The Daily Astro for August 8, 2013

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The Daily Astro for August  8, 2013

 by Valerie Sylvester








The Moon entered Virgo at 11:57 PM last night and remains there today.  Stopping by the Container Store to check out the latest thing in file boxes or closet organization kits may get us off more today than any of those flowery praises lobbed our way during yesterday’s Leo Moon.  The day begins at 7:13 AM EDT with Mercury strutting into Leo, so even though we’ve lost that Leo Moon energy, we may find that people still express themselves rather dramatically. Mercury’s all about communication and Leo provides the personal touch, so speaking from the heart is one of today’s themes.  The Moon opposes Neptune at 7:35 AM EDT so during the early part of the day you may feel like you’re trying to navigate through a fogbank. I noticed that people were very scattered and everything seemed disjointed early today.  There was a general lack of clarity; everything took twice as long because no one seemed to be clear about what they actually wanted. 

Fortunately, the Moon sextile Saturn at 9:48 AM EDT is a stabilizing influence that, combined with the Moon in Virgo, helps us get a few things accomplished today.  Mid-day brings on the Venus aspects, with the Moon parallel Venus at 12:39 PM EDT and Venus semi-square Saturn at 1:09 PM EDT. This can mean that we really want to express our feelings, but something blocks us or holds us back. Maybe we’re so busy at work trying to deal with all those confused people and we neglect our relationships. Or we feel others radiating disapproval in our general direction, which doesn’t incline us to open up and blab our feelings. It’s a frustrating combination, especially if we’re not allowed to express ourselves. A Moon/Uranus parallel at 3:33 PM EDT brings on the weird, and routines can be disrupted due to someone’s abrupt actions.  Maybe we enjoy the shenanigans, maybe we don’t. 

Next, the Moon trines Pluto at 5:07 PM EDT and sextiles Jupiter at 5:31 PM EDT.  As the workday ends, focus your attention on family or those close to you. It’s a time when we may really feel lucky to have such close and nurturing connections with others.  This is the time when we’ll feel the strength of those bonds and feel truly supported. It’s also a good time to sit down and make long-term plans for the future. We are able to focus both on the details and the bigger picture now, and work out our master plan. Tonight’s last aspect, Moon inconjuct Uranus at 10:41 PM EDT, may indicate a bout of insomnia –either we’re making lists in our head related to unfinished tasks, or we’re so focused on what we want to do tomorrow that we find it hard to settle down. We’re afraid we might miss something!  




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN:  “A nonvested church choir. ”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “ An architect standing by a desk with the plans of a building before him. ”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is:  “ COMMUNION.  ”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is:  KNOWLEDGE .”

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol is aligned with the planet Saturn and relates to planning and structural integrity allied with  the power of the imagination. It relates to the ability to visualize something that does not yet exist. It’s about taking a project from the planning stages to physical reality. Kozminsky says it relates to someone who can “quickly clothe his thoughts in material dress.” It also relates to collective knowledge passed down through generations. With the Moon in detail-oriented Virgo today, pay attention to even the smallest components of any project or plan, as the success of the whole may rely upon it.  It’s time to get serious. Powered by the energy of the Jupiter/Pluto opposition (see yesterday’s Daily Astro), we dynamically clear some space in our lives in order to propel our dreams to reality. We’re ready to do the work.  What project have you been putting off?  Have you jettisoned a dream for fear of failure or an inability to trust that you have what it takes to succeed?  Maybe it’s now time establish a framework to build on.

The Sabian Symbol focuses on togetherness and a group experience that is direct and requires no intermediary or “organizer”.  A “nonvested” choir is a group that comes together informally, like a group of volunteers. All members have similar interests and work together to create something beautiful.  It’s a joyful experience when kindred spirits align. All work together for a common purpose. This Symbol also relates to the ability to work in harmony with a variety of people. It’s about creating a community by choice rather than because of an obligation. This Symbol is about using our talents and enthusiasm to touch the divine, in whatever form we perceive it.  The down side of this Symbol is connected with being competitive, trying to outdo others in what should be a group experience, and trying to call attention to yourself by being too “showy”. The voices in a choir need to blend in order to achieve full effect. Too much attention placed on an individual voice is jarring.   What area of your life “sings” to you?  Do you know other people who share the same passions?  If you get together with those people, wonderful things can happen.



Page of Pentacles / 7 of Pentacles 



“The Entrepreneur”. Two Pentacles cards mean we’re dealing with the material realm. Pentacles also relate to time (this is also the dominion of the planet Saturn). This combination is about making the tough decisions and taking a risk or making an investment that leads to security in the future, even if it’s scary at first.  The Page of Pentacles tells us this is a “start up” situation that grows organically from its seed form. This combination tells us that there’s great opportunity to make a new start towards building wealth, security (financial and otherwise) , but we have to take a chance.  Pay attention to any unusual offers you may receive–this points to your new direction.  Success won’t happen overnight (Pentacles are slow-moving cards).  I regard Pentacles cards as being late fall and winter cards, so an offer presented in July (the 7th month), may lead to tangible results in the late fall or winter of that year.



–August 8, 2013

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