the Daily Astro for November 15, 2012

The Daily Astro for November 15, 2012

The Moon remains in upbeat Sagittarius today, which is probably a good thing, as it will help give us some perspective when dealing with today’s “iffy” aspects. We start off with a blast of optimism at 3:25 AM EST as that Sagittarius Moon opposes its ruling planet Jupiter (in Gemini); our dreams probably featured an odd mixture of colorful “foreign” places where people busily buzzed around, speaking in alien tongues, as though we’d been thrown into the Grand Bazaar overnight!  The mood deepens to somber/serious later in the day as the Moon contacts Saturn and the Sun and throws a few challenges to our equanimity.

Partnership issues may arise with Venus activated; it’s involved in a pleasant aspect to the Moon, but is also tangling with asteroids Pallas and Eris, so all won’t likely be quiet on the relationship front, for sure! (And with a Mercury/Pluto aspect later tonight, we can venture into Obsessiveland all too easily.)  The elephant in the room is the quincunx between Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries (7:27 PM EST; it will also be exact on April 12 and October 4, 2013; these are also dates to watch). If you’ve been feeling queasy all day, this is probably why. It’s an uneasy combination–Saturn’s the Old Guard, tradition, taking it slow and easy, the inexorable grinding of karmic laws, and Uranus is the wild card, the unexpected, the ruler of all things that split our world wide open. Saturn’s in Scorpio so the “deep dark” is rising to the surface, and Uranus is in Aries, which is impatient, revolutionary, and just won’t take no for an answer. All of the energies are at odds today and must learn to adjust to each other’s “vibe”.  The Moon in Sagittarius adds a wild and restless hue,  so even though we know we have to deal with the heavy-duty-ness of it all, our impulse may be “run away, run away”!

Put your thinking caps on, because today’s glitches may require some extra-creative thinking. We  need to take a look at our rituals and habit patterns. Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries can be, literally or figuratively, an earthquake. Pressure’s building, and adjustments are needed to relieve the strain. When major forces collide, something’s gotta give and the landscape is often transfigured.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A wearied traveller on a hot, dusty road obtaining a drink of water from a peasant girl”.

Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “APPEAL.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “RECIPROCITY.”

The Sabian Symbol connects with the idea of the wisdom of the ages, which fits in well with today’s major aspect, Saturn in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus in Aries. (Ancient wisdom unearthed may have a revolutionary impact on the individual as he/she acesses and is freshly inspired by the teachings.) It shows an acknowledgment of collective wisdom and how each new generation can connect deeply if it’s presented in a new and innovative way. It also relates to being attracted to or compelled by someone who is presenting a tantalizing message. On the down side, this can represent those who manipulate others by putting on a show of knowledge or use their charisma to draw people in for other than exalted purposes. The warning here is to think for yourself when faced with something that’s so appealing that you feel you just have to have it, be it, or breathe its air.

The Kozminsky Symbol brings in the Sagittarian archetype (the wanderer/traveler). It’s also a metaphor for the journey of life. We face obstacles, feel we can’t go on, but at the right moment we meet someone/find something that helps us along. It’s a symbol of protection and the idea that what we’ve given out in good will comes back to us in kind. We learn through trial and error, through adjusting to new and unusual situations, which ultimately strengthens our resolve and opens new vistas that we wouldn’t have encountered if we’d just “stayed home” and played it safe.



