The Daily Astro for April 15, 2013




The Daily Astro for April 15, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester 





Today’s Tax Day here in the U.S., so people are rushing around trying to get their returns in at the last minute (as usual). The Post Office will be super-busy, so leave yourself plenty of time if you need to go there—the Moon’s in Gemini as the day begins. And don’t forget we still have a cluster of planets in Aries, which tends to inspire, shall we say, impulsive behavior.

However, Venus leaves the Aries Zone today and moves into Taurus at 3:25 AM EDT, where she’s much more comfortable. It’s like taking off a heavy suit of armor and then slipping into a soft, flowing velvet gown. A very different sensation–and a very different kind of energy.  Venus in Taurus is about what we have, what we own or want to own, how we draw things or people to us, and how we make connections to the earth. This is a sensuous energy and can be possessive and/or unyielding in pursuit of its goals. It oozes creativity, and paired with today’s other aspects, this means it’s a good day to let yourself loose to play with fabrics, paintbrushes, computer programs, musical instruments and anything else you can think of that stirs your creative instincts.

The Moon sextiles the Sun in Aries at 2:36 PM EDT and then sextiles Mars in Aries at 3:41 PM EDT. Sextiles are all about easy flow of energies, so we may find ourselves quite busy  in the middle of the day. Information zips back and forth quickly. It’s a good time to stretch our minds and be open to absorbing new information. People will be very active and this may be one of those Mondays where everything that was put on hold all weekend pops up at once.

After the Moon/Mars sextile noted above, the Moon is Void of Course, so the pace may slow a bit. It might be a good time to actually file your tax return, as Void-of-Course times are “under the radar” zones. That means the IRS may not zero in on your return and nothing will come of it!

Today also features a Mercury quintile to Jupiter, which is part of a configuration that involves Jupiter biquintile Saturn. Quintiles and biquintiles are said to relate to individualized talents or choices, and the quintile series, based on the number ‘5’, ties in well with the quick mind /flurry of activity vibe radiating today. The mind is running on high-octane fuel!  Quintiles and biquintiles are considered minor aspects that can indicate creativity or talents that are inherent, almost part of our genetic inheritance, and abilities you feel compelled to express. There’s something quirky, powerful, and magnetic that needs to emerge. With the Mercury/Jupiter and Jupiter/Saturn lineup today, a collision of minds may produce unexpected outcomes that impact the future of us all. There’s lots of experimentation going on in the Big Laboratory today, and who knows what kind of chemical reactions are occurring? There’s an aura of creative ferment today relating to ideas that have the power to change our world.

As the Moon enters Cancer at 10:49 PM EDT, we get some time to retreat into our shell, or stay at home with loved ones and review the day’s events. It’s a good time to go the comfort food/cozy pajama route as the day winds down. Pamper yourself a bit, do what feels good and give your busy brain a rest! Cancer has a very retentive memory, so file all those inspirations away in a corner of your brain for easy access in the future.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “The governor of a city surrendering the keys to a dark frowning conqueror.”


The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “EQUIPMENT.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “DEPENDENCE.”


Today’s Sabian Symbol reflects Venus’ entry into Taurus, plus there’s a relationship to the quintile/biquintile aspects and the Aries/Gemini influences, too.  Here’s someone with tremendous talents and gifts, but in such abundance that it creates a bit of a problem. There’s a suggestion that these talents need to be integrated in order to be used properly. Discretion is necessary to avoid burnout or the tendency to try and do too much at once.  The Aries/Gemini influence is a restless one, and there may be a tendency to skip from one thing to another without finishing anything. It might be hard to find a quiet moment for reflection today!

Fortunately, Venus in Taurus is a steadying influence and indicates staying power and determination to reach its goals, so success arrives if we apply ourselves. This Symbol can indicate overabundance or too much of something—on a day like today it can mean there’s just too much going on. It hard to finish things when we’re being bombarded from every direction. Focus on honing your skills and using your abilities to their highest power. Don’t let others “delegate” too much to you just because you’re competent—don’t overdo or take on too much. Just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you have to do it all! Remember, you’re well-equipped to meet any challenges that arise today.

The Kozminsky Symbol shows a powerful individual, a  governor, reluctantly handing over keys to the city to the foe who has defeated his forces. This Symbol shows someone who has fought “the good fight” yet still has to surrender to a powerful opponent, thus subject to someone else’s rule. This Symbol relates to the forces of restructuring that we’re currently undergoing, particularly the influential Uranus in Aries/Pluto in Capricorn square.  We may fight against change, but ultimately we have to “hand over the keys”. The unknown is always frightening, but times change, empires fall, and things end in order for a new era to begin.

This Symbol shows our internal struggle in the face of circumstances beyond our control (Uranus and Pluto are outer planets and correlate with major cycles of history.) I’d also like to point out that Chiron (whose glyph looks like a key) and Neptune are both in Pisces right now. This emphasizes the theme of surrendering to the infinite by understanding your weak and wounded areas. This is essential in order to develop compassion for all based on your own experience.  Whatever suffering you’ve endured helps you connect with others who face similar circumstances or tribulations.  Here’s where you get “out of your head” and dive into the deep waters.


The Magician / 4 of Wands


“Magic School”.  The Magician plus a Fire card tells us we’re in another of those “fire of the mind” zones today. The 4 relates to grounding, putting things into practice, and also to the planet Uranus. So we’re feeling very inspired today, tuning into the cosmic brainwaves. We’re using our talents (that’s the word of the day) to make magic, but we’re also learning to ground our energies and find a practical outlet.

We want to connect with others and share ideas. We also learn to gather and hold our energies so they’re available for use right time. We’re willing to work hard and wait for the perfect opportunity. Stillness in the midst of chaos is an important theme today. What we’re working on will take time to mature. Don’t be rushed into premature action; marshal your strengths for the future. The spark will burst into flame when the time is right.


–April 15, 2013

















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