The Daily Astro for July 15, 2013




The Daily Astro for July 15, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




We’re in store for a very active week! The Moon’s in Libra today, and at 8:24 AM EDT it sextiles its ruling planet, Venus, in Leo.        A phrase for this combination?  “Passionately, creatively seeking a dynamic balance”.  The Moon waxes and wanes as it changes phases, and Libra is in constant motion as it attempts to find that elusive point of equilibrium. That’s why I said “dynamic”. This is constant movement and adjustment (no wonder Libra types sometimes experience equilibrium problems)!  And there’s a lot to adjust TO this week.

At 11:18 PM EDT, we move into the First Quarter Square (Sun in Cancer/Moon in Libra). The Sun is square rabble-rouser Eris and Venus, ruler of Libra, is opposing asteroid Juno. Eris is an applecart-upsetter and Juno relates to “official” or established relationships or marriages, so we may hear about long-standing unions degenerating into breakups. Some people may be adjusting themselves right out of their partnerships. The First Quarter Square can be a crisis point, forcing us to adjust plans made or actions initiated at the New Moon. It’s one of those “rock, meet hard place” times.

The Libra Moon also clicks into the Cardinal T-Square (Mercury /Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus), and so fills in the empty spot, which turns the configuration into a Grand Cross, where everything squares or opposes something else in the lineup. This can be tricky, especially with Mercury still retrograde and Uranus approaching retrograde. And don’t forget that that Water Grand Trine, as I mentioned last week, is still sloshing things around like a cosmic wringer washer (and you know everything comes out in the wash)!  The best advice I can give right now: Be a master of the delayed reaction. Tiptoe through the minefield. Practice the “buddy system” ; hang around with cool, calm and collected types. Don’t get rattled because others are flying out of control. And don’t join their mob.

We may feel as though we’re in a holding pattern at a tipping point, and that’s more than a little uncomfortable. But that’s dynamic tension for you. Think of the 2 of Swords in the Tarot.  Sit in that still point for a while, even though it makes you squirm. Hold that pose. When Mars (a/k/a “the trigger planet”) slides into the Grand Trine zone in Cancer in a few days we may see some action of the  “boot in the ass/take out the trash” variety.  Since the sign Cancer is actively involved in both the Water Grand Trine and the Cardinal T-Square/Cross configurations, we may feel a great deal of urgency or a need to purge or somehow separate ourselves from our past in order to move forward. With Uranus in Aries in the mix, if we don’t let go willingly, we may find ourselves blasted from the Tower (think of the tarot card) along with everyone else who thought nothing could touch them. Nothing feels safe right now—but that’s the point.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “A woman and two men on a bit of sunlit land facing south.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A graceful dancer smilingly receiving applause and floral tributes.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Inception .”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “Pleasing.”


The Kozminsky Symbol ties in nicely with today’s Moon in Venus-ruled Libra. It brings to mind the paintings of Degas. (See The words used by Kozminsky to describe the dancer– “graceful”, with “charming manners” , “poetic” and “artistic”– are all from the Libra/Venus lexicon. Of course, trained dancers make it all look easy—but just take a look at their feet and you’ll see how much practice it took to achieve that “effortless” look. Today you may be called upon to appear before the public or play the diplomat (or referee)!  Find the beauty in your daily life, or help nurture other people’s talents.

The Sabian Symbol brings in the Libra themes of mediation and working to achieve balance. The three figures are meant to represent the three souls of man (emotional, mental and physical). The figures all face the same direction, which indicates a desire for unity and integration, but there’s a need to “get it together” in order to move forward towards the light. This Symbol relates to coming to an agreement or consensus, the beginnings of unity, the start of a new venture, and working to full potential. On the down side it can mean dependency or relying on others too much, becoming irrational or too emotional, or indicates a fear of venturing out on your own. As noted in the Daily Aspects, today’s clearly a day when we’ll be teetering on the edge of a fine balance, much like a ballet dancer en pointe.




Page of Swords/ Page of Pentacles

Two Pages today! The Sabian Symbol keyword “inception” is apt here—pages relate to the beginning stages of their respective suits. This combination shows the process and progress of an idea as it begins to take shape. The Page of Swords is the spark, the initial inspiration that lights up the mind. However, without grounding it’s all smoke and mirrors, and that’s where the Page of Pentacles comes in. Another card of beginnings, the Page of Pentacles nurtures the seed of an idea and helps  it grow in the material world. There’s an awareness of natural cycles, of what it takes to make things “work”. This combination tells us there’s something waiting to manifest in our lives right now, so we need to be alert for flashes of intuition or gut feelings that tell us “do this now!” The conditions are right for growth.  If you’ve had a glimmer of a project in mind for some time, take a baby step or two now to jump-start it. Don’t worry if it’s still in raw form—it will coalesce as it grows. And since Pages are traditionally “messenger” cards, stay alert for synchronicities.  It’s one of those days when need to have your antennae up!

 –July 15, 2013

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