The Daily Astro for February 19, 2012

The Moon enters Aquarius at 5:28 AM today.

The Daily Astro for February 19, 2012

The Sun enters Pisces today at 1:18 AM EST and joins with Neptune in Pisces at 3:41 PM. As Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, this could be a dreamy day where we’re tempted to oversleep and loll about n a misty haze, but the best use of the energy is to let it open your spiritual and mystical side.  Creativity may be heightened, especially for you musical or theatrical types. Pay attention to your intuition. The Moon enters Aquarius at 5:28 AM EST and sextiles Uranus in Aries, so our daydreams may turn to brainstorms, showing us the path to the future. Be aware of larger trends and ways you can contribute to society or help the less fortunate. Today is also a good day to put the finishing touches on things, or to clean up/clean out to get ready for the upcoming New Moon February 21) period.

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun:  “A public market.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:   “A satyr sitting on a rock by a river which is running into the sea, holding a fish.”

What an interesting confluence of symbols! The mystic meets the mundane, the public meets the private.  Satyrs are of course noted for their randiness, but this one seems a bit more contemplative (sea and river imagery for Pisces meets Saturn/satyr).  Perhaps he’s ruminating over past actions?  Maybe feeling he sold himself too cheaply (or regrets treating others like merchandise?) The market image suggests groups of people coming together to exchange items of value at a mutually agreed-upon rate.  Today’s symbols ask us to think about our values and how they shape our lives and actions. Focus upon your relationships with others and your relationship with the spiritual side of life.

“The Sabian Symbol keyword is “Commerce” and the Kozminsky Symbol keyword is “Misgiving”.

Born on February 19:
Carson McCullers, Merle Oberon, Kay Boyle, Andre Breton, Aurora Quezon (Philippines), Leslie David Baker, Norman O’ Neill, “Mama” Cass Elliott, Prince Andrew, Helen Fielding, Falco (was rocked by Amadeus), Peter Holsapple (used to stand for decibels), Edward Hardin (Spencer Davis Group), Dave Wakeling, Amy Tan, Mark Andes (astronaut), Lou Christie, Seal, Justine Bateman, Jeff Daniels, Tony Iommi , Lee Marvin, Nicolas Copernicus, Philip V (Spain), Willem II (Netherlands), Benicio del Toro, Frank Tashlin, Ray Winstone, Victoria Justice, Haylie Duff, Stan Kenton, Susan Fleming.

Enhancer/Antidote: 8 of Pentacles/Page of Pentacles
Take the first steps towards realizing a goal, perhaps something you’ve had in the back of your mind for some time, or something you currently do part-time or as a hobby. Take it slow and steady, learn as you go, keep the “apprentice mind” and remember to ground yourself in order to nurture your talents. There’s power in new beginnings now.

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