The Daily Astro for August 15, 2012


The Daily Astro for August 15, 2012

We start the day with the Moon in home-loving Cancer. At 2:05 PM EDT, the Moon progresses into Leo. Here’s the deal: Most of the aspects today are stress or adjustment aspects and there’s a void of course period from around 4:21 AM EDT through 2:05 EDT. So we’re basically going to feel like we’re walking through a minefield blindfolded. The day starts off (4:15 & 4:21 AM EDT) with Moon square Mars and then Saturn at the tail end of Libra, so we may have been presented with thorny problems, anger eruptions and difficult situations that we’ve been working on even our sleep! Next, Venus opposes Pluto and Mars joins with Saturn. Neither of these are happy-happy-joy-joy aspects, so no doubt today will present us with some relationship wrangles. We may want to move ahead yet feel blocked, or else we get a nice visit from the shadow side and need to stop and figure out where our projections end and other people’s begin. It’s tricky. All the emotional “glop” that’s usually pushed w-a-y down deep is bubbling up to the surface today. When the Moon enters Leo we want to be more open about things, but may also have a tendency to do the “I’m the king” thing or wallow in drama overdrive, which just does NOT play well today. Everyone’s too busy with their own screenplays. Later, the Moon connects with Neptune, further clouding the issue. Venus also squares Uranus, so all bets are off. This is the kind of day where you find out something really startling and shocking about someone you thought you knew well. Relationships may need to change or end–people may decide they “just can’t take it any more” and vamoose! With major players Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto in the loop, we need to let go of trying to control situations. There may be a tendency to try and force things or manipulate people, which will backfire and lead to even more complications. The best way to deal with these energies is to expect delays or frustrations and keep working anyway. The Venus/Uranus/Pluto lineup, plus Sun square the asteroid Juno connection highlights explosive situations related to women’s rights and status in the world. Any movement by the powers-that-be to curtail or limit those rights can have long-lasting results and evoke a powerful response.
Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: See the August 14, 2012 post.
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “An old rusty sword, over which grass is growing, outside a rustic cottage.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: See the August 14, 2012 post.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is:  “Renunciation ”.
I follow the Sabian Assembly’s method of assigning the Symbols for each day, and today’s one of the days where the Symbol stays the same as the day before, so check yesterday’s Daily Astro for info on the Sabian Symbol in play today. The Kozminsky Symbol reflects the energies of this week’s planetary mash-ups, as described above. This Symbol creates a vivid picture of someone who was out in the world, active, a warrior, a“player”, who has chucked it all for a quiet and peaceful life. They’ve participated fully, fought and struggled –then decided the wiser course was to withdraw and to go within for guidance (the isolated cottage). This image reminds us to follow the dictates of our spirit or soul rather than get too caught up in the whirl of the outer life. The rusty sword is an illustration of the Mars/Saturn aspect at the final degrees of Libra, as the restlessness and urge to action of youth (Mars) comes into contact with the limits and wisdom of age (Saturn) and the need to abide by the rules of society (Libra) in order to achieve some kind of peace and harmony.
Born on August 15:

Frederich-William I (King of Prussia), St. Anthony of Padua, King Alfonso IX of Leon, Thomas DeQuincy (writer), Anne, Princess Royal (UK), Ethel Barrymore (actress), Napoleon Bonaparte, Sri Aurobindo (yoga master), Julia Child (chef), Joe Jonas (Jonas Brothers), Jennifer Lawrence (“Hunger Games” actress), Ben Affleck (actor), Rose Marie (“The Dick Van Dyke Show”), Carl Edwards (NASCAR driver), Melinda Gates (Bill Gates’wife/philanthropist), Huntz Hall (“The Bowery Boys”), Jimmy Webb (songwriter), Mike Connors (actor,“Mannix”), Linda Ellerbee (journalist), Gene Upshaw (Hall of Fame football player), Phyllis Schlafly (Eagle Forum, anti-women’s liberation), Natasha Henstridge (actress), Debra Messing (“Will and Grace”), Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys), Matt Johnson (The The), Zeljko Ivanek (actor), Larry Mathews (“The Dick Van Dyke Show”), Tess Harper (actor), Kate Taylor (singer/songwriter from musical family), Geraldo Velez (Spyro Gyra), Kathryn Whitmire (4-time mayor of Houston, Texas), Thomas Aldrich (Black Oak Arkansas), Khaleda Zia (1st female Prime Minister, Bangladesh), Peter York (Spencer Davis Group), Jim Dale (Broadway actor), Vernon Jordan (National Urban League), Bobby Helms (“Jingle Bell Rock”), Stanley Milgram (psychologist), Nicolas Roeg (filmmaker), Oscar Peterson (jazz pianist), Robert Bolt (playwright), Bill Baird (puppeteer–Kukla Fran & Ollie /Muppets), Lillian Carter (mother of US President Jimmy Carter), Arias Arnulfo (3-time President, Panama), Leon Theremin (inventor of the theremin, electronic instrument), Edna Ferber (author), Samuel Coleridge Taylor (composer), Florence Kling De Wolfe Harding (US First Lady), Sylvia Vartan (singer), Marie Besnard (serial poisoner), Oscar Romero (Archbishop of El Salvador–assassinated), Steig Larsson (writer), “Bambi” Bembenek (murdered her husband’s ex-wife), Gianfranco Ferre (fashion designer), Pierre Dac (French humorist/Resistance leader), Cris Judd (choreographer/Jennifer Lopez’ ex), Gudrun Ensslin (founder of RAF/Baader Meinhof Gang), Maria de Naglowska (Russian occultist/author), Mark Thatcher & Carol Thatcher (twins–children of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Denis Thatcher), Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu (film director), Charlotte Zwerin (documentary film director), Tim Foreman (Switchfoot), Lukas Foss (composer/conductor/pianist), Yoweri Museveni (President of Uganda), Stix Hooper (jazz drummer), Lady Miss Kier (singer/DJ), E. Nesbit (children’s book writer), Andres Serrano (artist/photographer).

Today’s 2-Card Tarot Draw: Judgment/King of Swords
“The King is Dead/Long Live the King”. I wonder if we’ll hear about the demise or retirement of an Air sign male (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) today? This combo shows the powerful forces at play in the world right now. The Judgment card brings in the Plutonian energy of change, “re-animation”, karma, deep growth and transformation as it connects with the electrically charged energy of Air (King of Swords), which pulls in the idea of Uranus in Aries as the pioneering/future-oriented reformer principle and sets things into motion with boldness and surgical precision. Whatever is eliminated needs to go–it’s like pruning a tree, where you remove the dead branches to assure that the rest of the tree will continue to grow and flourish.

 –Valerie Sylvester, August 15, 2012 —

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