The Daily Astro for August 9, 2013

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The Daily Astro for August  9, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester





The Moon remains in Virgo today. I detest the expression “nitty-gritty” but it’s time to get down to it.  It’s emotional hygiene time–don’t forget to clean up after yourself!  If you don’t, someone will surely be chasing you down with a mop today.  . Early in the morning (7:02 AM EDT), a Moon/Mercury connection can make some a bit surly and picky, not a good combination.  If they like Captain Crunch and won’t eat the healthy cereal you put on the table, just let ’em be for now. Or go back and apologize when the Sun semi-sextiles the Moon at 7:47 AM EDT. It’s too early in the morning to be bitchy, so make nice. 

The action picks up at 9:33 AM EDT as the Moon sextiles Mars. Vroom vroom!  You’re all fired up, so you might as well channel all that energy towards some useful enterprise.  It’s a good time for exercise or anything requiring discipline accompanied by repetition. You’re looking for a feeling of accomplishment, so pick something finite–and finish it! At 10:45 AM EDT there’s a Venus/Jupiter quintile going on.  Quintiles tend to be related to talent and things we’re naturally good at, but there’s also a bit of wildness to them, so controlling or expressing the talent (maybe because there’s so much of it) can be a problem. Venus and Jupiter are both considered to be benefics (that’s good), but with Jupiter the planet of excess and Venus at times inclined to lounging around eating bon-bons on the sofa, the problem may be there’s just too much of a good thing.   There’s also a compulsive element to the quintile–it’s something you just gotta do, no matter what.  This is a also very creative combination and quite magnetic–people are drawn by the aura you project. New insights about relationships (especially if they involve your values) and finances may strike today.  This quintile, combined with the Venus/Uranus parallel at 12:46 PM EDT, can add a restless, “freedom or bust” feel to mid-day. People rebel against  restraints; relationships may be tested because others feel like experimenting or can’t contain their urges to do something else with someone else.  At 2:35 PM EDT, the Moon/Saturn connection warns against lowering the boom on the freedom seekers–it’s not the time to impose restrictions, as no one wants to hear. People may be cold or hard to reach—emotional appeals won’t work.

At 5:06 PM EDT, another Venus aspect (Venus conjunct the Moon), soothes any ruffled feathers. People calm down and are more amenable to being charmed. Since the Moon at this time goes Void-of-Course, it’s a natural stopping point. Call it a day early and go out and enjoy the evening.  Go see a movie or a play, visit an art gallery, enjoy a relaxed meal with congenial companions, or just relax and let the week wind down and the tension drain away!




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  ” A teacher of chemistry. ”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “ Two gold-miners seated near mining machinery examining a strange metal unknown to modern science, which they have found amongst the quartz.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ INSTRUCTION.  ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “INTROSPECTION .”

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol is connected to Uranus, which makes perfect sense. The gold miners have discovered something interesting but alien and unusual, and that certainly falls into Uranus’ realm. This Symbol relates to groundbreaking methods of research and discovery (more Uranus) and surprising discoveries. Kozminsky says it indicates “one of a peculiar and original mind”, which certainly comes in handy if you want to be a pioneer! This Symbol also means learning from direct experience rather than through books or other secondary sources. Quartz is a mineral that’s used to enhance psychic abilities (it’s a conductor) , so this Symbol may also relate to strengthening our intuitive skill set. Since there are two men, it also relates to adaptability and being able to do two things at once (very Geminian!).  

This Symbol tells you that you have the tools at hand (mining machinery and quartz) and the skill to solve any mystery, if you’re willing to try alternative approaches and look at secondary streams of information. It will require patience and the ability to concentrate (hence the keyword “introspection”),  in order to puzzle out this mystery, but it’s within your grasp (the miners investigating the metal).

The Sabian Symbol is also connected with solving a mystery and understanding the elements.  Chemistry deals with the building-blocks of life, and the chemistry teacher is trying to make his/her students understand how to use scientific testing and methods in order to discover the essence of life. This Symbol relates to our need to understand how things work–the alchemy of life. Like the miners, the teacher is trying to get to the bottom of the situation. Today’s Moon in Virgo will help us concentrate and focus in order to solve a complex problem. There’s a need to test, to experiment, using different variables. We benefit from others’ advice or guidance,so if you’re stuck, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

The down side of this Symbol is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results or staying too long with an approach that isn’t really working. You may need to use a different skill set, “go back to the drawing board”, or be more experimental in order to achieve success.  If you’re stuck today, try a new method, take a break, or ask someone for advice. Both this Symbol and the Kozminsky Symbol tie in with today’s Venus/Jupiter quintile and Venus/Uranus parallel–we need that “Eureka!” moment when the answer suddenly becomes clear.  Maybe it’s time to be a mad scientist for a while. You never know what you might discover!



7 of Cups / Queen of Pentacles  



“The Choice”.  This combination tells us we’re not going to get anywhere until we make a choice. The 7 of Cups can be very creative, but sometimes if too many options are dangled in front of us, we can’t decide which we like best. Grounding (here comes the Queen of Pentacles!) is necessary. This combination also reflects the intense and somewhat compulsive nature of the Venus/Jupiter quintile. These two can be insanely self-indulgent if the energy is mismanaged. There’s an element of betrayal here, so choose carefully, make sure you’re on the right path. This is the Taurus/Scorpio polarity, so issues related to the body and the senses, values, our money and resources vs. the resources of others are prominent now.  Avoid clouding the issue by escaping into overindulgence or you may get stuck in a mirage. Take care of yourself, attend to your health and physical needs. This can indicate a period of burnout or confusion requiring time to recuperate and replenish energies.  


–August 9, 2013

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