End-of-the-Weekend Update, November 10, 2013


End-of-the-Weekend Update

November 10, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester




Since speed-rapping is one of my specialties (too much Aries & Gemini bubbling through my chart, causing major burbling), I’ll whip right through the aspects today to give you the Sunday update:

The day begins with the Moon in Capricorn and Mercury in retrograde motion, but all that changes, so don’t get too comfortable.  The Moon is also in Void-of-Course mode until 9:36 PM, when it enters Pisces, so  it’s more of a “pick up the pieces” day than a  “roar out of the starting gate” time.  There’s a spacy, out-of-the -loop, surrealistic feel to the day. If you’re tired, or need to relax, just crash and don’t feel guilty about  it.  A Sun/Moon square (First Quarter Square) at 12:58 AM EST means we may inaugurate the day with a stress/depression/worry hangover, so we might not have much of a fire under our collective asses, anyway.  Since  the next aspect is a Moon/Venus clash at 4:00 AM EST, relationship concerns may keep us up/wake us up. Everything seems to be expressing itself in tamped-down, muted shades of grey now. The Moon inconjuncts Jupiter at 5:13 AM EST, then connects with power -players Uranus at 11:31 AM, and Pluto at 12:22 PM EDT, so anything goes, or else things explode in a VERY big way. Family matters or conflicts between how much time and energy are spent in the outside world vs. meeting home responsibilities may be an issue.  Someone might go motormouth on you related to suspicions they’ve been keeping inside (weird paranoia can rule the day, if you let it). It might be a good idea to stay home and rake the leaves today, or catch up on that household crap that you normally ignore.

Mercury goes direct at 4:12 PM EDT, which may prompt a sigh of relief, but remember, planets moving in and out of direct or retrograde often manifests the extremes as they first enter or leave the sign, so don’t rush forward just yet. It may take a while to consolidate everything you unearthed during Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio, much less put it to use. Hold your fire for a while longer. A Moon/Mars contraparallel at 7:38 PM EST can put people in a contrary, fight-or- flight mood.  Or they’ll decide to pick a fight by going after you at your weakest point.  At least Mercury is trining Neptune (flowing energies) so we can get lost in a tearjerker movie, an absorbing book, or a super-elaborate fantasy world.  Is “Game of Thrones” on tonight? That fits the bill.  I’ll be watching “Boardwalk Empire”, which is set in Atlantic City, NJ (by the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea–how Neptunian can you get?)  Writing  or other creative projects produced today may have a tinge of other-worldly whimsy. This trend accentuates at the Moon enters Pisces at 9:36 PM EST, especially since the Moon conjuncts Neptune at 2:06 AM EST.  Psychic types will be spinning on all cylinders under this influence.  Messages may slide in through your dreams, but it may take a while to decipher them. It may seem that nothing much was accomplished, but there’s a lot percolating behind the scenes, so don’t despair.

We’re all floating through the dreamscape today, so enjoy the ride. It’s a real Melies kinda day, I think.  Just take a look at this clip.

–November 10, 2013 

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