Leo Full Moon: January 26/27, 2013

“Spirit of the Lion”

I’ve been undercover/MIA this week. At the beginning of the week, I had some “variant” of that pesky flu virus that’s hitting everyone in the known (and probably unknown) universe, and for the rest of the week other health problems have been plaguing me, so I’ve been moving in slo-mo.  It turned out well, more or less,  as it gave me some space in the “time off ” zone,  space which was sorely needed. One of the things I do when I need to zone out is plop myself in front of the TV for some “decor porn”: I watch decorating/DIY shows.  These shows generally revolve around common memes/themes: people take off to make a new start in a different place or residence, they are searching for their “dream home” or they’re R-E-N-O-V-A-T-I-N-G.   One show featured a family with a lovely Victorian home that they’d filled with a ton of  assorted crap.  They all had hobbies and collections and seemed quite interesting and artistic, but everything was strewn around the place haphazardly. One of them was a musician and collected instruments, including some rather impressive gongs, which were basically in the way of everything in their living room. By the time their place was renovated, storage was created and all the musical instruments (including those gongs) were moved to appropriate locations and a separate music room was demarcated. Daily life for this family will be a lot easier, and they’ll have more “space” to expand and express their creativity.

And this, my friends, is the theme of this weekend’s Full Moon in Leo (Hits gong for emphasis.)  So all that sitting around on the sofa I did produced an “aha!” moment, after all.  As you can see in the illustration above, we’re dealing with Leo energy here, and as it’s a Full Moon in Leo, that brings in the opposition to the Sun in Aquarius. This picture says to me “Electric Lion”,  as it seems to illustrate the energy flow in and around this magnificent feline. Creative electricity abounds, and this is what happens when Leo and Aquarius meet each other. Sparks fly. Heart energy (Leo) moves with the higher mental forces (Aquarius) as fire and air fuel each other.  Full moons always “up the ante” and make feelings more intense, so since this one’s in Leo,  it adds even more fire!  Being an opposition aspect, there’s always an element of challenge present, a sense of action/reaction or push/pull.

The Moon in Leo can bring out creative or magnanimous feelings, or it can move us to throw temper tantrums or turn into drama-mamas-and-papas if we feel our needs aren’t being met. The Sun in Aquarius brings detachment, but also can “freeze” emotions as we try to distance ourselves from the messy stuff churning inside.  This Full Moon also highlights Saturn in Scorpio, which aspects the Sun and Moon to form a fixed T-square. Those of us who have fixed T-squares know that they’re not always the easiest thing to deal with. (Bring on that gong for more emphasis!)

What I’ve noticed this week as the Full Moon approached was a kind of “cosmic OCD”, where people retreated into old habit patterns when under stress. And everyone seemed to be stressed! There were some dramatic outbursts this week, odd behaviors and things I’d just call “maladaptive”.  The outlet for this T-square is in Taurus, opposite Saturn in Scorpio, so there’s a need to find a comfort zone in order to process everything that’s going on right now. Saturn hitting the Sun and Moon is not particularly warm and fuzzy, as it brings to attention to our flaws, failings and insecurities. It also makes us look at our “boundaries”. Saturn in Scorpio is the dude with the big ol’ scythe–some things just have to go, and this Full Moon probably pointed out exactly WHO, WHAT and WHERE we need to delete/streamline. Those decorating shows almost always feature renovations, remember? Something’s not working; issues need to be addressed.  Time to take a step back and see what can be repaired and what needs to razed to the ground.  This, of course, can call forth some deep emotions, particularly for those of you with planets or chart points at around 8 degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.  What’s supported you until now may actually be getting in the way of future progress. We’re all going through this on some level due to the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square, and this Full Moon period may show us the areas where change is most needed.

If we look at the degree of this Full Moon (more on the degree symbolism will be found below), we see it’s at 8 Leo and Aquarius, which is a relatively early degree (there are 30 degrees in each sign) and the 8 is associated with Pluto in the sense of concentrated power and regenerative force, and also with the Strength card in the tarot (that’s the one with the woman and the LION). The Strength card often relates to the need to develop mastery over our deeper urges, not in the control-freak sense of burying them, but in INTEGRATING them and creating a positive, creative flow. This eliminates the power our obsessions, repressions and trying to “stomp down” our emotions (that’s always successful, right?) may once have had over us. It allows us to act from the creative heart, from the center.

