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I’ve been interested in tarot and astrology since I was very young, and as befits someone with Libra rising and two planets in Gemini, have bounced back and forth between the two since before high school. I graduated high school in the mid 70s so you do the math…it was my worst subject in school, anyway!

I’ve always been psychic, even if for a while I didn’t know exactly what to do with it.  I’ve had an array of precognitive dreams and visions over the years and when I read I bring that to the table along with the tarot cards.

When I moved to New York City in 1981, I was fortunate to study with several remarkable astrology teachers (John Marchesella and Chandra Sammons, among others), tarot teachers (Pattie Canova, Bethany Birkett) and psychic development teachers (Sophie Bloomfield and Stephen Robinson of the Holistic Studies Institute).  I’m also interested in numerology and the runes.  I read tarot professionally in the New York Tri-state area, both in person and via phone or Skype and email.  Over the years I’ve read at parties, charity events, psychic fairs, and in restaurants, bars and a variety of unlikely places.  Due to time constraints, I don’t do as many astrology readings as I used to, but when I do tarot consultations I like to look at the person’s astrology chart as well.

Other Things I Did or Do:

I’ve always liked to write. I was a poet in high school and college (English/Creative Writing & History major in college, Phi Beta Kappa, with half a Master’s degree somehow acquired along the way).  I once channeled a poem after waking from sleep (it hardly needed any editing, either; I wish I could manage that feat more often!)  I got depressed about the poetry gig, though, because I discovered that only 3 people in the universe actually read poetry.  After that, I made a mad dash into mass media and worked in publishing, public relations, advertising, and the cosmetics, magazine, and catalog industries. I’ve also written for music magazines and have had a variety of freelance jobs over the years.  I seem to gravitate towards companies that are founded or run by Scottish people; I’ve never been able to figure out just why. I also always wind up at places that are about to be downsized or reorganized.  Uranus in my 10th house helps keep me on my toes!

Where To Find Me:

In addition to this blog, I’m on facebook under Valerie Sylvester and can also be found on Twitter (@laikasputnik57).  I’ve also been a contributor to Catherine Chapman’s tarot blog, Tarot Elements, www.tarotelements.com and have participated in Donnaleigh de LaRose’s Tarot Intensive series on her Beyond Worlds blogtalkradio.com show. Here’s a link to a sample program:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/beyondworlds/2012/04/15/beyond-tarot-intensive-female-aces-cups-pentacles

The “Hobbies and Interests Section”:

My hobbies include herding cats (cats with weird medical conditions and strays/ferals are a specialty), spending all my money on astrology software/ books and tarot decks/ books, eyeing Navajo jewelry for future purchase, listening to music, going to the theater, concerts and movies, decorating, with Stickley furniture and William Morris designs high on my “must have” list, fixing up our Depression-era house so it doesn’t collapse in a heap,  bargain/antique hunting and gardening, (which includes chasing woodchucks out of the garden so they don’t grab every single tomato from the vine! )  Future leisure plans include learning how to play my lovely blue Rickenbacker guitar well enough to not drive the cats away and finding time and money to travel more—somewhere, anywhere! (Preferably someplace with cushy hotels.)

I hope you enjoy Another Day, Another Planet !

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