The Daily Astro for February 15, 2013


The Daily Astro for February 15, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


Everyone should be celebrating Valentine’s Day today! Yesterday’s aspects were more cage-rattling than today’s. The Moon enters “who loves ya, baby?” Taurus at 5:09 AM EST, where it feels comfy-cozy and right at home, and segues into a trine with Neptune in Pisces at 10:14 AM, so indulging ourselves, being pampered and getting comfortable in our own skin are right in tune with these sensual/spiritual aspects. It’s a nice blend of body & soul, and when Mars sextiles Pluto at 1:13 PM EST, it adds energy, stamina and pizazz to the mix–get those Barry White records out, folks!

For those of you who actually need to focus on work (sad, but that’s the way it goes sometimes), the Mars/Pluto sextile is razor-sharp energy that will help you hone in/attack those tasks systematically in order to reach your goals. That mountain of work won’t seem so daunting today–roll up your sleeves and bulldoze through it; you’ll have a real sense of accomplishment when you’re done. With Saturn in Scorpio preparing to retrograde ( Monday), you’ll be glad you got this head start, as we may find we need to backtrack and “rework” or restructure when Saturn changes direction. Our attention will be focused on anything we haven’t worked through sufficiently.

Later the day the Moon contacts Chiron, Uranus and Jupiter (5:24 PM EST to 9:59 PM EST), so after you’ve finished work, the focus is on doing something different or unusual that expands your horizons and refreshes or heals. It’d be the ideal time for a spa visit, swimming, sweating in a sauna, or doing anything that removes toxins and stress from your body or environment.


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A tree felled and sawed.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A spire on top of a pyramid, at the base of which is a horse with a manuscript in its mouth.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “IMMEDIACY.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “REFORMATION.”
Today’s Sabian Symbol immediately made me think of the Mars/Pluto aspect. This Symbol relates to using resources by converting one thing to another (the felled tree becomes logs, or furniture, or paper), which is in line with the transformative nature of Mars/Pluto. Taking down a tree requires planning, preparation, skills and the proper tools, so this Symbol emphasizes foresight, understanding what is needed for the task at hand, efficiency, and being productive.

There’s also an element of sacrifice here (Mars in Pisces can carry a tinge of the martyr/zealot), as the tree is destroyed and reconfigured into objects that others can use. On the high side, this shows heightened awareness, quick reactions and the ability to be prepared for anything. Mars is the ruler of Aries and the co-ruler of Scorpio, two signs that are not known for backing down from a challenge. On the down side, it can mean we are ill-prepared for our circumstances, are wasteful, or use  resources improperly.

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol features a horse with a message who needs to get from the base of a pyramid to its spire. Obviously this is symbolic, though it’s possible Animal Planet will someday air a show about an amazing horse than can climb pyramids.  This Symbol relates to the power of spiritual ideals. The horse has an important message (the manuscript) relating to spiritual truths which looks to the future, the top of the pyramid (another symbol of esoteric or spiritual knowledge).

Ascending may be a struggle, and it may seem impossible, but eventually the horse will get there. This Symbol relates to constant change and evolution of beliefs and spiritual awareness. The keyword, “Reformation”, shows that the message he/she must deliver is an important one which can improve or transform. One aspect of this Symbol is the stamina required to keep going and never give up, even in the face of opposition. With the Moon in Taurus (strong like a bull), plus the willingness to fight for our beliefs (Mars in Pisces) and a strong ability to overcome obstacles and break down entrenched systems (Pluto in Capricorn), great changes can be initiated.


2 of Cups / 10 of Cups

Ah, the Valentine’s Day combination, a day late! This pair shows the initiation into love in all forms and all manifestations, from one-on-one to love for your family to concern for all humanity (everyone is our family).  By opening our heart and taking a chance, we expand our ability to love more fully and deeply. Many of us may find that during the period from February (now) through October that our heart will crack wide open and we finally feel we understand what it is to love completely and unconditionally.

The 2 of Cups starts us off, it’s like the “training wheels of love” card. Here’s where we meet the other and begin a relationship. It’s still the early stages, but has great promise. When we reach the 10 of Cups the training wheels are off and we realize the promise inherent in the 2 of Cups. There’s a feeling of comfort, happiness, and abundance in this card. We’ve opened ourselves up, made the commitment, did the work and have established a balanced and healthy relationship that expands outward to include family, friends and all in our realm. There’s a sense of mutuality, a meeting of equals, and a feeling of peace and contentment.

–February 15, 2013



















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