The Daily Astro for June 1, 2012

The Moon enters Scorpio at 8:31 AM EDT.

The Moon enters Scorpio at 8:31 AM EDT.

The Daily Astro for June 1, 2012



The Moon enters intense Scorpio at 8:31 AM EDT. Today should be interesting, one of those days where things seem light and breezy on the surface, but there’s a lot smoldering underneath. Mercury joins Venus to lighten the tone, helping the day chug along smoothly (people will be chattier and more apt to cooperate), but that Moon in Scorpio contacts Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, all outer planets, so the aspects tie in deep feeling with universal issues, and we may tune into undercurrents or feel a connection with larger realms due to these contacts. Since we’re dealing with transpersonal energies, it may be hard to put our feelings into words. We’re also gearing up for a lunar eclipse on June 4, which intensifies feelings of urgency and heightens emotions. The Moon trines Chiron at 12:10 PM EDT tonight, making this a good time for meditation, reflection, or any form of spiritual practice.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A Topsy saucily asserting herself. ”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “An accountant puzzling over a ledger, which he is struggling to balance .”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Growth ”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Exactness ”.

Regarding the Sabian Symbol image: Topsy was an exuberant black slave child in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, a reference that would have been familiar to those reading the Sabian Symbols at the time they were created. This image is meant to illustrate the need to take chances, to be who you are, and to speak up/ assert yourself when necessary. We have to stick our necks out in order to flourish and grow, to take risks even when the path is not clear or when others try to block us. The curiosity and liveliness inherent in Topsy reflect Gemini curiosity and engagement with the world; the underlying determination that wells up from deep inside expresses the Moon in Scorpio strength and ability to persevere even through things that affect us to the depths of our being. The Kozminsky Symbol reminds us to scrutinize everything rather than accepting it at face value, and since accountants deal with other people’s resources, this ties in to 8th house/Scorpio matters as well. And Mars is in Virgo right now, emphasizing the need to streamline our routines and make sure everything is set up properly in order to achieve balance and free us to attend to other areas of our lives.

Born on June 1:
Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Andy Griffith, Ron Wood, Pat Boone, Alanis Morisette, Heidi Klum, Edward woodward, Rene Auberjonois, Jean Stafford, Brigham Young, Jacques Marquette, Nelson Riddle, Mary Calderone, Percy Adlon (“Bagdad Café”), Vlatislav I of Kiev, Robert Cecil, Karl von Clausewitz, Henry Faulds (fingerprinting pioneer), John Masefield, Frank Morgan (Wizard of Oz), Molly Picon, William Sloan Coffin, Sylvia Sims, Reverend Ike, Colleen McCullough (“The Thorn Birds”), Tom Robinson (Tom Robinson Band), Teri Polo, Le Petomane (Joseph Pujol), Justin Henin (tennis champ), Frederica von Stade, Graham Russell (Air Supply), Jinping Xi, Gerald Scarfe, Cleavon Little, Tom Mankiewicz, Brian Cox, Jonathan Pryce, Mike Levine (Triumph), David Berkowitz (“Son of Sam” ), Lisa Hartman, Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode), Simon Gallup (The Cure), Mike Joyce (Smiths), Jesse Johnson (The Time), Chiyonofuji Mitsuga (Sumo champ), Tony Snow, Diana Canova.

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote:  Queen of Pentacles/Magician
Marshal your resources!   You can manifest using your skills and knowledge. The Magician, associated with Mercury, ruler of Gemini (where multiple planets are located right now), can summon the higher powers of the mind to bring whatever we can visualize into being, and the Queen of Pentacles, associated with Taurus, ruled by Venus (one of the planets in Gemini), teaches us to ground, center and hold this energy as it gestates. The time to do this is now–the Taurus/Gemini period (April 19 through June 20th) is a good time to establish your foundation, the “base camp” and starting point for all your future efforts.
–Valerie Sylvester, June 1, 2012–

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