The Daily Astro for November 13, 2013

water nymph fantasy

The Daily Astro for November 13, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester





The waves are churning today. Forecast?  Volatile with a chance of meltdown.  The Moon enters Aries at 2:39 AM EST, which is not known for its placid, calm nature, then detonates  like crazy for the rest of the day in a series of wham-bam aspects. Soon after moving into Aries, the Moon collides with Saturn (2:47 AM EST). Moon in Aries wants it all NOW, but runs into Saturn in Scorpio, so it may seem like things are being almost sadistically delayed…someone’s got the whip and they enjoy using it.  Very frustrating. The Moon semisextiles Neptune at 7:20 AM EST, so it’s time for a daydream break-hit the snooze bar on the alarm a couple times, if you can. At 8:19 AM EST, there’s a Moon/Mercury inconjunct, so try not to blurt out people’s embarrassing secrets. This tends to make them a little testy. Neptune’s stationary direct at 2 degrees and 35 minutes of Pisces. Make like a mermaid and immerse yourself for a while if things get overheated.  Remember, planets at the station point are a) powerful and b) often manifest uber-characteristically, so be prepared for all manner of Neptunian shenanigans. You might be crazy psychic today, so be alert for undercurrents, and  watch out for false prophets, sneaky snakes, and people who are zoning in and out. Neptune is also associated with drugs and alcohol. oil and petroleum, large bodies of water and insidious poisons, so don’t be surprised if the news today features stories related to these matters.


I wish I could say the Neptune switcheroo calms everyone down, but for the rest of the afternoon the trigger finger on that Aries Moon is just itching for some cold metal.  At 2:37 PM EST the Moon clashes with the Sun in Scorpio, so somebody’s secret plans  hold up the action; nobody wants to talk about it, just festers. The Moon then squares Venus in Capricorn at 5:13 PM EST. Since Venus is cuddling up to her Dread Lord Pluto in Capricorn now, we have a real “Spy in the House of Love” scenario. Overheated and darkly sexy, but with heavy consequences, perhaps? Maybe it’s all some kind of kinky karmic payback, who knows?  We don’t have much time to ponder it all, as the Moon conjuncts Uranus at 7:06 PM EST and squares Pluto at 8:19 PM EST, thus glomming onto the Uranus/Pluto square dynamic, which is in dire need of even more explosive energy, as we all know. Nobody’s telling anybody anything with this pile-up. This combination screams “damage control” after an uncontainable explosion , especially since the Moon parallels Mars at 10:58 PM EST. Best-case scenario:  Whatever’s weighed us down finally blows wide open, making a huge mess. Rash or thoughtless actions can take us to very scary places now.  Cleanup’s a bitch, but we have to listen to the boss, who says we can’t stop until it’s all tied up in big black Hefty bags. Put some of that whacked-out energy to good use and start scrubbing.



Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “Hunters starting out for ducks.”    

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   A tax-gatherer demanding dues from a poor poet.”   (Influence is:MERCURY.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ENTERPRISE.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “GATHERING.” 


Today’s Kozminsky Symbol is all Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn–“Yeah, I know you write deep and meaningful poetry, but I’m the Taxman, so pay up.”  This Symbol’s about paying what you owe, hence karmic debt or binding may be an issue. With  Saturn in Scorpio in a wide sextile to that Venus and Pluto, shared resources, other people’s money, and the “long arm of the law” stepping into the picture means we need to find a creative way to fulfill our obligations.  It can indicate a difficult task that must nonetheless be fulfilled. One part of our nature (the practical side) may be working against another (our creative or spiritual urges).  The idea of “getting blood from a stone” applies here, too. It may be time to take a new approach in order to see results.

The Sabian Symbol, like the Kozminsky Symbol, is also about gathering or reaping and pulls in today’s Aries Moon energy. The hunters are starting out (Aries = “get it started”) and are taking aggressive action  Mars, war god, is the ruler of Aries) to locate their quarry.  They have a goal and want to “finish something off”. They’re not going out just to enjoy the brisk air and pretty scenery. A team approach may lead to results. To achieve anything today will require planning, determination, and  timing. Get an early start. Skill, coordination and the correct equipment are needed for this outing. On the down side, carelessness, faulty aim, allowing yourself to be distracted, or blowing everything to smithereens will sabotage your efforts.  Some may come into contact with aggressive people today, the kind who blindly destroy all in their path and  don’t care what kind of suffering they inflict. Don’t be “trigger-happy”; sometimes the best course of action is to hold your fire.




6 of Pentacles / 10 of Wands

Are you feeling burdened by your gifts? This pair indicates the give-and-take balance is skewed.  Maybe someone’s giving you something you don’t really want, or giving it to you with ulterior motives. Or maybe you’re just so burned out right now that you can’t appreciate or feel gratitude for all that you have.  It could indicate the need to refuse a generous offer because you already have too much going on at the moment.  Or the inability to see ahead because current obligations seem so onerous.  Maybe you thought if you got everything you wanted, you’d be happy, but now it just feels like a pain in the ass.  Learn to accept help from others–you don’t need to go it alone all the time.

Material responsibility (Pentacles) is oppressive or limiting. Growth that’s out of control is now “burning down the house”. A need to diversify or share tasks or responsibilities with others. Becoming a prisoner of your own success. Too much coming in but not enough being released in return. The need to take a break and enjoy the fruits of your labors. A need to refuel, you’re running on fumes.  Being charitable with everyone but yourself; not taking the time to give yourself what you need. Need for a new vision. Expand your borders; you’re feeling caged.  A “genius grant” that allows creative people the time and space to work on projects without having to worry about money for a period of time.  An investment or investor that helps get a company back on its feet. Corporate takeovers or a switch to a new kind of management.

–November 13, 2013

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