January 9, 2012


We’re still sloshing through the swampy after-effects of the Full Moon in Cancer, but with the Moon sextile Mars, the Sun in aspect to Uranus and Mercury in aspect to Chiron, it’s a day to get up-and-at-‘em early before you get mesmerized & taken for a crazy-wild ride to the center of your mind. We’ll all be busy deciphering the meanings of what’s said, and more importantly, what’s not said as the main dish du jour (reading between the lines will be a cinch) accompanied by a side  order of amazing intuitive flashes that can beckon as guideposts towards the future if you just pay attention & don’t get distracted by the light show! The Late Late Show tonight has the Moon moseying on to Leo & aspecting Jupiter and Uranus (so those of you still awake can have a lot of fun if you let yourself roar a little & just go with the flow!)
Enhancer/Antidote: Wheel/Knight of Pentacles

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