The Daily Astro for March 11, 2013: New Moon at 22 Degrees Pisces





The Daily Astro for March 11, 2013

New Moon at 22 Degrees Pisces

by Valerie Sylvester


I’ve been operating “out of time” all day, which isn’t too surprising as today we have 7 planetary bodies (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune and Chiron) in Pisces. Mars is at the very last degree of Pisces, so it feels like the dam’s about to burst with all that’s built up as it traversed the last sign of the zodiac. It may also feel like a giant cosmic jumble sale is in progress and we’re visiting (or re-visiting) multiple eras simultaneously. The veil may feel very thin today and/or we’ll be a ball of confusion. You’d think this would be easier for Neptunian types like myself to deal with but nah–it’s still kind of a bitch at times! Try to enjoy that waterlogged feeling.

Early today we may have felt a weird combination of edgy jumpiness/impatience that’s somehow tangled up with feelings of universal love and compassion, due to Moon parallel Mars and conjunct Venus. Like we have brilliant ideas about saving the world but they put too much milk in our coffee this morning and that got us so angry we forgot about our big plans for the day. It’s an odd combo.

At 3:51 AM EDT (did you remember to put your clock forward an hour?) we have the psychedelic experience that is the New Moon at 22 degrees Pisces. As noted, just about everything plus the kitchen sink is in Pisces right now. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the repository of all the things we’ve collected during our journey and is related to dream states, the unconscious/subconscious, all the ways we “get lost”, how we transcend, and all things mysterious and ultimately and immutably unknowable. The “opposite number” to Pisces is Virgo, a sign that sometimes gets trapped in minute details, which is the doppelganger to Pisces’ being raptured by “All That Is”. It’s all about seeing too much or being in the middle of too much. It can make you feel overwhelmed, like you’re feeling every feeling, seeing every sight, and being every being that ever existed. Whether the little things are eating your brain  or the Big Picture is blowing your mind, it’s too too much! No wonder Pisces people need to disappear sometimes and Virgos need to learn how to shut off their microscopes.

Today’s New Moon, falling close proximity to Venus, asks us to value our imagination and creative spirit. Venus in Pisces relates to unconditional love, and as it vibrates with the Moon at this New Moon time it urges us to practice the art of stillness, meditate or indulge in reflection, do something that nurtures our creativity or helps others in need. This is a seed time; what “thing of beauty” do you wish to bring forth? We’re all creative; see what work of art you can channel during this New Moon.  Listen to that soft voice in your ear,  indulge your senses, be a channel.  Since the New Moon starts a Void-of-Course period until the Moon enters Aries at 7:17 PM EDT tomorrow, we’re still in gestation mode. It’s better to wait until Mars enters Aries tomorrow to blast forward into the new.

The rest of today’s aspects continue the basic New Moon theme. Mercury aligns with Uranus, which brings on the bizarre and original, so be open to flashwaves from the future. At 4:45 PM EDT, Mercury hooks up with Venus, a supportive “sweet talk” combination. Take this opportunity to tell people how much you love and appreciate them. Later in the day the Moon meets Mars and Saturn. Remember the lovey-dovey stuff from earlier in the day (feels good) and don’t push too hard to get what you want or become abrasive (feels bad), as it will just put people on the defensive and make them less inclined to see things your way.



Since today’s a New Moon, we’ll take a look at the Symbols for the New Moon rather than the Sun.

Sabian Symbol for today’s MOON: “A man bringing down the new law from Sinai.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s MOON: “A snake hidden in a bush of wild flowers near a bubbling stream.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “MANDATE”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “ENSNARING”.

Both of today’s Symbols seem more than a tad Biblical, don’t they? Combine the messages and you get the interesting combination of not getting entangled in something unethical or sneaky that’s against the rules or law and not hiding behind your position or using your authority in order to transgress or lure/coerce others into wrongdoing. The emphasis is on integrity and honesty.

The Kozminsky Symbol  features flowers, bringing in the Venus connection discussed above, and a bubbling stream, reflecting the overabundance of water due to the Big Pisces Bash going on in the sky. So even a snake in the grass can be moved by the essence of beauty. Kozminsky says: “He will in turn be the deceived and the deceiver, and when he attempts to deceive others, he deceives himself most, which is a very slithery dark-side-of-Pisces concept. Flowing water is an image of cleansing and making whole, and of course a snake often sheds its skin and transform from the inside out, so there’s always the opportunity to “wash it clean”, leave past errors behind and start all over again.

The Sabian Symbol relates to inspiration, insights channeled from a higher source (mountains as a symbol generally equals  “above” or the higher spiritual realms), and the implementation of new laws and rules. The keyword, “mandate”, shows a new direction or focus.  Given this Symbol, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear some very interesting news related to the papacy today or tomorrow (when Mars enters Aries). Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, two planets that are related to large spiritual/religious entities such as the Roman Catholic Church. This Symbol also speaks to the need for reform and new laws because in the past some have taken advantage of their status.  Those who felt  the rules were made for other people but not for them may find there’s an emphasis on righting wrongs that that occurred under their “old regime”. Key words for today are: be honest, speak your truth, don’t use your position or authority to take advantage of others, and don’t think you will get away with underhanded behavior.



Ace of Swords / Queen of Pentacles

The Idea Realized.  A New Moon is a time when the imagination is very fertile, particularly as today’s New Moon is in Pisces, a creative and inspired water sign. The Ace of Swords opens the door to manifestation–it’s the blast, the first spark that strikes the blow to lead the charge. The Queen of Pentacles shows the end result. the manifestation and birth that results from these beginnings. A creative project born around this time will have positive results and can bring financial rewards as well. New ideas bear fruit. From endings or death, a new life begins.

This combo also relates to “slitting open the veil”, the veil being Neptunian/Piscean fog opened by a Mars-like force (Mars rules force, aggression and war). With Mars in the last degree of Pisces, you can almost feel the intensity as the energy tries to burst free from the end of the zodiac and begin its new journey through it’s-new-it’s-now Aries.

We cut through whatever illusions we’ve held, perhaps not without conflict or mental trauma. It’s all necessary in order to achieve clarity. The Queen of Pentacles (a Taurean figure) teaches us the lesson of valuing ourselves and our creations. We’re being asked to ground and center ourselves and be more “in our body” after the floating disembodiment of our time sloshing through the Pisces planetary lineup. It’s time to gather all those creative ideas swirling in the ether, focus our mental energy (Ace of Swords) and make something happen. This winter through spring has and will be a challenging period where we will be asked to clarify and defend our value systems and leave behind people, situations and ideas that don’t further our growth. It’s like doing a hard pruning on your trees and plants so they are healthier and produce more later in the season.

–March 11, 2013



















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