The Daily Astro for February 7, 2013

Seljalandfoss waterfall at sunset/Iceland

The Daily Astro for February 7, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



The Moon remains in Capricorn today, and a long void-of-course period begins at 7:44 AM EST, stretching until 2:16 PM EST tomorrow. Void-of-Course Moon periods are ideal times for meditation, reflection, and stepping back from the hustle and flow. Void times are also good for the things you do on automatic pilot or by rote and that don’t require making systemic changes or initiating anything.  The general consensus about Moon voids is that anything started during this time won’t amount to much, because we’re missing a connection, lacking important information, or our operating system is suffering from a “fatal error.” If you want something to disappear, fizzle out, or not attract attention, though, do it during a Void-of-Course Moon time.

If I had to give today a title, I’d name it “Beauty and the Beast”. Venus (Beauty) is hooking up with everyone today. At 12:57 AM EST, the goddess of love trines expansive Jupiter in Gemini. A Venus/Jupiter trine opens the door for opportunity to step right in. Things feel bigger, brighter, and even better looking. Love expands outward, or we’re lucky in love. Since we’re dealing with air signs here (Venus is in Aquarius and Jupiter is in Gemini), there’s more of a detached, cerebral feel–one of those “I love him/her for their mind” deals.

Venus also makes connections with the Moon, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto as the day progresses, so she’s spreading the love gospel around.  What’s most interesting is the tie in with the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Today, the Moon joins with Pluto at 6:20 AM EST. Remember, we’re talking about Beauty and the Beast here. Capricorn is associated with the Devil card in the tarot, and with Pluto and the Moon there, we may go to some deep, dark places. We’re going to be challenged about our hang-ups, our habit patterns, our addictions. We can be hit hard in the solar plexus/the place we feel the most vulnerable or ashamed. Capricorn takes things seriously and is willing to work, and Pluto transforms whatever it touches. The Moon speaks of sensitivity and fluctuations in mood and energy. Throw Venus energy into this mix and some heavy-duty sexual healing can magically take place today, as Beauty softens the heart of the Beast and helps release buried hurts and anger.

The minor aspects for the rest of the day find us processing and absorbing whatever we’ve unearthed earlier today. It may bring forth feelings of confusion, like little gremlins are skating around on our windshield obscuring the view. If you need help, remember to reach out to someone. Don’t lash out at people because your own trip wires have been set off. Work off the energy through exercise or by grounding yourself through direct connection with nature.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A forest fire quenched.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ Setting sun shining on a waterfall, giving it the appearance of golden water.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “CONCERN”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “PROCLAIMING.”

Our Sabian Symbol today features themes of rising to the occasion, taking bold action when it’s necessary in an emergency situation, and working with others to resolve a crisis. A forest fire is a large-scale occurrence that’s very hard to quell once it’s started. Great effort must be made in order to stop a fire of this magnitude, and it requires teamwork, coordination and an ability to function well under pressure. Symbolically, of course, it can indicate anger or temper raging out of control or other extreme expressions that must be dealt with immediately. We’re being put on alert that a situation has reached critical mass and needs to be handled. We learn skills in crisis management.

Astrologically today’s Moon/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn can show an explosive situation that may “crack the barriers”. Obsessive-compulsive behavior, “acting out” and an out-of-control desire to tear things down tests our management abilities and points out areas where change is long overdue.  It’s like controlled burning, where people set small, isolated fires in cooler months to avoid larger, uncontrollable fires later on. This also allows beneficial trees to germinate, which helps with overall forest renewal.

The Sabian Symbol’s keyword, “concern,” applies here. Being concerned about ecology, forest renewal, and the general health of the planet by behaving in a responsible fashion is accented. With Pluto in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, we’re in a period of major change anyway.  Structures or patterns that do not benefit the earth or the whole will be torn down or transformed. Capricorn is an earth sign, Pluto transforms–we’re being put on notice that earth changes are “the new normal” unless we clean up our act!

The Kozminsky Symbol is quite poetic, giving us a glimpse of the setting sun reflected in a waterfall, glowing with a golden hue. The fact that the sun is setting tells us it relates to accumulated wisdom, later years, reincarnation, being renewed, and an awareness of natural cycles. The waterfall dappled with light relates to constant illumination and emotional “flow” and agility. This scene is calm and peaceful, a highlight of the day as it moves toward the evening hours. It inspires reflection (as the sun reflects off the water).

The constant movement reminds me of Gemini (Jupiter is now in Gemini, the “can’t-sit-still” sign) and the serene beauty of the scene is very Venusian in nature (Venus is in Aquarius right now). The keyword, “proclaiming” is quite appropriate. If you’ve ever heard an Aquarius operating at warp speed expressing their opinions about the ideal world, you know what I mean.


Page of Pentacles / 4 of Pentacles

Two Pentacle cards tell us that we’re dealing with earth energy that can manifest in connection with money, resources, foundations and bringing things to life. Since the Moon’s in Capricorn today, these two cards accent the theme nicely. As the Moon’s void most of the day, they also tell us that we need to take a good hard look at the flaw/s in our current situation or plans. It’s not a day for quick or rash action. There may be something we’re not seeing. This combination can also mean we can’t seem to get started because we’re gripping something a little too intensely.

The Moon in Capricorn can be very self-protective, guarding against emotional hurts by creating a wall or barrier around itself and blocking  emotions through fear or over-awareness of limitations or lack. This combo is asking us to take a look at where we are miserly or hold back, where we don’t feel worthy or just feel “less than”. Self-worth is an issue here–who are you comparing yourself to? And why do you think they’re better? Where are you afraid to give, to open the door? If we don’t let the seed (Page of Pentacles) germinate, if we don’t provide proper conditions for growth, it will wither and die.
–February 7, 2013



















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