Leo Full Moon: January 26/27, 2013

I’ve been undercover/MIA this week. At the beginning of the week, I had some “variant” of that pesky flu virus that’s hitting everyone in the known (and probably unknown) universe, and for the rest of the week other health problems have been plaguing me, so I’ve been moving in slo-mo.  It turned out well, more […] Continue reading

The Daily Astro for December 6, 2012

The Daily Astro for December 6, 2012 by Valerie Sylvester Virgo Moon today. It’s also  the Last-Quarter Sun/Moon phase, at 15 degrees Sagittarius and Virgo, so the Moon squares the Sun. The Moon also squares Jupiter (in Gemini), the ruler of Sagittarius. Today’s one of those “mountains and molehills” days. The sheer amount of information […] Continue reading

The Daily Astro for July 30, 2012

The Daily Astro for July 30, 2012 The Moon enters Capricorn at 3:29 AM EDT. Early this AM (3:09 AM EDT), the Sun and Pluto connect in an “adjustment” aspect, so we may have had some intense and possibly disturbing dreams featuring things blowing up, being transformed, or full of scary monsters & creatures from […] Continue reading

The Daily Astro for April 12, 2012

The Daily Astro for April 12, 2012 The Moon remains in Capricorn today, and it’s a placement which can tend towards serious and even ‘dark’ thinking and feelings being gnawed at by worries. It joins Pluto (A/K/A Ruler of the Underworld) in Capricorn, and as Mercury (the mind/communication) is aspecting Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, so […] Continue reading