The Daily Astro for February 6, 2013




The Daily Astro for February 6, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


Continuing this week’s vehicular mayhem theme, on the way to the office this morning we had to swerve around a policeman with a broom, who was sweeping up chunks o’car.  Two cars had just collided in one of the busiest intersections in our town.  They hadn’t even had time to block the road yet. The back bumper of one was almost torn off. Fortunately, no one was injured, based on what I could see from my vantage point.

I checked today’s aspects to see if this early-morning wakeup-crash/close-call was reflected in the day’s energies. The first thing to note is that the Moon is void of course in Sagittarius until 12:56 PM EST, when it enters Capricorn. Very early this morning (12:47 AM EST) there was a Mars/Neptune parallel and at 6:58 AM EST the Moon aspected Saturn. Probably one or both of the drivers was zoned out  and sleepy (Moon void & Neptune involvement), distracted/trying to do something else while driving, driving too fast (Sagittarius sometimes misses the details), or was exhausted or depleted from overwork or worry (Mars/Neptune & Moon/Saturn).

Note for the day: Pay attention!

After the Moon enters Capricorn, you’d think it’d settle down and we’d all be happy to sit crunching numbers in the salt mine of our choice, but today has a real split personality. At 2:08 PM EST Venus sextiles Uranus; all things quotidian will have less appeal to us. This combo is like Janis Joplin (a Capricorn, by the way) showing up in full hippie regalia, wailing away while we’re staring at a spreadsheet. This aspect favors sudden attractions or attachments, surprises, creative breakthroughs, “back to the future” bolts of inspiration, and letting loose in general, so take advantage of it.

Later in the afternoon, Mercury gets together with Neptune, which is wonderful for poets, filmmakers, fantasy and fiction writers and other creative types who know how to channel the energy. In other arenas it could just confuse the hell out of us. Double-check all details right now, as the odds are someone has forgotten to include something essential or else what you heard wasn’t what they thought they said.

The fun continues through the evening as the Moon squares Uranus at 10:38 PM EST, followed by Moon/Venus, Moon/Jupiter and Moon/Pluto aspects. People are still perfecting their Space Oddity routine and there’s a whiff of obstreperousness in the air. Minds are elsewhere and there’s a lack of focus, or people just feel like being contrary for kicks. Don’t get drawn into power struggles. All this emotional wackiness can be a bit embarrassing for the keep-that-excess-buttoned-up-please Capricorn Moon, but maybe there’s something to be learned here–loosen the tie a little, kick off the sensible shoes, take a few deep breaths and you’ll feel better!



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A man unmasked.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A lion running along a dreary and barren field at the end of which is a V-shaped road. On the one side are hunters armed, on the other a rocky entrance leads to sunlit lawns.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ANALYSIS”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “DOUBTING.”

All the intrigue, secrecy, surprise and romance of today’s Sabian Symbol reflects our astrological aspects–the masked man (anything masked or veiled is very Neptunian) suddenly reveals his true nature by ripping off the mask (sudden revelations are Uranus’ turf). I also like the way this Symbol relates to the Mercury/Neptune conjunction. When someone’s acting like the Man of Mystery, it piques our curiosity and we want to know more. (“Who was that masked man?”) Taking off our mask = readiness to reveal our true selves. It means we have to expose something, so this Symbol also ties in to revelations of all kinds, including secrets being unearthed and the public exposure of something previously hidden from view. Today is a day where we might discover something new and unusual. On the down side, people sometimes wear masks in order to deceive, commit crimes or to pretend they’re someone they’re not, so a cautionary note is in order. Don’t take things at face value–dig deeper.

The Kozminsky Symbol features a lion (Leo–opposite sign of Aquarius, where today’s Sun is found) who has arrived at a fork in the road. He/she has been traveling a long way through barren turf (the day starts with the Moon Void in Sagittarius), and has to choose a path. One road is more dangerous and challenging than the other–the ‘easier’ path has a rocky entrance but leads to pleasant lands, and the other will lead to an immediate confrontation and life-and-death struggle. Kozminsky says this Symbol is associated with “early struggles amidst uncongenial surroundings”, which carries a tinge of the Moon in Capricorn. Depending upon the choice, the life will be happy or can end violently, it all rests on the decision made.

This Symbol reminds us that we can overcome obstacles through exertion and effort and that what happens to us involves elements of destiny/fate and also our own personal choice. The Strength card in the tarot features a woman with a lion, and one of the themes associated with this card is learning to find our own inner strength through purification and right use of our energies. We learn to channel forces that, if uncontrolled, can take us down the wrong path. Wise use of power is key here.


Hermit/9 of Pentacles

Self-sufficiency and being complete within the self are today’s themes. Both cards relate to seeking  knowledge through contemplation/removing themselves from the “madding crowd” crowd  in order to deepen their understanding of the world. They’re on a quest for knowledge and isolation doesn’t bother them; they’re searching for something that can only be found within. Purification and elimination of nonessentials leads to peace, serenity, and wisdom. We don’t need others for validation, we know we’re in the place we’re meant to be.

If the day gets crazy, meditate on these two cards and withdraw to that quiet place within yourself.
–February 6, 2013



















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