The Daily Astro for October 11, 2012


The Daily Astro for October 11, 2012

The Moon starts the day in Leo, but moves into Virgo at 3:23 PM EDT, so use the earlier part of the day for creative tasks, promoting yourself, socializing, or anything that requires a little extra “oomph” and needs a touch of the extrovert. When the Moon enters Virgo, normally it’d be time to get back to work and focus on health, nutrition, daily routine, and any details we might have forgotten about earlier. However, since this particular Virgo Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces at 4:29 PM EDT, all our practical plans may be derailed as we feel like a huge fog has descended upon us. We’re easily distracted or find ourselves drifting off while performing mundane tasks. Fortunately, taskmaster Saturn rides to the rescue ten minutes later (4:39 PM EDT) to help us corral our self-discipline and get back in the saddle. The Moon squares Mars in Sagittarius at 9:36 PM, tempting us to ride off into the sunset in a fit of wanderlust, so call it a day and take a break! And try not to snap at people you feel are squelching your freedom or restricting your actions.


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A gang of robbers in hiding.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A lion rising from the blood of a wounded soldier.”

Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Divergence.”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is:  “ Mastery.”

The Sabian Symbol continues the theme from yesterday’s symbol, “ Two men placed under arrest”. This time, the robbers haven’t done anything yet (so there’s still a chance for them to do the right thing), but they are in hiding, waiting for a chance to strike.

This Symbol is about hiding our baser instincts, hoping others won’t find out, or seeking the easy way out. It’s also about hidden agendas and manipulation, thinking we can get something for nothing or without putting in the proper effort. There’s also a whiff of devious behavior, underhandedness and concealing important details. There may be something we aren’t seeing or don’t know about that can harm us. The warning here is to act with integrity and avoid deception and illegal activities of any kind. The antidote for this is Saturn in Scorpio–remember that all actions have consequences. Sometimes, with Neptune aspects (like today’s Moon opposite Neptune), we may think we can rationalize our negative actions because we desire something so badly (or we are just deceiving ourselves by taking up residence in Fantasyland), but it eventually catches up with us. With the Moon moving to Virgo, hidden health problems may come to light–there may be something you’re not seeing or the diagnosis you’ve received isn’t correct, so you may need a second opinion.

The Kozminsky Symbol works well for the Moon in Leo early in the day. The image of a lion emerging from the blood of a wounded soldier unites ideas of strength and nobility (Leo, the Lion, is the king of beasts). This is a magical transformation, alchemical, arising from consciousness and suffering to give birth to something powerful. It relates to self-mastery, concentration, using your force for a good purpose, and finding your own strength and authority (the image of the Strength tarot card, associated with Leo, comes to mind here). This Symbol reminds us that we all can become the best version of ourselves, but it requires a brave heart, with a willingness to sacrifice for others. This is quite a contrast with the Sabian Symbol of robbers wanting to take from others, rather than seeking to grow the wealth found within.

Born on October 11:

