The Daily Astro for July 12, 2013


Queen Elizabeth


The Daily Astro for July 12, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



The Moon is still clicking and whirring it way through Virgo today. The early hours featured a Moon/Saturn sextile at 3:36 AM EDT, followed by a Moon/Neptune opposition at 4:03 AM. This lineup reminds me of those science fiction movies where incredibly rational people design machines that are supposed to serve us (service is a very Virgo concept), with no mushy feelings to get in the way.  Then they roll out the prototype and the machines turn out to have an oddly poetic streak, or like to pick daisies. Figuring out how to integrate the practical with the fanciful may be a challenge today. It’s not always easy to be useful AND whimsical, but give it a go!

At 1:39 PM EDT, Godzilla shows up and helps us level the playing field—the Moon trines Pluto. “Winnowing” is the word I’d choose for this pairing. Use this energy to pare down, eliminate distractions, clear the clutter from your work area. Just focus intently on the task at hand and get started.  This is also a good combination for deep or detailed research and anything related to “getting to the bottom” of a situation. Motives become clear; mysteries are solved.

By 6:27 PM EDT, when the Moon inconjuncts Uranus, we’ve detoured into WackyWorld. Expect interruptions and sudden changes of plans–be ready to explore new routes (just watch out for trap doors). Uranus is a real wild child, especially in Aries. Key word: Zigzag. As in lightning. Expect a change in routine, which may not be to Moon in Virgo’s liking.  This is the “yelling child in the library” scenario. You can “shush” the kid as much as you want, but he/she is bursting with energy and can’t be contained.

At 8:22 PM, the Moon opposes Chiron, so it’s time to step away from the electronic devices and schedules and relax. Tonight would be a good night for a massage or other healing work. Let the irritations of the day ooze away. Try to turn off any brain noise –sink into a hot bath and focus on cleansing and healing any part of you that’s disassociated or generally out of sorts.

I was looking at some of the patterns formed in today’s chart and noticed that there’s what’s called a “Rosetta” pattern by astrologer Linda Shelnutt (it looks like a trapezoid) between Uranus, Venus, the North Node and Pluto. It’s named after the Rosetta Stone, which, when discovered, allowed us to understand and translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics with more accuracy, as it featured the same script written in three different languages. It’s a “keystone”  that helps us solve a mystery. The Rosetta configuration brings a variety of different energies together in a merger that helps solidify and center.

Looking at the celestial bodies involved, it would seem that learning to change outmoded or destructive ways of relating will take us to a new level of development. However, these are very entrenched and the problems may take time to resolve. A key component is the status of women in the collective. Wasting the talent and ability by bogging down 50% of the population is preventing the whole from progressing. Old paradigms must be knocked down in order for progress to occur, and there will be (as we are seeing now) a huge amount of resentment and an attempt to block, to “put the genie back in the bottle” in order to prevent this paradigm shift.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “ A prima donna singing.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A man having jumped over a fence falls into a ditch on the other side of it.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Excellence.”  


The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “Hastiness.”


Today’s Kozminsky Symbol vibrates to Uranus and acts as a warning for the upcoming time period. With Mercury currently retrograde and Uranus set to retrograde on July 17th, “hastiness” can be costly and dangerous. Kozminsky says this Symbol describes someone who is “overventuresome and liable to fall into grave mistakes and errors.”  We need to moderate our impulses and attain a degree of self-mastery in order to avoid pitfalls.  Calm, focus and heed your inner voice; don’t allow yourself to be prodded into a reactive state. Check and see what’s on the other side before you make that leap! This Symbol illustrates an explosive restlessness, and in the modern world that means avoid road ragers (and don’t be one yourself) and be careful not to react to triggers, as volatile situations may escalate out of control in a moment. I just read about a woman in Chinatown here in New York City who decided to set off a slew of roach bombs to eliminate her pest problem. When they didn’t do the trick, she set off 24 more and left them unattended. An explosion resulted, as it seems the roach bombs ignited a pilot light. Who’d think roach bombs could be this deadly (except to roaches, of course).

The Sabian Symbol relates to unlocking talents and using your skills to connect with the world (a prima donna needs an audience!)  It’s also about development of potential, self-improvement and “perfecting the instrument” so it’s quite applicable to today’s Moon in Virgo trine to Pluto in Capricorn. It’s hard work to be a diva!  You may feel it’s time to increase your skill set, take classes, or work on self-improvement.  What makes you unique? Aim for excellence in whatever you do. The down side of this Symbol is, of course, being too much of a diva, calling attention to yourself in a vain or excessive manner, or coming into the public eye for some sort of indiscretion or violation of social norms. Or maybe you just feel underappreciated in your group of friends or contacts.




