The Daily Astro for August 14, 2012

The Daily Astro for August 14, 2012

The Moon is in Cancer today, as is Venus. And the Moon, the ruler of Cancer, is not making major aspects today. So far, so good. Moon/Venus in Cancer oozes a nice,  nurturing feeling. Taking care of things on the home front, babying yourself a little, letting those creative energies flow–all these are highlighted. Get cozy and enjoy–bask in that feeling–and try to hold it with you throughout the day. One stress pattern involving Pluto, Uranus and Venus and another involving the Sun and Pluto can mean dealing with an unexpected eruption of “the shadow” on both the internal and external levels. People tend to act out in uncomfortable or explosive ways (see yesterday’s Daily Astro). We’re also gearing up to a pressure-cooker Mars/Saturn connection, so the hammer is coming down and we’re going to start seeing some stress fractures as people try to cope with these intense energies. Freaking out is one way to respond; realizing that this is a portal to significant change is another. This is a good time to confront any and all demons and eliminate whatever is not working (if you don’t, it’ll probably be taken away from you anyway– you might as well be proactive!). It can be a time when others project their demons on us; notice what themes come up repeatedly in your relationships with others over the next few days. These energies may also be mirrored in the news at this time–we may see “us and them” ideology, polarization of ideas, and violence as people react to pressure and changing world conditions (including extreme weather).

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A bareback rider ”.
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “ A trumpet made from a ram’s horn bathed in the sun’s rays.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “ Audacity”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Incitement ”.

Both of our Symbols today emphasize doing something new or taking a risk. There’s an element of danger, of the unexpected, in both that echoes the astrological aspects in effect today and over the next few days. It’s a time to get moving, put plans in action, and to see what we can do. We’ve heard that trumpet blaring, our wake-up call,  now what do we do about it? How can we use our own particular talents and skills?  Both of these Symbols emphasize activity and action–there’s no benefit in stagnation or standing still. There’s also an element of fearlessness and bravery here, of rousing others to join us (especially in the Kozminsky Symbol). Being bold liberates us, sets us free, leads us into new territories. The danger is in being overconfident or foolhardy–skill is required, and self-mastery.  Note the Sabian Symbol involves guidance of an animal, which translates to taming the murkier aspects of our nature.

Born on August 14:

Walter Scott (novelist), Emperor Hanazono of Japan, Frederik Willem I (King of Prussia), Cosimo III de’ Medici (Monarch of Florence), John Galsworthy (author), Princess Catherine of York, Pope Pius VIII, Doc Holliday (dentist/gunfighter), Steve Martin (comedian/actor), Mila Kunis (actor), Halle Berry (actor), Earvin “Magic” Johnson (Hall of Fame, NBA), David Crosby (musician) Tim Tebow (NFL star), Gary Larson (cartoonist, “The Far Side”), Susan Saint James (actress), Kevin Cadogan (Third Eye Blind), Danielle Steel (author), Lynne Cheney (wife of US Vice President Dick Cheney), Russell Baker (columnist/author), Ernest Thayer (wrote “Casey at Bat”), Marcia Gay Harden (actor), Emmanuelle Beart (actor), Sharon Bryant (vocalist, Atlantic Star), Antonio Fargas (actor), Wim Wenders (director), Robyn Smith Astaire (wife of Fred Astaire), Sarah Brightman (actor/singer, “Phantom of the Opera”), Dash Crofts (Seals & Crofts), Lina Wertmueller (director), Alice Adams (author), Alice Ghostley (actress), Buddy Greco (jazz singer), John Ringling North (circus director), Sibilla Alermo (feminist/poet), Marie Allard (ballerina), William Hutchinson (Rhode Island Colony settler), Wellington Mara (co-owner of NY Giants football time), Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge), Larry Graham Jr. (Graham Central Station), Maddy Prior (early folk singer), Jackee (actor/comedian), Susan Olson (actor, Cindy in “The Brady Bunch” TV show), Willy Ronis (photographer), Tom Eyen (playwright/lyricist), Ana Matroni (Scissor Sisters), Jean-Paul Roy (Noir Desire), Jiro Taniguchi (manga artist), Tom DiCillo (director/cinematographer), Bob Backlund (professional wrestling), Ben Sidran (Steve Miller Band), “Son” Seals (guitarist/singer).

Today’s 2-Card Tarot Draw: Justice/Ace of Swords
“The Balanced Mind”.   Two Air cards emphasize that in the midst of chaos, we need to approach things boldly but rationally. This combo is the essence of the power of judgment, of taking a stand. We’re purifying our processes here, cutting to the essence. We’re seeing clearly, banishing illusions, and seeking the ultimate truth. No matter how messy it gets, at our core we know the right course of action, what must be done, for the highest good.

–Valerie Sylvester, August 14, 2012 –

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