The Daily Astro for October 2, 2013

The Daily Astro for October 2, 2013  by Valerie Sylvester     TODAY’S ASPECTS:  The Moon’s in Virgo, still in its 4th quarter or “dark moon” phase quietly awaiting the New Moon on Friday.  Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, has slipped into the shadow zone (in Scorpio) in preparation for its journey into retrograde motion on October 21st. […] Continue reading

The Daily Astro for May 1, 2013

  The Daily Astro for May 1, 2013 by Valerie Sylvester    TODAY’S ASPECTS:    “Pushin’ Too Hard”. That’s a Seeds song, but also my shortcut for describing today’s energies. We start the day with hangover from last night’s Mars/Saturn opposition. This opposition occurs in Taurus and Scorpio, fixed signs, so that adds some extra […] Continue reading