Tajeo of Joseun (ruler of Korea), Frederik IV (King of Denmark and Norway), Aleksander I Karadjorjevic (Monarch of Serbia), Prince Constantijn (Netherlands), Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein (Jordan), Lucas Papadermos (Prime Minister, Greece), Eleanor Roosevelt (Wife of US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, philanthropist/activist), Nicanor Duarte Frutos (President of Paraguay, 2003-08), Luke Perry (actor, “Beverly Hills 90210″), Joan Cusack (actor, sister of John Cusack), Henry John Heinz (founded Heinz Company, the ketchup people), Dawn French (created “Absolutely Fabulous” with Jennifer Saunders), Elmore Leonard (novelist), Michelle Wie (pro golfer), George Williams (founder of WMCA), Artie Lange (comedian), Art Blakey (drummer), Jerome Robbins (dancer/choreographer), Ron Leibman (actor), Orson Squire Fowler (phrenologist), Joseph Alsop (newspaper columnist), Fred Trump (real estate developer, father of The Donald), Lester Bowie (jazz trumpeter), Daryl Hall (musician, Hall & Oates), Jon Moss (drummer, Culture Club), Jane Krakowski (actor), Ty Murray (world champion rodeo cowboy), Petra Haden (musician, The Rentals), Mike Smith (musician, Limp Bizkit), Andrew Woolfolk (musician, Earth, Wind & Fire), Sawao Kato (Olympic gymnast), Gene Watson (country singer), Georgi Machinski (cosmonaut), Francois Mauiac (novelist/poet/playwright, won Nobel Prize, 1952), Elena Berezhnaya (ice skater), Stephen Moyer (actor, “True Blood”), Harlan Fiske Stone (US Supreme Court Judge), MC Lyte (rapper), Michelle Trachtenberg (actor), James Oliver Huberty (mass murdered, McDonald’s massacre, 1984), Karl Hofer (German Expressionist painter), Carol Costello (CNN correspondent), Patrick Flanagan (inventor), Liselotte Pulver (German cinema star), Jaya Prakash Narayan (Indian freedom fighter), Christopher Lebreton (Trappist priest, died in Algeria when monastery was attacked), Bobby Charlton (British soccer champ), Anne Enright (Irish author), Amos Gital (film director), Yves Lanvin (fashion designer/founded of Lanvin house), Danny Sugerman (manager of the Doors/writer), Alexander Hacke (musician, Einsturzende Neubauten), Jean-Baptiste Lamy (1st Archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Willa Cather based her book “Death Comes to the Archbishop” on his life), Nhat Hanh (monk/peace activist), Tom Ze (songwriter/composer), Rusian Ponomariuv (chess champion), Jay-Jay Johanson (musician), Gabe Saporta (musician, Cobra Starship), Maria Bueno (pro tennis player).

Today’s Card Draw:

Today’s Oracle Deck is “The Mythic Oracle” by Carisa Mellado and Michele-Lee Phelan.
You can see some of the cards, including today’s card draw, at Aeclectic Tarot’s site:
The official website for the cards is:

Today’s Card is PROMETHEUS

Keyword for this card is: SACRIFICE

Prometheus, in the myth, is a hero. When the king of the gods, Zeus, overthrew Cronus, human beings were regarded as slaves. Prometheus saw more. He stole fire from the gods, knowing the angry response it would engender, and gave it to humanity. According to the Mythic Oracle book, fire means “power, freedom and independence for humans–the gift of fire brought light, warmth, and food”. Zeus, predictably, wasn’t too happy about Prometheus’ actions and punished him by hanging him upside down. Every day an eagle flew in and ate Prometheus’ liver; every night it grew back again, and the cycle repeated endlessly.

The theme of this card is sacrifice. Something must be given up for a higher purpose, whether it’s ego attachment, comfort, habit, pride, or anything else we are too attached to. Prometheus does what he does not for gain or reward; he does it because it’s the right thing to do. He believes in what he did and is willing to suffer for it.

Things to ponder when this card shows up revolve around issues of safety, security, your belief system, your willingness to go out on a limb to help others, and maintaining your own integrity. As the book says, “If you’re feeling bored, stuck, too comfortable, or have lost a sense of greater meaning in your life, it may be time to make some firm decisions.” It also says that “the right path is usually the most uncomfortable yet fulfilling direction to go in”.

This card to me resonates with the Hierophant card in the Mythic Tarot, which is related to Chiron, the healer. Chiron had a wound that would not heal (much like Prometheus’ liver, which is almost surgically removed each day!). Where are we wounded, and what will enable us to heal? What are we willing to suffer and sacrifice for?

The Kozminsky Symbol relates to this card as it’s also about the hero’s journey and the need to re-invent yourself through suffering, pain, or loss in order to access your strongest qualities. The combo of the Kozminsky Symbol and today’s oracle card incorporates the structure and stability of Saturn, the consciousness of Neptune (being willing to sacrifice, feeling the pain of others, putting yourself in a state of suspended animation like Prometheus in order to achieve a higher goal). And don’t forget the Moon in Leo (bravery, having a “lion heart”), the energy and passion of a fire sign, then the dedication to service of Virgo, symbolized by the Moon moving through those two signs in the course of the day. The question is: How can I use my skills to help others? By combining the fire and passion of Libra with the common-sense wisdom and gentle service orientation of Virgo, great progress can be made. The Sabian Oracle warns us of the pitfalls along the way–thinking only of our own gain, not acting with integrity, wanting to take from others rather than give to them, or shortchanging or underestimating ourselves by feeling that we need to hide due to ancient, guilty fears of being caught or compromised.

—Valerie Sylvester, October 11, 2012–

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