The Daily Astro for August 13, 2013

  The Daily Astro for August 13, 2013  by Valerie Sylvester       TODAY’S ASPECTS:      The Moon is very busy today, with quite a few aspects. It remains in Scorpio the entire day.  The day begins  (2:48 AM EST), with a Moon/Saturn conjunction, which isn’t exactly a “rise and shine” combination. (It’s […] Continue reading

The Daily Astro for June 6, 2012

The Daily Astro for June 6, 2012 The Moon remains in Capricorn today, and begins the day with uneasy aspects to Venus and the Sun. Venus and the Sun parallel each other today, continuing the theme of yesterday’s Venus/Sun contact. We may still be absorbing those powerful energies, and the aspects to the Moon point […] Continue reading