“Strategic Victory”. Here’s an “All hail the conqueror” combination. Through a combination of talent, hard work, and excellent strategic planning, success has been achieved. It’s time to step up and claim your reward. The Six of Wands, connected to Jupiter in Leo, plus the Queen of Swords, is a real Queen Victoria combination (and she was a widow, one of the traditional meanings of the Queen of Swords)

This combo can indicate concentrated power and great diplomatic ability. Skills have been honed to a sharp edge here—see today’s Sabian Symbol featuring a prima donna.  It can also indicate you’ve passed the final test, impressed the powers that be, and have made it past all hurdles. This pair can also mean you have a powerful female force on your side—the prima donna of the land–think Sir Walter Raleigh and Elizabeth I. The only caveat: beware of hubris and don’t isolate yourself or allow your “fame and fortune” to go to your head. And remember, sometimes it’s lonely at the top.


 –July 12, 2013


  1. Hello Valerie Sylvester.

    I found your well done site through a Google search on “Rosetta Keystone Shelnutt.” I’m the Linda Shelnutt you acknowledged, thank you, as the originator of the term ROSETTA KEYSTONE, a formal geometric Formation [sometimes called a Pattern] which you mention in your July 12, 2013 blog here.

    I’ve noticed that your style of reporting astrological information is very similar to a column I debuted in Portland Oregon in the early 1980’s in the WEST BANK PRESS. When the WBP folded, I published that column in various other places over the years, even attempting [and nearly succeeding!] in the 1980’s to get it used in a somewhat humorous slant as an adjunct to the weather reports. Though approached with humor to avoid political or religious repercussions, I realized that these updates would have been surprisingly accurate, competing at times with weather reports in that capacity. All this and more has been documented with timelines in several of my books published on Amazon Kindle. I’m speculating that you may have read some of these, and would be pleased about that. You may have even mentioned some of my Kindle books in your blog, but the July 12, 2013 is the first I’ve read, as found from the Google search on my ROSETTA KEYSTONE.

    The reason for that recent Google search was that I’m in process of finishing and publishing chapter 11 of MYRTLE’S PENULTIMATE WALKABOUT, an in progress sequel to MYRTLE’S ULTIMATE MYSTERY, the pilot to an Astrological Investigator paranormal mystery series. In an endnote for chapter 11, I wanted to give a hyperlink to the “Shelnutt Fisher Astrological Formations Website.”

    But all this is a long story which I don’t have time to detail here.

    For a start I wanted you to know that I’m planning to include a link to your daily blog here to your entry for July 12, 2013 in which you mention the ROSETTA KEYSTONE. Thanks again for crediting me for that. Also included in chapter 11’s endnote for MPW will be a copy of this communication to you.

    You have a fun writing style and approach which reminds me of my own.
    Linda Shelnutt

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks for your comment. I was investigating the Rosetta pattern when I came across your material, which I found very interesting. It’s the first time I’d come across your writing, actually! I wasn’t aware that you wrote an astrological column, either. Thanks for linking to my blog. I’m going to have to check out your other writing as well–it sounds like we have a lot in common!

    • Five fire! Well, no wonder!!

      I have 3 fire but one is chilly Saturn, born in 1947 with that Baby Boomer stellium; five water counting Chiron; three air; no earth, but practicality and stability can come in other ways, like lots of fixed planets… but with your 5 fire and my 5 water we could give enough steam power to run a locomotive, LOL.

      Let me know If you want a copy of chapter 11 which has the hyperlink leading here, including related content in the endnote for that chapter. With Amazon KDP Select, the publisher can give 5 day s of free promos in a 90 days period, so when that chapter is published I could let you know, here, and/or on your Facebook Timeline when it will be offered on a free promo.

      It’s been taking me a month to write, edit, and publish one of those chapter installments, but I’m almost finished with the endnote first draft, then need to edit. I used to write a whole book in first draft in a month!

      • Linda: Ah, you’re in that interesting 1947 cohort! I agree on the fire and water combo. I’m mostly fire and air but have a fixed T-square so I just keep on chuggin’ away. 🙂 Sure, would love to see chapter 11. Just let me know how to access it. A book in a month–that’s quite an achievement; I salute you! 🙂

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