What to Expect From a Reading

With Me

Not what you see above.  I don’t do hair frippery. And pistachio isn’t my color. But the dress is pretty cool, don’t you think?

Due to the proliferation of shows about psychics, mediums and whatnot, many people seem to have a skewed idea of what a tarot/astrology reading is.I’m not from the “Sit-‘n-Spew” school, where the client sits, silent as an empty vase in a mausoleum, while I vomit forth a non-stop flow of predictions, stern warnings and instructions–plus the winning lottery numbers for next week.

I’m not saying I’m not psychic or that I don’t come up with predictions or intuitive “hits’ during the course of my readings.  It’s just not my main focus. My motto (it’s the title of a Monkees’ song) is “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You”. When I do an in-person or phone/Skype reading, I like to hear a little bit about you and your questions and concerns. Then I know where to focus my energies.

My basic reading lasts for about an hour. My readings primarily focus on tarot, but since I’m equally well-versed in astrology, that gets thrown into the mix, too.  My main tools are my tarot deck and astrology charts. At times I toss in a little numerology or use the runes. It depends on what I feel would be most useful for you at the time of the reading.

If you know your birth information (date, month and year, plus the exact time and place of  your birth), I will take a look at your astrological chart and check out your transits and progressions to give you an idea of future trends.  I also will give or email you a printout from a computer-generated astrology program that gives a brief description of the energies of each day for the next six months.

If there’s something you’re particularly concerned about, let me know before I begin the reading. It doesn’t make for a better reading if you go all mysterious and silent on me.  I am energized by connecting with people /talking to them.  That means if you respond,  comment or ask questions and are generally “present” during the reading, it’ll go swimmingly. If you block or shut down, that takes the energy level down, which won’t be any fun for either of us. Since I have a pretty good sense of humor, I like fun.  I also have a great deal of fire in my astrological chart, so I tend to be upbeat and optimistic, but I also will tell you what I see, even if it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. The universe is in a constant state of change. Just because things aren’t fantastic right now doesn’t mean it’s always going to be that way.

The dynamic is different if you order an email reading. Generally email readings focus on one or two questions which you send to me via (what else?) email. I then do a reading on the question/s, type a response, and zip it back  to you. If you’re not clear on anything, you can email me and ask for clarification, within reason. If you send me 25 clarification emails about a one-question reading I will suggest you book one of my standard one-hour readings instead.

A note on payment:  I prefer Paypal (my Paypal address is and readings must be paid for in advance. I do accept personal checks (usually from friends or people I’ve previously read for), but if the check bounces not only will you incur my wrath, but in the future you will have to pay via Paypal, in advance, just like (almost) everybody else.  My bank charges hefty bounce fees and I’d rather not deal with that.

If you have any questions or wish to book a reading, please email me at



1 Question Tarot Reading —  $45.00     

2 Question Tarot Reading — $65.00

One Hour Tarot Reading — $125.00

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