The Daily Astro for August 13, 2012

The Daily Astro for August 13, 2012

The Moon enters Cancer at 4:27 AM EDT today, increasing our receptivity (and susceptivity) undercurrents and moods and a heightened awareness of tone and nuance. Its union at 8:29 AM EDT with mystically-inclined Neptune adds to this influence, so we may find it difficult to leave dreamland this morning (our dreams may have been particularly vivid or colorful this AM). The Moon connects with Venus at 3:45 PM, emphasizing all things artistic, beautiful and elegant, and dealings with women may prove emotionally satisfying. By 6:41 PM the Moon opposes Pluto and later, at 8:26 PM, it squares Uranus, setting off the Uranus/Pluto square, so if you’re experiencing feelings of foreboding, like something’s going to happen, there’s good reason. These aspects can rattle anyone’s cage, especially those who are under pressure or who feel trapped or restricted. The next few days may only intensify these feelings, so don’t be surprised if people act up/act out. Just get out of their way. We may hear of or read about violent incidents or calamities in the news. Make sure you get enough sleep so your head is clear and you aren’t too tired to deal with the rapid changes that may occur.

Note:  As I was getting ready to upload this post to my blog, I heard news of a “shooter apprehended” at Texas A&M.  Apparently multiple people have been shot, according to the news available to me at present.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A carrier pigeon”.
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A man carrying a bird in a golden cage.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is “Enlighenment”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “ Restriction”.

Looks like it’s “for the boids” today, as both symbols feature our avian friends. The Kozminsky Symbol shows a man with a bird in a gilded cage, always a symbol of Nature domesticated and tamed. Instead of flying on its own, the bird is being transported by its owner. This Symbol points out a challenge to our autonomy and free will, to our ability to move around freely on our own power. It warns to be careful not to fall into a cushy trap, where we have comfort but no freedom. The Sabian Symbol features a carrier pigeon; these pigeons were trained to transmit messages from place to place. They were couriers, used in wartime or to convey secret messages to others. This Symbol can relate to the flow of information, telepathic exchanges, our using our intuition to “send” messages back and forth. It symbolizes news arriving suddenly or dramatically (see the astrological aspects for today, above). We need to pay attention to what’s going on, to be on the alert. On the down side, it can relate to idle chatter or gossip.

Born on August 13:

Alfred Hitchcock, Bert Lahr (actor, “The Cowardly Lion” from “The Wizard of Oz”), Fidel Castro, Debi Mazar (actor), Annie Oakley (sharpshooter), Danny Bonaduce (actor, problem child from “The Partridge Family”), Don Ho (singer), Dan Fogelberg (singer/songwriter), Philippe Petiti (tightrope artist, walked between the World Trade towers), George Shearing (jazz pianist), Ben Hogan (champion golfer), John Slattery (actor, “Mad Men”), Pat Harrington Jr. (actor, “One Day At A Time”), Samuel De Champlain (explorer), Arnulf of Metz (bishop/saint), King Alfonso XI of Castile & Leon, William Caxton (1st English printer), Marie Caroline of Austria (Queen of the Two Sicilies), William Wentworth (Australian explorer and politician), Lucy Blackwell Stone (abolitionist), Giovanni Agnelli (Italian industrialist), Karl Liebknecht (German revolutionary/Marxist), Charles “Buddy” Rogers (actor), Felix Wankel (inventor, rotary piston engine), Salomon de Wolff (Dutch Zionist/Socialist), Gene Raymond (actor), Alfred Krupp (arms manufacturer), Makaros II (archbishop/president of Cyprus), Rex Humbard (televangelist), Neville Brand (actor), Jocelyn Elders (US Surgeon General), Erin Fleming (actress), Saul Steinberg (artist), Kathleen Battle (soprano), Sheralee (vocalist, Your Hit Parade), Jeff Altman (comedian), Herb Ritts (photographer), Feargal Sharkey (Undertones singer), Scott Hamilton (figure skater), Paul Greengrass (film director), Tom Perotta (novelist), Tigg Ketler (Bang Tango), Ian Haughland (Europe), Baby Blue (rapper), Tony Santini (Sha Na Na), Rod Hull (comedian), Madhur Jaffrey (actress), Richard Basehart (acotr), Sridevi (actress), Wendy Whoppers (dancer/porno actress), Brittany Andrews (exotic dancer/porno actress), Midori Ito (figure skater), Gil Ofarim (Zoo Army), Domenico Dolce (designer, Dolce & Gabbana), Shani Davis (speed skater), James Morrison (British singer), Robert Moore (Jungian psychotherapist), Phil Taylor (darts champ), Regis Toomey (actor), Philip Bourke Marston (poet), Camillo Olivetti (typewriter/computer company founder), Donald Duck (Anaheim, California, August 13, 1934), Howard Marks (author, drug smuggler), Koji Kondo (Nintendo video game composer/sound director), Salvador Luria (microbiologist).

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote:   9 of Pentacles/Queen of Swords

“Self-Sufficiency”. This combination of Earth and Air is somewhat self-contained. At its essence it shows the ability to be alone without being lonely, to be able to use time spent by yourself to direct your energies towards goals. We’re coming to terms with ourselves here, and learning to value our own counsel. We’re learning to look at things from a detached, impersonal viewpoint as we review past wounds or periods of grief or sadness. We’re learning to test, observe, and balance in order to provide ourselves with a foundation to build upon. Just be careful not to trap yourself (see the Kozminsky symbol, above); be sure to let your spirit fly free (most of the Rider-Waite images for the 9 of Pentacles show a woman with a hooded falcon, which seems similar in spirit to the Sabian Symbol’s carrier pigeon).

–Valerie Sylvester, August 13, 2012 —

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