The Daily Astro for June 27, 2013





The Daily Astro for June 27, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester





The Moon enters Pisces at 4:32 AM EDT, so we’re back in WaterWorld again. At 5:02 AM EDT that Pisces Moon trines Jupiter in Cancer; which connects the traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, with the Moon. We’ll be feeling unusually “connected” to those we regard as family. This combination reflects an enhanced psychic ability and empathetic states, and triggers that  Super “Spidey Sense”.  Prophetic dreams, déjà vu, and other manifestations of psychic ability abound, if you’re open to them. A kind gesture evokes kindness in return.

The Moon then trines Saturn in Scorpio at 12:52 PM EDT, a stabilizing influence that provides a rudder for the diffuse and free-flowing Moon in Pisces energy. We’ll probably get the bulk of our work done around this time.  Combine idealism with common sense, then make it happen.

Venus sashays into Leo at 1:03 PM EDT and the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. This combination reminds me of Old Hollywood. Picture all those glamorous women clad in sequined gowns and elaborate makeup, shot in soft focus to enhance the mystery. There’s a larger-than life vitality here. It’s about opening the heart, being in love with love and imbuing everything with an aura of romantic adventure.  This theme is doubly emphasized when the Moon conjuncts Neptune in Pisces at 1:38 PM EDT.  We can get carried away and maybe a little extravagant when this hits. If you go shopping during lunch hour, you’ll probably walk out the door looking like Stevie Nicks in full scarf-and-swirly skirt  regalia! Children and small animals will benefit from your attention now and soak up all the love you have to give.

At 3:13 PM EDT the Sun and Moon fall into a happy trine. Who we are and what we feel are in sync. The Sun is also a stabilizing influence and burns away any clouds of illusion that linger. Later in the afternoon, the Moon connects with Uranus (5:45 PM EDT) and Mercury (6:15 PM EDT),  so we’re a little hyped-up emotionally.  Communications may contain hidden surprises, but ultimately lead to revelations. The Venus/Jupiter connection at 10:13 PM joins the benefic planets, so it’s “let love rule” this evening. Take some time to let others know that you care. It’s a nice night for over-the-top  romantic gestures (remember the Hollywood theme from earlier in the day)?  Be generous, with gifts, with yourself, with love. This is definitely a roses, bon-bons and perfume/lounging longingly on the divan kind of evening.  (The Moon sextile Pluto at 10:18 PM EDT adds a hint of dangerous liaisons along the “tie me up/tie me down” continuum to liven things up without getting carried away. Many of the great film noir actresses exuded this kind of sexy-but-dangerous  “on-the-edge” appeal.)



Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “Two fairies on a moonlight night.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “An antique, gold-capped Corinthian column of white marble, slightly crumbling at its base.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ASCENDENCY. ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “GRACEFULNESS .”

Today’s Sabian Symbol is perfect for a day that features the Moon in Pisces in aspect to Jupiter and Neptune. The theme of this symbol is “magic”.  We believe that anything is possible with a little luck, an ability to read signs and delve into the mystery of life.  What would you do if you had a magic wand?

This is also a whimsical Symbol, telling us it’s time to let go and let our imaginations run wild.  Fairies are light-hearted creatures who show us how to move lightly  through life. This Symbol is also about accessing our creativity.  The emphasis on the moon and nighttime lets us know we are dealing with memory, the unconscious, dreams, and all things watery and mysterious. There’s a wild romance about this Symbol that is well-suited to Venus entering the fire sign Leo. Tap into your intuition for the answer to your question.  Let yourself go. On the down side, it can illustrate negative Pisces/Neptune qualities—delusion, not seeing reality or seeing only what we want to see, being “bewitched” by a fantasy, allowing someone to confuse or take advantage of us because we want so badly to believe.

The Kozminsky Symbol  is associated with the Sun (gold is the metal of the Sun, and the column is gold-capped). The column is beautiful, yet strong, and columns serve a purpose—to hold up a structure. It depicts eternal beauty that withstands the test of time. The flaw at the base adds to the beauty, but can also signify doubt creeping in which can, if allowed to spread, infect the whole and take down the column.  So this Symbol is also about “keeping the faith” and not allowing fear to get a foothold. This Symbol reminds me of the Strength card in Tarot–there’s a dynamic tension here, and an awareness of our own ability to marshal our powers in a constructive and creative way. Columns can also relate to ancient cultures, particularly ancient Greece, and the inherited knowledge that has been transmitted to us from civilizations of the past.  There’s a hint of past life wisdom here, too, and the ability to access information from other times and other lives.




9 of Pentacles / Star

“Healing Tabernacle”.  I love this combination. It’s all about healing from the inside out and trusting that we “have what it takes.”

The 9 of Pentacles always reminds me of one of those outdoor mazes made from plants and shrubs. They’re self-contained and take you on a journey where you must solve a riddle by figuring out the pattern that will lead you back outside. This is a card of meditation, journeying and learning to understand yourself, with all your twists and turns. The woman in this card is alone, but not lonely. She’s comfortable. She doesn’t need outside input to tell her who she is.  Another keyword:  Self-mastery. It’s about making peace with the past and being happy in the skin you’re in. Combined with the Star, the card connected with Aquarius, the individualism is emphasized. We make time for those “Eureka!” moments of self-discovery. This combination is about healing the body in order to reconnect with the spirit, and grace after trauma. We’re being told we need to take some time to rejuvenate.  This is also a truth-telling combination. We’re pared down to our essence, opening the door to a new vision.  We’re learning new ways of looking at the world by relying on our own internal compass rather than looking to others to save us or solve our problems–no more rescue fantasies! We take what we’ve learned and use our accumulated skills to push forward into the future.

–June 27, 2013

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