The Daily Astro for November 7, 2013

Kneeled medieval knight with sword and shield

The Daily Astro for November 7, 2013


 by Valerie Sylvester





The Moon (in Capricorn) is bumping up against all sorts of planetary bodies today.  The lunar pinball begins at 7:53 AM EDT as the Moon sextiles Chiron, then works its way into the Uranus/Pluto square mashup as it squares Uranus at 7:58 AM EST.  This combination tells us that we need to look outside our usual parameters to find cures for our ills (that includes psychic and stress-related problems as well as those that somatize).  Alternative healing methods may provide the key (the symbol for Chiron is a key-shaped figure) to relief. A Moon/Pluto conjunction at 8:31 AM EST isn’t the calmest way to begin the daily grind. Someone may come across as dominating or excessively cold and “bottom line” oriented. Use the intensity of this combo to throw heart and soul into your work. It’s also a good early warning system against disturbances in the field. Try and find what’s buried underneath any anger and resentment you may feel–it has deep roots.


We shift gears at 3:17 PM EST as the Moon trines Mars. With Moon in hard-driving Capricorn harmonizing with Mars in Virgo (worker bee/attention to details), we’re not inclined to shilly-shally. If we really concentrate, we can accomplish a great deal, especially since this aspect is followed by a Moon/Saturn sextile at 4:31 PM EST.  We’re in workaholic mode this afternoon and may find we need to isolate ourselves to get anything major accomplished. We’re certainly in no mood for chit-chat.  Exercise is also a good outlet for this energy, so get up from your desk for a while, if you can manage it. All this effort may burnish reputations; we’re seen as reliable and productive, garnering positive reviews  later on, as that Capricorn  Moon sextiles the Sun in Scorpio at 6:44 PM EST. 


The evening hours beckon us to leave the mundane behind as Venus sextiles Neptune at 8:16 PM EST and the Moon semisquares Neptune at 9:48 PM EST.  Here’s where we let our hair down and go whimsical. Thoughts of past relationships may beguile us. We can lose ourselves daydreaming about “what if” or “what should have been”. There’s a little melancholy here, as we ponder lost loves and impossible dreams.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A girl’s face breaking into smile.”    

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   An ancient warrior on his knees, with a cross-sword stuck in the ground before him, praying.”  (Influence is:MARS.)

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ACQUIESCENCE.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: CONTRITION.” 

 Today’s Kozminsky Symbol, featuring a warrior, is connected to Mars, which represents the warrior archetype. He’s kneeling, which brings us into the realm of Capricorn (Capricorn is connected to the knees). Today’s Moon/Mars trine shows us the need to balance the soul urge (Moon) with the lust for action (Mars) in order to balance the personality and teach the importance of yielding to a higher power.  A Mars/Capricorn combination is like tempered steel--it’s been forged in fire and is stronger for it. The keyword, contrition, is perfect for this Sun in Scorpio season, as we’re encouraged to plumb the depths and realign ourselves with our true purpose. There will always be obstacles (Kozminsky says, “…he wins his way through obstacles only to meet more obstacles later on”.), but we learn about the true power that sustains us and helps us endure whatever is thrown in our path.

The Sabian Symbol reminds me of a sunrise–the girl breaking into a smile the way dawn breaks on a horizon. It shows an honest, straightforward reaction to events or people we encounter. Even if randomly smiling people are regarded as mildly insane in New York City, just about everywhere else, a smiling face indicates a friendly, sociable person. We’re presenting a positive face to the world and are open to experience. This symbol also relates to being yourself, letting your true self shine through or indicating a willingness to agree with or cooperate with others.  On the down side, it can be like that fake smile with the big ol’ teeth that you see so often–it’s a hologram of a smile, not the real thing. Another example: when annoying idiots you pass on the street command women to “SMILE!” without taking into consideration what’s going on at that particular time with that particular woman. Don’t give in too easily or let others take advantage of you. Today you may hear from someone you haven’t seen in a long time. With Jupiter just turning retrograde and Mercury (still) retrograde, it may result in a big ol’ reunion and gabfest!


9 of Cups / 3 of Cups

You Can Get it if You Really Want It

Here are two water cards, very appropriate given that the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, the North Node, Chiron, Neptune and Jupiter are all in water signs right now. Using the 9 as September and the 3 as March of next year, these two cards zero in on the Fall through early Spring period. This combination is about becoming a magnet for the energies you wish to carry forward into the future. One of the things you learn when developing psychic abilities is that things flow strongly when there’s an emotional charge attached to them. It’s why we pick up on tragedies or things that may happen to those we care about. Connect with others on the same emotional wavelength. Deep friendship (see the above Sabian Symbol) and celebration may be entering your life now. Manifestation through attraction is possible, but you have to really want it. There’s work involved, too. Believe you can find fulfillment and validate all of your dreams. It’s time to heal the wounds and share your gifts with others. These two may indicate a trip over water is possible, or you make “lucky” (i.e. fated) connections with others. Being in the right place at the right time helps. Enjoy your bounty and share it with others. With Jupiter retrograde in a water sign (Cancer), the only caveat here is that overindulgence might be a problem. Excessive ingesting and imbibing may lead to gout, edema, weight gain, hangovers, and other unenjoyable consequences if we’re not careful!



–November 7, 2013

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