The Daily Astro for October 12, 2012


The Daily Astro for October 12, 2012

The Moon remains in Virgo today. If you remember your dreams, they probably were pretty funky today, a strange combination of shocking and healing vibes, with a hidden depth charge. All this happened from around 1 AM EDT through 4:00 AM, so you might have gotten up feeling like you’ve already lived an entire day and it’s time to go back to sleep. The morning brings the Moon in convivial aspect to both Mercury and Venus, and since the Moon’s in Virgo, the emphasis is on doing little things that show you care for those you love. There’s an emphasis on usefulness, service, and remaining a little detached in order to stay focused. Later in the day (7:48 PM EDT), we get a little more boisterous, as the Moon squares Jupiter in Gemini; an hour later Mars challenges Jupiter as well, so the cacophony level definitely increases. We might go overboard and take things a little too far due to our over-enthusiasm. We’re definitely in more of a ME ME ME mood at the end of the day–just don’t go off the deep end or say something critical or harsh that you might regret later when the balloon bursts and you crash back to earth.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A Jewish rabbi.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A young girl amidst the flowers in the sunlight wearing a garland of roses and weaving others.”

Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Heritage. ”
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Gentleness.”

Both Symbols play off today’s energies. The Kozminsky Symbol reflects the Moon in Virgo in aspect to Mercury and Venus. She’s bringing beauty into life (weaving rose garlands), is situated in a simple, natural environment (Virgo), and is using her hands (Mercury rules the hands and with the Virgo/Mercury influence, crafts using natural materials is a perfect fit!) There’s a modesty and gentleness here, a love for balance and beauty, that correlates to today’s aspects. It’s also a hint to appreciate the beauty in “little” things, in the environment and in daily life.
The Kozminsky Symbol’s main meaning relates to being of service to a community. One of the key words for Virgo is service, and with the Moon there “talking to” Mercury and Venus, this can relate to the ability to connect or communicate (Mercury) on deep level with groups (The Moon), in order to express the beauty of your chosen system (Venus in Virgo). It’s also about making complicated ideas easy to understand, transmitting your belief system clearly so that people understand the meaning behind it. The warning here is to be a teacher who also learns, not to think that your knowledge gives you the right to criticize (all that Virgo!) others or feel that you are superior because of your knowledge. Today’s Jupiter aspects will challenge us to examine our philosophies while retaining balance – zealotry is a big no-no today, about anything. Even if you feel strongly about things, browbeating others isn’t the way to convince them, which is something to remember in this election season here in the U.S., when emotions run high!

Born on October 12:

Pedro I (King of Portugal/Kaiser of Brazil), Emperor Go-Ichijo (Japan), Archduke Maximilian III of Austria, Branko Crvenkovski (former President, Republic of Macedonia), Fumimmaro Konoe (34th and 39th Prime Minister of Japan), Thomas Dudley (Colonial American magistrate), William Chillingworth (English religious leader), Jonathan Trumbull (Colonial American politician), James Ramsay Mac Donald (former British Prime Minister), Hugh Jackman (actor, X-Man), Aleister Crowley (occultist/man of many talents), Marion Jones (track star involved in steroid scandal), Luciano Pavarotti (operatic tenor), Kirk Cameron (actor), Susan Anton (singer/actor), Dick Gregory (comedian/activist/nutritional guru), Chirs Wallace (TV correspondent, son of Mike Wallace), Martie Seidel (Dixie Chicks), Hiroyuki Sanada (actor/plays samurai), August Horch (auto pioneer/created Audi), Bode Miller (Olympic skiier),Nancy Kerrigan (Olympic figure skater attacked by skater Tonya Harding’s ex-husband), Jeff Keith (vocalist, Tesla), Pat DiNizio (musician, Smithereens), Jane Siberry (singer/songwriter), Rich Parfitt (guitarist/singer, Status Quo), Tony Kubek (NY Yankee/sportscaster), Sam Moore (musician, of Sam & Dave fame), Jean Nidetch (founded Weight Watchers), Elmer A. Sperry (inventor, gyrocompass), Helena Madjeska (actor), Paul Engle (writer), Alice Childress (actor/playwright), Ned Jarrett (race car driver), Melvin Franklin (musician, Temptations), Carlos Bernard (actor, “24″ TV program), Carlos “the Jackal” (leftist revolutionary), K.N. Rao (Vedic astrologer), Mohan Koparkar (astrologer), Jeffrey MacDonald (killed wife and his 2 daughters), Young Jeezy (rapper), Art Clokey (pioneer in stop- motion clay animation), Satoshi Kan (anime director), Edith Stein (nun/martyr/saint, died at Auschwitz), Cristie Kerr (pro golfer), Cesar Pelli (architect), Richard Meier (architect), Ante Gotovina (former Lt. General, indicted 2001 International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia), Tonton David (reggae singer), Boris Sidis (psychiatrist, founded New York State Psychopathic Institute).

Today’s Card Draw:
Today’s Oracle Deck is “The Mythic Oracle” by Carisa Mellado and Michele-Lee Phelan.
You can see some of the cards at Aeclectic Tarot’s site:
The official website for the cards is:

Today’s Card is: GAIA

Keyword for this card is: THE MOTHER
Gaia is definitely the Big Mama of mythology. She’s the mother of the Titans and the consort of Uranus, the father god. When Uranus decided to destroy his own children, Gaia talked to her son Cronus (Saturn) to convince him that overthrowing Uranus just might be a good idea.

Gaia is a manifestation of the earth and what supports us. She represents fertility, growth, and the elements that we need in order to survive and flourish. She’s the mother of us all, giving us the basics and watching over us. The guidebook to the Mythic Oracle points out that “The garden of our lives must be weeded from time to time. Some plants don’t live well next to each other, and when we fail to cut off the parts of a plant that are dead, they rob energy and health from the entire plant.” This emphasizes the importance of discrimination and cultivation for the future.

The Mythic Oracle guidebook also points out that the Gaia card shows that this is a period of creativity, and that it’s a time for “taking care of school, family, your health and your personal space. This is a period of nurturing the ground for future growth.” Establishing a foundation as a “take off” point will make it easier for you to manifest.

Gaia as earth or mother goddess ties in with the Virgo archetype and Venus in Virgo; understanding that we must cultivate our resources and take care of the planet in order to reap the benefits. Virgo as a symbol of winnowing and harvesting also points to the necessity of “separating the wheat from the chaff” intelligently, to benefit future harvests. These skills are very important in order to assure continuity and future survival of ourselves and our descendants.
—Valerie Sylvester, October 12, 2012–


















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