The Daily Astro for August 12, 2013





The Daily Astro for August 12, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester







The day begins with the Moon in Libra, and it’s Void-of-Course until it meanders into Scorpio at 4:18 PM EDT.  Early day today feels like a “hangover Monday”, and we may find it hard to get into the groove. After the Moon enters Scorpio a crisis erupts or some intense situation blasts us out of our seats.  The Moon semi-sextiles Mars at 5:02 AM EDT, so it’s one of those mornings where you abruptly awaken from sleep and can’t get back into the snooze zone again. Go do the laundry or jump on the treadmill to put that extra energy to use. (Not that this is what I’d do, but hey, it’s Mars we’re taking about here! Somebody has to do something.)  At 6:21 AM EDT a Moon/Venus semi-sextile encourages cooperation and  consideration for others, while a Moon/Saturn parallel at 8:04 AM EDT tells us the fun train isn’t leaving the station right now–we need to toe the line and do what needs to be done even if it’s boring. 

After the Moon enters Scorpio, we may find battling the dragons a little easier–this is a boldly flame-retardant position. If we can avoid a tendency to brood or hold onto resentments, we might find the later portion of the day fulfilling on a deep level.  I suspect the general mood will be quite serious– but serious in a “deep” but not  depressing way.   We’re just trying to figure out how to overcome the obstacles we see blocking us from making the last leap into our own “new era”. Maybe it’s a relationship that’s flying into chaos or hurtling out of control–the Moon also opposes asteroid Eris today.   This Scorpio moon trines Neptune in Pisces at 12:05 AM EDT, so send out all your intentions before you crash for the night and see what floats up to the surface in your dreams.  




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  ” Chickens intoxicated. ”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A man in the robes of a magician tracing mystic sings on the  sands of the seashore in the silence of the night.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ ACCENTUATION.  ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “MYSTICISM.”

Drunk chickens!  Maybe they’re hung over from a wild weekend and are dragging the ol’ feathers today. This  Sabian Symbol is calling attention to any attraction to heightening experience by introducing substances from outside ourselves. This is one of the “reversed symbols” which shows us that we need to find unusual (think  “outside the hen house”) ways to solve problems and break through blockages. As noted above, today may bring in some pretty odd energies. People may seem to be out of control or “act out” in truly bizarre ways. This is one of those “if life gives you lemons” days.  Look for creative solutions to any problems you may encounter.

On the down side, obviously it’s not a good idea to overindulge or overdose on anything today. Visualize the way drunk chickens would perambulate around the yard,  with a  herky-jerky motion.  It’s  obviously not their normal style of locomotion and looks very strange. It also makes them more vulnerable to any hungry foxes lurking about.  Sometimes it’s better to keep your wits about you so you don’t wander into the maw of danger! 

The Kozminsky Symbol features a ceremonial magician, and the Symbol is associated with the planet Neptune, ruler of all things mystic and transcendentally evanescent. Kozminsky says, “The mind is capable of serious thought, seeing miracles in actions which to others seem quite commonplace.”  The imagery of night and the seashore relates to the deep corridors of the mind and spirit and the ability to enter other realms.  The lone figure is completing a process, performing a ritual, alone and with full concentration, in order to “rend the veil”. There’s magic in the air, but only if you are wise enough to divine the sacred center underneath all the static.  It’s interesting to think about this Symbol in connection with the Sabian Symbol–both relate to altered states, but only one is purposeful, consciously directed and can lead to clear insight and deep understanding.



The World / 2 of Wands 



“It’s in Motion.”  Now’s the time to make your move. We get the last bit of information we need to figure out the puzzle. Larger forces are at play and help move us towards our destination. Acceptance of our birthright.  Cosmic wheels are turning.  The clockwork shifts gears. We’re inspired to live up to our inborn potential. Seizing our destiny. Huge potential in the offing. The World connects with Saturn, so it’s all about timing. The work is done, time to “upcycle”. Take notice of any synchronicities; they point the path to the future. Standing in the doorway, ready to make the next move.  Just take that first step towards your destiny.  A partnership that expands our horizons.  The 2 of Wands expresses Mars in Aries energy, a pure, fiery blast of enthusiastic freedom-fire. What’s your calling? What’s calling you?




–August 12, 2013

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