Hang On Sloopy

Isis Card 18 (Moon) “Sloop”


Today seemed to call for an Isis card.  These cards were produced by Amber Studio in Antwerp, Belgium in 1985.  They’re called “The Isis Tarot” and “Psychecards”; there are 36 cards, so they’re really more of an oracle deck, but no matter.  The card I drew today is #18, “Sloop”, which corresponds to the Moon card in the traditional tarot.  If you read my earlier post, the Daily Astro for February 22, 2012, you will notice an abundance of maritime imagery (appropriate for this just-after-Pisces-New-Moon period).

The booklet that comes with the cards lists one of the meanings as being “a journey over water” and most of the meanings relate to intuition, dreams,illusions and clairvoyance: all the “usual suspects” for the Moon card.  It also has a Six of Swords feel to it, of a journey begun under stress but eventually leading to inner peace.  Reversed, the card echoes some aspects of the 7 of Wands/7 of Swords cards that I drew for the day in my last post.  One meaning given in the booklet for the (reversed) Sloop card that  I particularly like  is “somebody you love has to accept a disappointment.”The others are equally semi-dire, involving permutations on the theme of sadness, being let down or deceived by flattery or other dastardly doings.As I end my ruminations on this card, the song “Don’t Worry, Baby” by the Beach Boys  is running through my head.

My conclusion?  Not exactly conclusive, and things may seem a little murky now, but “Hang on Sloopy”, you’ll reach the far shore with proper navigation ,an eye on the future and maybe just a dollop of faith.

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