheer and lifting us out of any solitary funk that’s engulfing us.  Since the Moon is void from 5:08 PM EDT until it enters Cancer at 8:45 PM EDT tomorrow, it might be a good time to power down, relax and get ready for the weekend. At 6:06 PM EDT, Mercury trines Neptune in Pisces—this can bring in some pretty amazing realizations that float in from other realms, if you’re open to receiving them.

Today’s Symbols

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun:  “Children blowing soap bubbles.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:   “A woman in a dark blue costume entering a convent door; her head is erect, her arms raised, and she heeds not a handsome cavalier who is offering her fruits and flowers.”

The Sabian Symbol keyword is Enchantment”

The Kozminsky Symbol keyword is “Abdication”.

Let’s see, we have “serious as a nun” here on one hand, and “I’m forever blowing bubbles” on the other. It’s a great illustration of the contrast between Gemini and Scorpio.  The serious, focused and somewhat solitary Scorpio energy contrasts with the playful, childlike (in all senses of the word) essence of Gemini. These two images are good representations of the astrological aspects swirling around us today!  The woman (clad in the dark blue of spiritual enlightenment) is paring her life to its essence, renouncing the world and its pleasures. She’s had offers, but is relinquishing them for what she regards as truly important. She’s abdicating in honor of her soul.  The Sabian Symbol urges us to take a break, and lose ourselves in the lighter side of life when it’s appropriate. Playing can lead to a creative breakthrough. There’s innocence here, a freshness. Negatively, running around with a bubble wand in the middle of a crisis, when you need to focus on serious issues, is not a brilliant idea. It also warns against escaping into fantasy when addressing problems in the material world is required.

Born on October 5:

Chester A. Arthur (21st President of US), Vaclav Havel (writer, former President of Czechoslovakia), Lady Jane Grey (uncrowned Queen of England, executed), Heinrich M. von Battenberg (son-in-law of England’s Queen Victoria), Francoise-Athenais, marquise de Montespan, mistress of King Louis XIV, Mary of Modena, Queen of James II of England, Chevalier d’Eon (diplomat/spy—lived first half of life as a man, second as a woman), Bernie Mac (comedian), Kate Winslet (actor), Grant Hill (NBA basketball), Jesse Eisenberg (actor), Larry Fine (The Three Stooges), May Yin Lin (designed Vietnam War Memorial), Glynis Johns (actor), Donald Pleasance (actor), Allen Ludden (host, “Password”, married to Betty White), Parminder Nagra (actor, “Bend It Like Beckham”), Karen Allen (actor, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”), Bob Geldof (musician, Boomtown Rats, organized Band-Aid concerts), Robert Hutchings Goddard (built first rocket using liquid fuel), Nicky Hilton (socialite/heiress), Paul Thomas (Good Charlotte), Ray Korc (Mc Donalds CEO, founder), Guy Pearce (Australian actor, “Memento”), Daniel Baldwin (actor, brother of Alec and all the other Baldwin actors), Michael Andretti (Indianapolis 500 racer), Troy Luccketta (Tesla), Brent W. Jett Jr. (appropriately named astronaut), Leo Barnes (Hothouse Flowers), Russell Mael (vocalist, Sparks), Clive Barker (writer, hellraiser), Sandra “Puma” Jones (Black Uhuru), Jeff Conaway (actor), Brian Connolly (musician, Sweet), Lucius Ross (guitarist, Funkadelic), Brian Johnson (singer, AC/DC), Steve Miller (musician, space cowboy), Carlo Mastrangelo (Dion & the Belmonts), Teresa Heinz Kerry (Heinz heiress, philanthropist, wife of Presidential candidate John Kerry), Pavel Popovich (cosmonaut), Al Hensen (artist, Flexus group), Bill Dana (comedian, “Jose Jimenez”), Philip Berrigan (activist priest), Flann O’Brien (Irish writer), Jimmy Ritz (comedian, from Ritz Brothers comedy group), Walter Bedell (WW2 general, head of CIA), Jose Donoso (writer, Magical Realism style), Autherine Lucy (1st black student enrolled in the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa), Louis Lumiere (with brother Auguste, made first motion picture, 1895), John Addington Symonds (historian and writer), Denis Diderot (encyclopedist), Jonathan Edwards (US theologian), Sergey Muromtsev (President of Russia’s First Imperial Duma), Fritz Fischer (doctor, Nazi war criminal), Bil Keane (cartoonist), Guido von List (German writer), Anne Haddy (Australian actor), Joshua Logan (director/writer), Angelo Buono Jr. (US serial killer), Heather MacRae (actor/singer), Johnny Duncan (country singer), Zhang Yining (top table tennis player), Blanchette Brunoy (actor/comedian), Richard Street (Temptations), Geoff Leigh (musician, Henry Cow), B.W. Stevenson (singer),Ramzan Kadyrov (Chechen President), Heather Headley (singer), Mahamandaleshwar Swami Nityanand (Hindu guru), Laura Davies (pro golfer),m Slim Kid3 (Pharcyde), Stig Dagerman (popular Swedish author, 1940s).

Today’s Oracle Card:

Another from The Crystal Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno

Go to to see images of this Oracle.

Today I’ve drawn PREHNITE.

Prehnite is a light-green stone.  Salerno’s keywords for this stone are PROFOUND SPIRITUAL LOVE, PROTECTION, and PROPHETIC VISION.  Other sources say that prehnite is a very protective stone which stimulates our energy while calming us at the same time. It helps calm worries, facilitates out-of-body travel and is a “dream stone”.  Some associate it with the sign Libra, Archangel Raphael, and the heart chakra.

Salerno also notes that drawing the prehnite card indicates the possibility of experiencing a prophetic vision which can occur through our dreams or suddenly, unexpectedly.  She says “a deep inner knowing will swell from within you and you will realise that all is literally bathed in love” and that nothing can really harm you.

She adds that we will be aware that a higher force exists and as we trust in this power our lives will “take on greater meaning and purpose”.

The idea of communicating with spirit and “going beyond” or taking the next step ties in today’s choice of the prehnite card with the astrological aspects and Symbols. There’s a need to find our essence, to connect with spirit and eliminate all the background noise. Being able to identify what’s important and what needs to be culled is one of the first tasks.  If we can visualize the next step, we’re on our way.

–Valerie Sylvester, October 5, 2012–

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