The Daily Astro for August 3, 2012

The Daily Astro for August 3, 2012

The Moon enters Pisces at 9:57 AM EDT today. We’re in a watery, mystical, sometimes confusing realm today as the Moon also conjuncts Neptune (the ruler of Pisces), and forms aspects with Mercury, Pluto and Chiron. We might feel like we’re drowning in input–we’re absorbing everything, and sometimes we’re not sure where our feelings begin and other people’s end. We might be tempted to daydream or “space out” today. It’s not a day for precision and blasting through tasks, so if you can allow yourself some time for reverie and introspection, it would be a great use of this energy. Try to be clear in all communications as you may assume other people know your thought processes. However, you have to remember everyone doesn’t have a direct line to your brain and therefore may be clueless as to what you’re talking about. A Mars/Saturn aspect in the afternoon can lead to frustration and some stomping of feet if we let anger or fear take over. This aspect, plus the Neptune/Pisces influences can make some subject to vague or nagging fears. This is a very “associative thinking” type of day–one thing leads to another and the connections are intuitive. Needless to say it’s great for creative people, psychics, and those who deal in imagery and the ethereal realm. If you need to do anything in the practical today, after 8 pm EDT tonight is best. Healing may come through dreams tonight with the Moon/Chiron aspect, so be sure to pay attention, especially to any symbols that come through.
Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “An evening lawn party”.
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: A man of martial and distinguished bearing giving alms to the poor.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is  “Companionship”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is  “Humanity”

These two Symbols capture the aura of the day very well. The Sabian Symbol focuses on gathering for relaxation and socializing. It’s a time to take it easy and enjoy our lives in the company of others. Taking time out from the daily routine gives us a breather and allows us to reset our focus. Enjoy the “garden party” feel of this day, use it to refresh yourself on all levels; just be careful not to overindulge or get lost in the ozone! (This is the negative side of those Pisces/Neptune aspects.) The Kozminsky Symbol reflects the generosity and concern for those less fortunate that is a key element of Piscean and Neptunian energy. This Symbol depicts someone who fights for the rights of the underdog and “walks it like he talks it”. He uses his power and status in a positive fashion, to improve the lives of others. This is someone who is sensitive to the needs of others and responds to the call rather than walking by. It relates to charity and the desire to improve the lot of humanity as a whole, of seeing things through a global perspective.

Born on August 3:
Tony Bennett , Martin Sheen, John Landis (director), Ernie Pyle (World War II correspondent), James Hetfield (Metallica), Tom Brady (football pro), Martha Stewart (home & hearth maven), Elisha Otis (elevators), Ed Roland (Collective Soul), John T. Scopes (schoolteacher involved in “Scopes Monkey Trial”), Mamie Gummer (actress, daughter of Meryl Streep), King Frederik Willem II of Prussia, Hamilton Fish (politician), Haakon VII (King of Norway), Stanley Baldwin (British Prime Minister), Rupert Brooke (British poet), Maggie Kuhn (“Grey Panthers”), P.D. James (mystery writer), Dolores Del Rio (actress), Anne Klein (deisnger), Shenouda II (Pope of Coptic Christian Church), Elsa Martinelli (actress), “Haystacks” Calhoun (pro wrestler), Steven Berkoff (actor), Morris “B.B” Dickerson (War), Aleksandr Volkov (cosmonaut), Kirk Brandon (Theater of Hate), Lee Rocker (Stray Cats), Kyoko Chan Cox (musician, daughter of Yoko Ono), Masahiro Sakurai (video game developer), Martin Atkins (PIL), Jon Graham (Earth, Wind and Fire), Wayne Hussey (Sisters of Mercy), Terry Wogan (talk show host), Gerogi Shonin (cosmonaut), James Komack (writer/director), Gene Kelly (dancer/actor), Habib Bourguiba (1st presdient of Tunisia), Charlotte Casiraghi (daughter of Caroline of Monaco), DJ Spinderella (Salt-N-Pepa), Ian Bairnson (Alan Parsons Project), Jack Straw (British politician), Leon Uris (writer), Isao Yukisada (director), Jean Hagen (actress), Gordon Scott (actor, “Tarzan”), Diane Wakoski (poet), Sidney Gottlieb (military psychiatrist associated with CIA mind control program), Isaiah Washington (actor).

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote: 5 of Cups/Ace of Swords

“Cutting Through Illusion”.  This combination suggests a misuse of the Neptune/Pisces energies, with a bit of the Mars/Saturn. We’ve fallen into fear and have been mislead or deluded about a situation or a person, but it’s time to cut through the ties that negatively or energetically bind us to that place and move forward. It may create tension, but it’s essential to change our mindset in order to leave the past behind. This combination suggests that distance healing or reiki might be useful to give us a boost. We may need to be dragged out of the swamp of our own negative patterning. Since the Swords are air cards, we may need intellectual stimulation or a change of scenery in order to get a new perspective. Change is coming whether we’re ready or not–the question is, will we be dragged kicking and screaming, clinging to the past, or will we be ready to sever ties and start again?

–Valerie Sylvester, August 3, 2012 –

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