William Cowper (British poet), Williamk Pitt the Elder (Whig Prime Minister of UK, 1856-61 & 66-68), Nicholas V (Tommaso Parentucelli), Pope, 1477-55, Jean I of France (King for 4 days in 1316), Eleonore of Austria, Queen of Portugal and France, Manuel II, King of Portugal, Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna of Russia (daughter of Nicholas II & Alexandra), Jerome Bonaparte (King of Westphalia), John Banvard (painted world’s largest painting), Mwai Kibaki (president of Kenya), Jacques Rene Hebert (editor of radical newspaper during French Revolution), giovanni Belzoni (“The Great Belzoni”, explored Egypt), Claus von Stauffenberg (leading figure in plot to kill Hitler, 1944), Frida Lyngstad (singer, ABBA), Petula Clark (singer), Georgia O’Keefe (artist), Sam Waterston (actor), Judge Joseph Wapner (“People’s Court” judge), Jonny Lee Miller (actor), Ed Asner (actor, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”), Kevin Eubanks (bandleader for “The Tonight Show”), Bill C.W. McCall Fries (singer, popularized CB radios with song “Convoy”), B.o.B. (Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., rapper), Jack Burns (comedian, Burns & Schreiber), J.G. Ballard (science-fiction author), Whitman Mayo (actor, “Sanford & Sons”), Howard Baker (U.S. politician), Carol Bruce (actor), Dame Ruth Nita Barrow (Governor-General of Barbados), Curtis E. LeMay (USAF General/”Old Iron Pants”, VP candidate for US Presidency with George Wallace), Chad Kroeger (musician, Nickelback), William Herschel (astronomer, discovered the planet Uranus), Russell Tyrone Jones AKA “Old Dirty Bastard” (former member of Wu-Tang Clan), Helen Kelesi AKA “Hurricane Helen” (top-rated tennis player), Tilda Swinton (actor), James Brady (NY Post columnist), Joe Leeway (musician, Thompson Twins), Ab Bryant (bass/vocals, Chilliwack), Beverly D’Angelo (actor), Ina Claire (actor), Erwin Rommel (AKA “The Desert Fox”, Germal Field Marshal, African campaign), W. Averell Harriman (Governor of NY, Ambassador to USSR 1943-46), Marianne Moore (poet, Pulitzer Prize winner), Felix Frankfurter (80th US Supreme Court Justice), Lewis Stone (actor), Alexsander Kwasniewski (President of Poland, 1995-2005), Yuri Prichodko (cosmonaut), “Macho Man” Randy Savage (pro wrestler), Carmine Appice (drummer, Vanilla Fudge), Janet Lennon (singer, Lennon Sisters), William E. “Little Willie” John (R&B singer), Yaphet Kotto (actor), Wolf Biermann (singer/dissident in former East Germany), E-40 (Earl Stevens, rapper), Vincent Astor (businessman/philanthropist), Judy Gold (actor/comedian), Roger Donaldson (direct/producer), Tony Thompson (drummer, Chic), Michael Hampton (musician, Parliament-Funkadelic), Madelein de Scudery (writer), Louis Bertrand Castel (mathematician), Sydney Tamila Poiter (actor/daughter of Sidney Poitier and Joanna Shimkus), Francois Ozon (director/screenwriter),Robert P. Blaschke (author/astrologer), Peter Phillips (son of British Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips–Queen Elizabeth II’s first grandchild), William Heirens (US serial killer–1946–“The Lipstick Killer”), Wayne Thiebaud (painter), Laurent Wolf (elector-house producer and DJ).



2 of Cups/5 of Cups

Yesterday we had a fire combo, today’s just oozes water. We’re tuned to the amorphous world of  emotions and psychic connections and the dark cool undercurrents of our psyches. These two cards also bring in today’s theme of adjustment and learning to deal with things that don’t seem to “click” together easily. It also accents the Venus theme of learning through relationships with others. Eris is the “fly in the ointment” here, throwing a monkey wrench into all our plans. We’ve been dumped, betrayed, or let down by someone or by our relationship to anything we consider “the other”. We opened up and got shut down, somehow, some way, and it hurts like hell. This may tie in to our pasts or even past lives, conjuring a history of being disappointed or let down by others. It speaks of partnerships crumbling because we finally see the truth about the relationship. We drop our illusions and see things as they really are, not as we want them to be, which can be liberating but often is earth-shattering. However, if we are willing to learn the lessons, we can rise from the ashes and be more honest the next time around.

This combination says to “get real” about our emotions and acknowledge the way we betray ourselves through illusion/delusion or project our own “stuff” on the other person and then turn around and blame them for not being “us”!

—Valerie Sylvester, November 15, 2012–


















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