The Daily Astro for March 6, 2012

The Moon enters Virgo at 10:27 PM EST.

The Daily Astro for March 6, 2012

We’re a couple of days off from the next Full Moon, and slowing down to a Mercury retrograde (in Aries) period. The day starts with a Moon/Mars parallel, so things may feel a little unstable or people a little excitable, but Venus in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces & aspecting Jupiter helps smooth over the rough spots and helps us land with aplomb (think of today as the execution of a graceful ballet move in, around and over a ripped-up patch of pavement). The Moon in Leo sextile Saturn at 8:27 PM EST “brings on the serious” and then, as the Moon slips into Virgo at 10:27 PM EST, we can bring ourselves back to the basics and deal with those important day-to-day concerns and schedules.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “An Easter promenade.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A gaudily dressed officer holding aloft a spear of gold.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Celebration ” and for the for the Kozminsky Symbol it’s Announcement ”.

Both symbols feature attention-getting actions and attire, with a lively flourish of outward show.
The coming of Spring brings forth all manner of rituals involving rebirth and the replenishment of energy in nature, and both Symbols feature people in attention-getting garb on some sort of display, marking a holiday, a change of season or an important life event,maybe a “promotion” to a new level. Our altered appearance symbolizes an understanding of the necessity of change and the need to make a new start, to honor our achievements but keep on moving and growing. This can be done collectively (the Easter promenade) and individually (the officer wielding his spear).

Born on March 6:

Cyrano de Bergerac, John of Gaunt, Michelangelo, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Horatio Gouverneur Wright, Stewart Granger, Lewis Gilbert, Ross Hunter, Ed McMahon, Alan Greenspan, Ivan Boesky, Infanta Margarita (Spain), David Gilmore, Philip Henry Sheridan, Oscar Straus, Ring Landner, Walter “Furry” Lewis, Empress Kojun (Japan), Lou Costello, Connie Britton, Chris Tomson (Vampire Weekend), Flora Purim, Moira Kelly, Gordon Cooper, Willie Stargell, Kiri Te Kanawa, Rob Reiner, Kiki Dee, Tom Arnold, D.L. Hughley, Suzanne Crough (Partridge Family), Shaquille O’Neal, Ben Murphy, Andrej Wajda, Cookie Rojas, Marion Barry, John Stossel, dick Fosbury, Mary Wilson, Chris Broderick (Megadeth), Gabriel Garcia Marquez, William Webster (FBI, CIA), Dave Alvin (The Blasters).

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: Queen of Pentacles/Empress
Here’s a couple of Taurus/Venus women, a duo of the eternal feminine, heralding the change of season, our roots in the earth, and the need to honor our connection with the planet as we shake off the old season and move to another. They can symbolize growth, but if we refuse to budge from our positions, there’s also a warning here of stagnation and inertia, of not letting go for fear of losing the good things that we have, or a clinging to material things or staying in our comfort zones for too long and to our own detriment.

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