The Daily Astro for September 20, 2013


The Daily Astro for September 20, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester




It’s Shaman Warrior day!  There’s so much going on today I decided the day absolutely requires its own nickname. Hence Shaman Warrior Dude up top.  The word of the day: “resolute”. That means determined, purposeful and unwavering.  We’re fighting dragons today, so gird those loins and sally forth. The Moon’s now in Aries, the flamethrower sign.  Today begins with a Moon/Saturn inconjunct at 4:32 AM EDT. Maybe you had dark dreams or a bout of disturbed sleep. Heavy issues cloud the spirit, or you’re dealing with things that are out of your control. This segues into a Moon/Pluto square about an hour later, so this might be secret sea-monster-y trauma trying to swim and claw its way out of your guts. This is primal stuff, dark-night-of-the soul, a swordfight with the dark lords. The next aspect, Moon inconjunct Venus at 7:32 AM, tells us we feel we have to go it alone; no one’s on our wavelength. A Moon/Uranus conjunction at 8:20 AM EDT screams freedom anyway. We don’t want to be held back from our mission. Even if we have to slay those dragons on our own. It’s our quest.  Venus trines Chiron at 8:57 AM EDT , thus it’s a quest for healing.  (Venus also sextiles hearth-fire goddess Ceres today.) Go rescue the princess and set the kingdom free; what you do helps others– if done with purity of intent.


Deep dark Pluto rumbles and roars underground as it moves from retrograde to stationary direct motion at 11:29 AM EDT. (Planets are powerful while stationing.) Here’s where the dragon rears his head, but since Pluto is sextile Saturn in Capricorn, we’re ready to hear our marching orders and steel ourselves for the upcoming campaign. Our experiences over the last few months have tested and tempered us and we’re ready to test our mettle. New information may come to light. Today’s themes:  endings, a feeling that things are being unearthed, secrets, hidden motivations,  the masses, organized crime, nuclear power and nuclear energy, trance states, extremes of all kinds, obsessions, possessions and regressions, “volcanic” feelings that can’t be bottled up any longer, past lives or reincarnation, shamanic visions or a journey to the underworld, exposures or being exposed, renovation, regeneration, reanimation; old things are given new life, the genie’s out of the bottle,



A Moon/Mars trine at 3:18 PM sends us roaring (Mars is in Leo) in our fiery finery. This energy boost helps us implement bold plans this afternoon, but with Venus inconjunct Uranus at 4:53 PM EDT and Moon square Jupiter at 7:06 PM EDT, followed by a Mercury/Neptune clash at 8:07 PM EDT, it’s important to avoid getting derailed (or impaled).  Overconfidence or a reliance on false or incorrect information can cause plans to go haywire in a hurry. Make sure you’re seeing what’s actually there, rather than what you want to believe is true, or you’ll tumble into a trap. The important thing now is to stay the course and tie up the loose ends that have been dangling everywhere and blocking the pathway.  Swashbuckle away; just don’t believe all the trolls are telling the truth.


After all this derring-do, you’ll be relieved to hear that the Moon goes Void-of-Course at 9:25 PM EDT, so it’s time for all warriors to lay their swords down for the evening. The Moon enters Taurus at 6:33 PM EDT tomorrow, making Saturday is a relatively peaceful “time out” day with few compelling aspects.  Saturday morning’s good for sleeping in or spacing out, so take it slow early tomorrow.  Let things happen rather than trying to force the action.





Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A gang of stevedores loading a vessel with product.”  

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN:   A  bald-headed man.”  (Influence is the MOON. )

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “DOMINANCE.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “LABOUR.” 

My first response to these symbols was to combine them.  These two bring to mind labor unions or “people power” movements that are gaining in strength as the world economy continues to falter. The stevedores of the Kozminsky Symbol  work in unison to get the job done, and to make sure the goods reach their destination. Hard work, pushing through obstacles and avoiding distractions help us achieve our goals. Kozminsky says “Work to him is prayer, and he never grumbles at its demands.”  Both of today’s Symbols relate to the Pluto station and the Saturn/Pluto sextile.  An iron will is required at times, a single-minded focus that never wavers. Today may bring news of collective action, labor unions or situations in which people realize the best way to make progress is to work together in order to force change in a stagnant system. The bald fellow in the Sabian Symbol tells us to focus on what’s inside rather than outward appearances. You know when you’re in the presence of a powerful person. This is a symbol of self-mastery and self-control (again, Saturn/Pluto keywords), the power of magnetic attraction, an ability to command or guide others, positive personality traits or being the kind of person others wish to emulate.  The down side to this symbol relates to being overbearing, not knowing when to stop, being unbalanced, manipulating or dominating others through fear, being a control freak, heavy-handedness, browbeating or lacking respect for others, behaving in an authoritarian fashion without consulting others who are affected by your actions.



The World / 2 of Cups




A new cycle of connection begins. Saturn is the planet associated with The World, so it relates to our status in the world, the work we do, what we’ve established and everything we’ve built. Since Saturn and Pluto are dancing together right now, we can change the structure of our world through focused and directed action. This laser focus enables us to hone in on problem areas and eliminate waste and weakness. It’s about finding our true work in the world. Connecting with “the other”. Building something that feeds your soul. Resolving difficulties that have blocked progress. Making important connections with people who turn out to be your true partners. Discovering the place you truly belong. Long-lasting and stable relationships. It all comes together. Feeling whole or complete. Feeling your connection with everyone on the planet. Opening up to a new world of experience. Valuing trusted associates or friends. Mutual respect brings rewards on all levels. A destined or karmic connection. 


–September 20, 2013

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