The Daily Astro for November 12, 2013


The Daily Astro for November 12, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester




The day starts with the Moon in Pisces. “Morning people” (I get up early, but am emphatically NOT a “morning person” by nature) can get a leg up today if they get moving before 9:34 AM EST, when the Moon’s Void-of-Course. We’re in that void until 2:39 AM  EST tomorrow, when the Moon enters Aries. Generally this means play catch-up, don’t launch new projects or toss things out into the universe because the upshot is a resounding non-response from NothingLand.  Still, it’s a pretty cool day. We’re working in the framework of a Water Grand Trine today, so the keyword is: flowing. As in, go with the flow. The Moon in Pisces trines the Sun in Scorpio at 9:25 AM EST, and on its heels is a Moon/Jupiter trine (9:35 AM EST). The last piece falls into place at 11:40 AM EST as the Sun trines Jupiter.  We are dealing with a void Moon today and Jupiter’s retrograde, so some of the benefits of this trine may take place on the internal level, but that’s where it all starts, so don’t underestimate the importance of whatever’s swirling around you today. This is how universes coalesce into being. It’s the Big Surreal Reveal.  The Moon/Sun trine energizes the connection between our soul and our “essence” or individuality, so we may find it easy to express ourselves uniquely in a way that inspires others. The Moon/Jupiter trine adds the ability to empathize, encourage, inspire and teach others, and the Sun/Jupiter trine amps up the luck/king-and-queen of our own destiny juju.  Positive thinking is important today, because what you put out there will eventually result in similar energies splashing back to you.


What this means for today is that we should focus on those impossible dreams,  things we thought were unattainable. Now’s the time to push ourselves to flow through resistance, to force those positive energies to take a stroll outside the confines of our own minds. As the Monkees sang, “Take a Giant Step Outside Your Mind.” If things aren’t flowing, they’re stagnating. Make some magic. It’s an excellent day for setting intentions, making affirmations, thinking big, asking for what you really want, and expressing gratitude for all that you have. You may  feel it’s another one of those days where nothing tangible seems to have been accomplished, but with the void Moon and Jupiter retrograde, what’s happening is that we’re expanding from the inside out, rearranging our interior landscape, preparingfor major changes to come.   Since Jupiter is a major player in today’s configuration, focus on learning, teaching, travel, philosophy, outreach, all things foreign or related to people at a distance, publishing, expanding your knowledge or experience. Take note of all hunches, dreams, psychic flashes, premonitions or visions (the Moon’s in Pisces, and Jupiter’s a co-ruler of this empathetic, intuitive sign).  Those of you interested in gemstones may want to hang out with yellow sapphire today, as that’s considered to be a gemstone related to Jupiter energy.  Turquoise is another stone associated with Jupiter.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  ” A soldier derelict in duty.”    

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   A double-headed giant, in his right hand a great club, in his left a tree–roots and foliage.”  (Influence is:MERCURY.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “DEVIATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “FORCING.” 


Today’s Kozminsky Symbol sounds like a combination of the Gemini and Jupiter archetypes. A double-headed (Gemini) giant (Jupiter) holding a club and a tree (as in the World Tree, possibly)? In any case, he looks like someone you don’t mess around with.  The keyword is “forcing”, so today’s a day when we’re conscious of strength and power. We may also be pondering the vast forces that guide universal action. Since the giant has two heads, we may be of two minds about something. It also highlights the connection between spirit, thought and manifestation. The Moon’s in the dualistic sign of Pisces today, so we may find it easy to be carried away by the flow of life, often in directions we didn’t anticipate.  Float a while and see what bobs to the surface with you. With today’s strong Jupiter influence, we may also need to be careful not to force our belief system on others. “Act of God”  issues may intervene today in order to nudge us onto the correct path.  Is there something that needs to be forcefully uprooted from your life? Fated or fortuitous connections are emphasized.  

The Sabian Symbol is another of the reversed Sabians, so it has a split meaning. On one hand , it relates to not finishing the job you signed up for, abdicating responsibility, being careless and negligent, and having to do with the consequences of that behavior. Be careful what you take on; be sure to think it through before you act. It may be difficult to extricate yourself from the situation. A derelict solider can face court-martial or imprisonment–it’s a serious offense. This Symbol also strikes me as being very karmically charged. Things left undone or incomplete in a past life come back to be finished in this life. Today we may find ourselves cleaning up other people’s messes. The other meaning for this Symbol relates to knowing when to leave a situation. We may find ourselves embroiled in a life that does not express who we really are inside, and decide to bail in order to keep our integrity intact. In this case, knowing that you’re not where you’re supposed to be opens the door to finding your true mission in life. We accept responsibility for our errors and move on. It’s important to leave situations with grace and honor. If you move out of an office, you don’t leave half-eaten lunches and piles of dusty papers behind for the next occupant, you get things in order, right?




2 of Cups / 4 of Cups


“Tainted Love” 


Two Cups (water) cards fit in well with our Grand Trine in Water signs today. What’s the theme?  Here we meet the “other”, it starts out really well, a hot romance for sure, lots of love, and affection, maybe we even feel we’ve finally met our soulmate. It all seems to come together and we’re all set to board the bus to HappyLand, but then –the bus gets a flat tire and we’re dumped on the side of the road. Expectations are high, and someone’s not living up to what we thought they promised. Other people are gossiping or sticking their noses into our business. (And maybe you should actually listen to the ones who are aren’t just being bitchy. Just because you don’t want to hear it doesn’t mean it’s a lie.) Suspicion, doubt, and dissatisfaction creep in on little badger feet.  How could something so right go so wrong, we wonder? This is the make-or-break point in a relationship. The honeymoon’s over, and the romantic haze dissipates. Uh oh, we get to see the other person as they really are! Sometimes we prefer the illusion, (or love’s delusion). We feel like we’ve been ripped off, cheated.  Take a look at how you’ve tainted the well before you splatter the blame outward.

This combination can be associated with family fights, too.  If we’ve been over-idealizing a person or situation, we’re let down when they/it fall short, but it’s time to adjust the fantasy parameters. Excessive emotionalism, paranoia, and resentment can poison any relationship. This pair has great potential for reconciliation, if we’re willing to admit our own role creating the situation in the first place. We need to get “unstuck” in some area of our life where we’ve been swamped with negative feedback. Unwanted intervention in our affairs has created a difficult situation.   Partnership woes lead to paralysis or inertia. Something that began with with great fanfare and high hopes fizzles out due to mutual suspicion. These two have a “Romeo and Juliet” vibe. He’s in love with love, they both have too many people around them talking trash, they’re young, hyper-emotional, prone to rash decisions, and never make it past the first stage of their relationship. 


–November 12, 2013

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