The Daily Astro for April 17, 2013




The Daily Astro for April 17, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester





The Moon remains in Cancer today. Early in the morning (2:33 AM EDT), a Mars/Neptune connection generates a funky energy exchange, but for those of us sleeping during this time, it may just feel like we’re leaking dreams. Today’s main event:  a Sun/Mars union at 8:20 PM EDT. This occurs as we’re moving into the last degree of Aries, so this forceful combination is a bit of a shapeshifter. Both planets are gearing up to enter Taurus’ turf, so  Aries urges are already being affected by the Taurus surge.  Since Aries wants what it wants and Taurus is determined to get it, this combination can be very creative (Aries= start it and Taurus = manifest the idea you started) or it can be a little too “ME” oriented. (Aries = me, myself and I and Taurus = I want it/gonna hold on to it).

Since both Sun and Mars aspect Chiron in Pisces and the Moon is in Cancer, it may be all too easy to irritate others or hurt their feelings if we push forward without consideration for others’ wants and needs. If people around you are crabby and cranky, ease up and send a little TLC energy in their direction. If you’re feeling antsy, it’s a good day for sports or other physical activity that will channel some of that rambunctiousness.

It’s also a fine time to make that final push that takes a project to completion. We may be more assertive about standing up for ourselves today. That Chiron aspect and the Moon in Cancer tell us that this energy infusion can be used to heal longstanding health or emotional issues that have been plaguing us.

Since we don’t have oodles of aspects, today, I thought I would make a few comments on the recent Boston Marathon bomb attack. I looked at the astrological chart for that day/time in Boston and here are some general impressions:

What jumps out first is the concentration of planets in the 8th house, which is the house of death/regeneration, other people’s resources, depth psychology and sexual exchange. There are four planets in the 8th house:  Uranus, the Sun, and Mars in Aries and Venus, which just crossed from Aries to Taurus. Mercury is also in Aries. Any time you see that many planets in one house, it means the energy is focused very strongly on the area represented by that house.

My initial reaction is that with the focus on Aries and the self and all the planets in the 8th, a house than can indicate self-destructive tendencies, is that this is showing a huge amount of energy focused on or against the self as you might see in someone who is suicidal. With this volatile stew churning, it doesn’t take much to set things off. Uranus and Mercury together in Aries can show the “trigger”, or what detonates the whole shebang. Mercury is the chart ruler, as Virgo is rising in this chart. This brings in the idea of preciseness and planning, or trying to “time” something to the minute. However, when dealing with such volatile energies, things don’t always go as planned.

Mercury is also the ruler of Gemini, and in this chart we find the Moon and Jupiter in Gemini, in the 10th house. This would suggest that there were two people or two devices that were the main focus, or that something would happen in a “twin” manner. The Moon and Jupiter in Gemini at the top of the chart also tell us that someone is trying to send a message—and it’s a BIG message. They want to make sure no one misses it. Moon and Jupiter in the 10th remind me of an actor who is very popular and very skilled at drawing in the masses, so this event was engineered to hit as many people as possible and to attract the attention of the whole world. It was mean to be seen so that everyone would “get the message”. The bombs that detonated were at the finish line, where all the cameras were focused.  (The Sun, Moon and Mars are also at “finishing” degrees of their signs.)

With Pisces on the 7th house of open enemies and Neptune and Chiron hovering nearby (Chiron also squares Jupiter in Gemini), it seems the perpetrators may have a religious or messianic bent, or see themselves as divinely inspired. Neptune/Chiron in Pisces with Jupiter can indicate the martyr, someone who gives themselves up to a higher power. This combination can also indicate that it may not be clear for some time who set this up. Deception is in the air. The Neptune/Jupiter in the 10th connection can also mean that we’re dealing with foreigners in some way, or people who are not from Boston or the Northeast.  In general, though, things aren’t what they seem and may shift radically as the investigation continues. Some things may never be known.

One thing  that was just revealed: The bombs were made from “pressure cookers”, and if that isn’t a term that relates not only to the intense 8th house/Aries focus but to the Uranus/Pluto square which is 2 degrees from being exact right now, I don’t know what is. We’re all under extreme pressure right now, in a “something’s got to give”  mode. These bombs, when detonated, also released nails and ball bearings in order to inflict further harm to victims. They were geared for maximum effect and maximum destruction as the smaller items flew out as shrapnel. This is in line with the destructive, death-dealing energy of all those Aries planets turned to the dark side in the 8th house. Whoever did this was aiming to kill and maim as many people as possible. It’s also fairly low-tech. Years ago, people used pressure cookers, but you don’t really hear about them anymore. Uranus always exists “out of time” and there can be an element of anachronism about Uranus and Uranian-ruled people or situations. They often dress in an unusual or retro way or use “artifacts” from another generation, and this use of pressure cookers to me emphases the strange vibe of Uranus in Aries.

