The Daily Astro for November 8, 2013

Stiletto - secret edged weapons in the Middle Ages

The Daily Astro for November 8, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester






The Moon’s in Capricorn as the day begins, but it’s Void-of-Course until 6:30 PM EST, when it enters Aquarius, so the early hours are better for tinkering and streamlining projects rather than launching a start-up. The Moon Void in Capricorn means that business concerns may be unstable, or else something decided today mutates into something different from what was initially intended.


Today’s first aspect is a Moon/Jupiter opposition at 2:39 AM EST. With the Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter just retrograde in Cancer, it looks like some will be up early (or getting unusual messages in their dreams) related to structural difficulties associated with home and family matters that have been shoved into the background but are now exploding exponentially. In other words, attention must be paid! This will be most prominent for those with the Cancer/Capricorn axis on the 4th and 1oth houses of their birth chart.  For some, it will be related to a constellation of issues around nurturing and being nurtured, family myths and belief systems that we’ve absorbed unconsciously. There’s a feeling that we’re backtracking through the past to access buried or blocked emotions that have been flash-frozen. The Sun/Moon parallel at 4:45 AM EST means we may feel like keeping what we discover to ourselves, at least for now.


The Mercury/Venus sextile at 7:24 AM EST tells us a light touch when discussing difficult subjects will work better than the jackhammer approach. Humor helps, too. Remember this later today, when the Moon is sesquiquadrate Mars at 5:18  PM EST. It won’t take much to set some people off, especially if they feel you’re in the way of something they want. Moon in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo are a results-oriented pair, so don’t expect hearts and flowers when they’re in challenging aspect. Fortunately, the Moon enters “Cool Hand Luke” sign Aquarius and chills it all down a notch or three.  Paul Newman was an Aquarius, by the way. I saw him up-close in a theater audience once–he really did have amazing electric-blue eyes.


Activities related to groups, associations or humanistic or global-issues matters may be on the agenda tonight. The Moon semisextile Neptune at 10:51 PM EST can make us feel we’ve met our soulmate. We’re inspired to reach beyond our normal parameters. A Moon/Mercury square at 11:10 PM EST brings on the bitch-faces (don’t be one yourself). Someone’s jealous, or they just need to mind their own business and stop nagging. Well, in an ideal world, this would happen, but this pair is stubborn. Arguments started now can get n-a-s-t-y if no one is willing to back down.



                                                               THE SYMBOLS:

Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A woman the father of her own child.”    

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   A dagger, with a jeweled hilt, stuck in a document.”  (Influence is:MARS.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “NUCLEATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “ROMANCE.” 

Today’s Sabian Symbol relates to the concept of being self-sufficient and endlessly creative, or being put through an alchemical Mixmaster that combines soul and body, male and female or mind and heart. It can indicate we’re in a period where we focus intently on our own responsibilities and creative output. This Symbol reminds me of the 9 of Pentacles card in the Tarot. We’re in our own “secret garden” here. The Keyword, “nucleation”, relates to the way things form, building up around a nucleus, or center, the still point of creation. This image reminds me of the astrological symbol for the Sun (a large circle encloses a smaller dot in the very center of the circle).  We may feel the need to go within, as this indicates a gestation period. With focus and attention, we can accomplish a great deal. We may finally feel we’ve “got it all together” and don’t need others to complete us. We learn what makes us feel complete.  It can relate to discovering our destiny or passing something along through the family line (maybe a characteristic talent or trait). On the down side we may isolate ourselves from others or cut ourselves off from our connections. It can indicate reclusiveness or an independent spirit taken to the extreme.

The Kozminsky Symbol reads like something from a romance novel, which is appropriate, given that the Keyword is “Romance”.  Kozminsky says it “denotes peculiar birth conditions (note the Sabian Symbol, above, for some interesting synchronicity), but a gifted person who, though threatened with danger, overcomes and produces worthy works”. There’s passion and power behind this Symbol (that and the dagger imagery connect it with warrior planet Mars).  A dagger with jeweled hilt hints at wealth, mystery and tragedy, and rending a document, it indicates a  force to be reckoned with.  There’s also a sense of “getting to the point” or  going for the jugular vein of the matter. Look for messages and “secret passages”. What’s being called to your attention now? Strange poetry beckons. Time to swashbuckle a little.



9 of Wands / King of Pentacles

“Last of a Royal Lineage”



This combination brings to mind the last days of the Austro-Hungarian empire. We have the 9 of Wands–9 is the “what goes around comes around” number, almost the end of the line, karmically charged, letting us know we’re “almost there”. The 9 of Wands shows us recovering from a stressful journey, steeling ourselves like a fighter during the last round. Just when we’re ready to give up, there’s one last burst of energy that keeps us going. We muster the strength to weather the storm. Since September we’ve really been in the maelstrom, and we need to hang in there through the winter and into January of 2014.  Don’t give up, be open to assistance. We’re looking for a safe harbor, but once there, don’t rest on your laurels. There’s a danger of complacency, greediness, or hanging on to corrupt forms for too long. Learn from your experience, accept counsel from those older and wiser, build your kingdom, but don’t get locked into your role, a frozen figurehead. The King of Pentacles is also seen as the “King Midas” card in the Mythic Tarot. This pair is about learning the hard way and becoming wiser and better as a result. Keep growing, and don’t forget the days when you were barely hanging on in the eye of the storm. 



–November 8, 2013

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