The Daily Astro for February 29, 2012

      The Daily Astro for February 29,  2012 First Quarter Moon (we’re starting to move ahead, but there’s an element of struggle involved) and  “leap day” today!  The Moon’s in Gemini aspecting Neptune, Uranus, and  Pluto (all outer planets–these are archetypal energies, like the Major Arcana in tarot) as well as interacting with […] Continue reading

Hang On Sloopy

Isis Card 18 (Moon) “Sloop” HANG ON SLOOPY Today seemed to call for an Isis card.  These cards were produced by Amber Studio in Antwerp, Belgium in 1985.  They’re called “The Isis Tarot” and “Psychecards”; there are 36 cards, so they’re really more of an oracle deck, but no matter.  The card I drew today […] Continue reading