Leo and Aquarius both relate to the essence of self, who we really are and how we can best express ourselves to reflect that, and Saturn relates to boundaries. One major theme I have seen developing this week is: being appreciated for who you really are, not for your status or some false role others may want you to play.  We may feel limited by previous self-definitions or the roles we’ve taken on, so it’s a good time to reassess whether these still have value. Do we still want to associate with people who refuse to see us for who we are, or is it time to move on and find another group (Uranus/Aquarius calling)!  This Full Moon probably took some of you very deep –and to places you might not have wanted to revisit!  We need to do this in order to move forward. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is in aspect with the Leo Full Moon, and it also hooks up with Jupiter, so here’s a breath of fresh air in the crypt!  The interesting thing about Aquarius/Uranus energy is that it can be very forward-thinking yet antique at the same time…whatever’s old is new again/back to the future! Maybe it’s time to reanimate.

Remember key attributes and concepts for the Moon in Leo: the open heart, the fearless, the brave-hearted!  The best time to move forward with our goals will be after Jupiter moves forward again on January 30.

So here’s the procedure:  assess what changes need to be made, excavate,  make plans, renovate, and get ready to move into your new and improved “home of the heart” after the 30th.  We need to keep what’s worthwhile, dump the excess baggage, and get ready to morph into a new version of ourselves, complete with new duties, challenges, and delights.



Sabian Symbol for Today’s Sun:   “Beautifully gowned wax figures.”

Keyword:  Impact

Sabian Symbol for Today’s Moon:  “A Bolshevik propagandist.”

Keyword:  Leaven

Our Sabians today form an interesting contrast that reflects the opposition aspect between the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo.  The Symbol for the Moon features someone who is very passionate (Moon in Leo) about their belief system, someone who is willing to go all the way to promote their ideas. It also reflects the ability to connect with the masses (the Aquarius polarity) using modern means of communication. This image, from the Russian Revolutionary period, can relate to the overthrow of kings or royalty (Leo) by the masses (Aquarius/Uranus) and a desire for social change. The down side is excessive rigidity (fixed signs can be just a tad stubborn) or resorting to intimidation tactics. This Symbol can relate to the early periods of a revolution or uprising (this reflects the current Uranus/Pluto square).  The Symbol for the Sun, which seems more Leonian than Aquarian (there goes that opposition again, here’s the flip side!) is about maintaining a good image, being a “model” for something for others (it features wax figures in a window, illustrating the latest fashions), “showing off”, being proud of or focusing on appearance, setting a standard or a trend, and “putting your best foot forward”. On the other side, it can relate to trying to hard to emulate others, being vain or never going beneath the surface, or trying to be someone else. The wax figures also allude to stasis, of being “trapped in time”, almost fixed in amber, like a diorama, so don’t get stuck trying to be someone you’re not or you may wind up covered in dust!

Kozminsky Symbol for Today’s Sun:   “A soldier endeavouring to escape from a prison cell through a barred window.”

Keyword:  Limitation

Kozminsky Symbol for Today’s Moon:   “Two lovers walking in a forest glade. Before them are two doves and a brilliantly coloured butterfly.”

Keyword:  Affection

The Kozminsky Sun Symbol features an image of a strong-willed person being oppressed and trapped, separated from his comrades. Was he captured by enemies or is he being held for some other reason? The description doesn’t say.  This image reminds me of Saturn in Scorpio–being held or restrained due to Mars-related issues (soldiers and war fall under Mars). Mars in the Full Moon chart is in Aquarius and square the Nodes, which brings in the idea of some form of karmic retribution for actions, whether committed in this life or a previous one or being caught in a revolution or dispute between larger forces. In any case, this Symbol asks us to consider where we keep ourselves imprisoned, particularly in relation to any anger and rage we may be holding on to. We need to channel this energy and determine an “escape plan” rather than seething within or letting it consume us.  The Kozminsky Moon Symbol certainly reflects the best of the Full Moon in Leo. It’s an image of harmony, of union, of opening our heart to another in love and devotion. The birds and butterfly are images of the soul, so this is a true union of the spirit.  It also emphasizes bringing to the fore our  innate creative talents –note the bright colors and natural setting–and finding that place where we feel perfect calm and harmony, where we’re truly “at home”,


