The Daily Astro for February 24, 2012

The Sun is in Aries today.

The Daily Astro for February 24, 2012    

The Moon’s in Aries today joining Uranus in Aries early this morning, so we may want to do our own thing our own way and won’t be particularly happy if others try to rein us in or (as we see it), hold us back.  Use the energy to move forward and find unique solutions.  With a fiery Moon and Sun and Chiron joined, a huge blast of healing shines through us to our core (if we let it and if we don’t get tripped and triggered by the Moon/Pluto square). We may be overly invested in being right and having our own way today, leading to the inevitable power struggles with others who know THEY are right, but Venus aspects gently tell us we need to consider our relationships with others. Turn down the volume and be ready to negotiate–you’ll still accomplish a great deal!

Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “Officers on dress parade.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun:  “ Pirates tying a captive to a tree by the seashore. An old sailor hidden behind the rocks and foliage watching and waiting, knife in hand, to set him free.”
The Keyword for today’s Sabian Symbol is “Discipline ” and for the Kozminsky Symbol the Keyword is “Attempting”.

The common thread for these two Symbols is that they both feature people who are courageous and aren’t afraid to make bold moves in order to help others or assist with keeping the peace. Discipline and timing are issues here–knowing when to act and when to wait for the best opportunity requires self-restraint and control in order to “make your move” and be successful in your mission.

Born on February 24:
Winslow Homer, Renata Scott, Michel Legrand, Arrigo Boito, James Farentino, Lev Vorobyov (cosmonaut), Abe Vigoda, Richard Hamilton, Dominic Chianese (Uncle Junior), Zachary Scott, Marjorie Main, Chester Nimitz, Honus Wagner (baseball great), Nicky Hopkins, Billy Zane (Titanic meanie), Paul Jones (Manfred Mann), Sammy Kershaw, Paula Zahn, Steve Jobs, Helen Shaver, George Thorogood, Edward James Olmos, Barry Bostwick, Plastic Bertrand, the Kienast Quintuplets, Wilhelm Karl Grimm (scary fairy tales), Catherine I (Russia), Pope Clement VIII, Matthias (Holy Roman Emperor), Mitch Hedberg, Ruper Holmes, Emperor Toba (Japan), Carlos V (Spain), Pete Duel.

Tarot Enhancer/Antidote:  5 of Wands/3 of Pentacles  
Here’s a situation where we’re on the firing line, being asked to do something that may involve an internal struggle. Are we giving ourselves enough credit for being able to take on this quest? Our reputation may be on the line; others may be watching to see how well we can control our own inner fire in order to move to the next level of being responsible for others. Action may be required, but remember the keywords–we’re ready, but self-discipline and a willingness to first confront our own inner demons must come first.

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