This terrorist act was horrible, but I have the feeling it could have been much worse. Saturn is in Scorpio in the 3rd house. I see Saturn in Scorpio as “the dragon guarding the castle” and in the 3rd house relates to communications and local activity. Saturn is inconjunct  Uranus in Aries in the 8th, which leads me to believe that something unexpected happened relative to local regulations and the bombers either did not get the access to the specific local area they needed or else had to readjust at the last minute—Saturn deals with timing, so it could be that they originally aimed for another time  or a “better” location, but had to switch and that switch dulled the effect. It could be that local police or officials thwarted their attempts or did not allow them past a checkpoint.  There were also other bombs that did not detonate, perhaps due to faulty construction or something blocking (more Saturn) them from going off.

Looking at the Arabic parts is also interesting. The Part of Passion is in the first house of this chart, opposite Neptune in Pisces in the 7th. This would seem to indicate that we’re dealing with True Believers who would stop at nothing to get their point across. It can indicate fanaticism or being excessively tied to a belief system that encourages martyrdom and sacrifice.

The Part of Brethren is conjunct Uranus in the 8th house, so it seems that this action involved more than one person acting quickly/unpredictably.  Maybe one person planted the bombs and another was the detonator, or one was a “decoy”, doing something else while the other secured the bombs. They may belong to an unusual group or organization, perhaps one we haven’t heard of before.

The Part of Land Journeys is also on the Ascendant opposing Neptune, which would seem to indicate that the perpetrators came here from a distance or were trained elsewhere or may have come here and contacted “hidden agents” here in the US.

The Part of Imprisonment is in Libra opposite the Sun in Aries, which says to me that this may have been retaliation for something the bombers considered to be unfair or that they are protesting this country’s political or military policies or the way we use resources or the wars we wage.   (Side note:  As the 8th house relates to the resources of others and collection or stockpiling of same, we can see that Venus in Taurus in the 8th as representing April 15th’s status as Tax Day here in the U.S.)

The Part of Private Enemies is in Sagittarius opposite Jupiter in Gemini in the 10th house, re-emphasizing the foreign connection and the desire to transmit a huge message to this country and the world.

As for asteroids, the asteroid Pandora is in Sagittarius opposite the Moon and Vesta in Gemini,  and this may be related to our actions in foreign countries opening up a “Pandora’s Box” of hatred and resentment. Think of this in relation to the “pressure cooker” bombs—when they open they release all manner of evil upon the world.

Asteroid Arachne is also opposite the Moon, so this is the web of connections that has been woven in order to carry off this attack. It could indicate a loosely-organized group or one has family connections (the Moon) or who regard each other has family or “brothers”. The Gemini/Sagittarius connection can mean they are in communication with other members who do not live nearby. It also suggests a wide-ranging or loosely-bound network.

The asteroid Nemesis is in Pisces conjunct Chiron, which emphasizes that these bombers feel that they are righting wrongs and are willing to sacrifice themselves for their belief system if necessary. They may see themselves as “avenging angels”.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “ A celestial choir singing.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “An artist laying a mosaic pavement in a large public building. He works slowly and with great patience.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “VENERATION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “DEVELOPMENT.”


The Kozminsky Symbol preaches “slow and steady”, which makes it the antidote for today’s impulsive Sun-Mars conjunction. Achievements take time, so don’t rush. This Symbol tells us to be patient and develop our abilities. The main figure in this Symbol is an artist. The artist has an overall pattern in mind for the mosaic work, so that all the parts fit together to form a pleasing whole. (This shows the influence of Venus, now in Taurus). It relates to painstaking craftsmanship.

Use the Aries energy to get started, then slow down and immerse yourself in the work and realize you are trying to create something that stands the test of time. The process IS the learning. Don’t rush through it and miss the lesson. Artisans usually learn from a master craftsperson, and it takes time and practice to reach that level.

The Sabian Symbol relates to inspiration. The Sun/Mars connection is in Aries, a fire sign, and fire signs relate to inner fire and passion. Use that energy to uplift others, inspire them with your “song”—whatever that may be. This Symbol shows how individual people can become channels for the divine. By joining with others we create something larger than ourselves. This Symbol also relates to the idea of positive change and balance in society.

The down side here is going too far into the Aries “me” zone and thinking you’re better than everyone else–or worse, letting them know it. Today is a good day to encourage someone who’s struggling, to set a good example or lend a hand. Here’s where even a small act has a ripple effect. The Sun/Mars combo urges us to DO something, to leap into action, so make those actions count.  Just get started. It’s not a day for dithering or holding back, and as long as you aren’t steamrolling over others or going destructo, the field is open!



 Ace of Wands/Page of Swords


 “New”. Both of these cards relate to new beginnings and the initial phase of creation. Sun/Mars in Aries tells us it’s time to start. Even small steps count. We’re excited and enthused about something and have moved from the first step (inspiration, the fire within) to visualizing what we want. Pay attention to words, messages, and psychic flashes—they’re omens that you’re on the right track. The energy wants to flow freely, so let it.

We’re opening the door to something completely new. We’re curious about everything and feel reborn. There’s an impulse to go back to the beginning or behave like a child again.  An experiment:  Go through the day and imagine you’re doing everything for the very first time. How does that feel?

–April 17, 2013

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