Since the Sun, Moon and Saturn are in a T-square, I’m going to make a triangle pattern and draw a card for the Sun in Aquarius energy, a card for the Moon in Leo energy, one for Saturn in Scorpio and then a fourth that will show us the release or the “way out” and best way to utilize and integrate these energies:

Sun:  2 of Cups

Here’s our Kozminsky Symbol–the opening of the heart, the beginning or “possibility zone” of a relationship, realizing inherent possibilities from partnership with another. Since the Sun is in Aquarius, it also tells us to achieve a balance between the heart and the head in order to heal any “splits” that have occurred. This card also shows reconciliation or a new start and an outpouring of creative energy. Find people or groups who resonate with you. Open heart and open mind is the way to go!

Moon:  Ace of Swords

An interesting theme for this Full Moon and for this card throw is how things are repeatedly mirroring or flipping. The 2 of Cups, a card dealing more with emotions and feelings, came up for the Sun in Aquarius and here we have the Ace of Swords showing up for the Moon in Leo. My take is that as in an opposition in astrology, we can swing between extremes, first “trying on” one type of energy and perhaps overdoing it, then swinging to the other polarity, but eventually achieving some sort of balance or synthesis. The Ace of Swords here tells us to detach from our emotions and see the bigger picture (an Aquarian theme) before we start anything new.  This winter gives us a great opportunity for a new start based on changing our thought patterns and habitual actions.  It’s also telling us it’s time to cut through the emotional baggage we’ve accumulated and let loose/let it go.


King of Swords  

Here’s an Air card for Saturn in Scorpio so we’re reminded not to take everything personally, that larger forces may be in play and we need to develop self-mastery and the ability to make tough decisions when necessary. It’s time to get serious, and as in cases when surgery is called for, we must remove whatever needs to go in order to preserve the well-being of the entire organism.  We may need to be reminded of the consequences of arbitrary or cruel speech or actions. This card at this point is like an arrow in a quiver seeking a target, and the marksman is skilled.  Watch what you say and do, everything has consequences.

Release point:

Two cards hopped out for me, here:  9 of Swords / Hierophant

These two holler healing from entrenched patterns that have crippled us or held us back. The 9 of Swords is the third Swords card to show up, so we need to remember to focus on our thought patterns and the way we bring things into being through our mental energy. With 3 planets in Aquarius now and Uranus in Aries, we may be suffering a bit from “the shock of the new”. Things may be whirring around in our heads at high speed and we haven’t figured out how to ingrate the energy yet.  The 9 is bringing us to the end of the line, nightmare time, the dark before the dawn finally shows up. The Hierophant for me is often “The Chiron card”, related to deep healing of  ancient wounds. I also see it as having a Taurus flavor (and the release point is in Taurus), so healing the body, the body politic and the planet from old patterns of abuse and domination is essential. We’re all holding this energy and the tension has increased to the point where it needs to be released. It also can refer to becoming wise through suffering or going through difficult experiences and being able to pass that wisdom on to others. While sitting around this week, I saw a Piers Morgan program on PBS that featured self-help-guru guy Tony Robbins interacting with a variety of guests, and one exchange particularly  interested me. They brought on a boy in a wheelchair who had been a victim of an earlier school shooting. He was paralyzed from gunshot wounds. They were discussing how he was one of the few people who could possibly understand what it feels like to have experienced one of these shootings and the long-term consequences of it. Robbins asked the boy if he’d be willing to go with him to Newtown, Connecticut, site of the latest school shooting, and talk to the people there–because this boy knew what it felt like to be in that place and could convey it best to those affected. The idea of having suffered and been scarred in some way but being able to transmute that in order to help or teach others is the essence of this release point (and this Full Moon period). Being able to see the path beyond any tragedy, to take practical action to relieve pain and suffering, stepping outside of yourself in order to effect change, and being able to give others some form of comfort because you have been where they are: that’s the 9 of Swords/Hierophant operating on the “high” setting.

I’ll leave with you with a song from (Leo) Richard X. Heyman that I think captures some of this Full Moon energy pattern:


–Valerie Sylvester, January 27, 2013

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