The Daily Astro for June 18, 2013




The Daily Astro for June 18, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




The early hours of the day feature Moon in Libra squaring both Venus in Cancer (7:05 AM EDT) and Mercury in Cancer (10:34 AM EDT), so we may find ourselves overwhelmed by daily duties and relationship demands that disturb our equilibrium.  There may be a problem  connecting/communicating with others; everyone’s operating at a different frequency. Feelings may be hurt easily, so don’t lunge at people, verbally or otherwise! The Libra Moon seeks fairness and balance, but the Cancer planets say we can get a little oozy around the edges if we feel we’ve been slighted or misunderstood.

As the day progresses the Libra Moon trines the Sun (11:14 PM EDT) and Jupiter (11:55 PM EDT), both in Gemini, and tomorrow the Sun conjuncts Jupiter.  Take advantage of this phenomenal energy flow to open up your life. It’s an especially good period for anyone involved in writing, publishing, or long-distance communications. New prospects may open up as  opportunities arise.  Jupiter is also associated with all things prophetic, so some of us may find our psychic sensitivities are enhanced.

Conversations are lively and upbeat; people want to share ideas and inspirations. The mode is sparkly/friendly/happy. We may decide to make major changes in our daily environment and habits due to feedback we’ve received from others. Take advantage of today’s positive vibe—get out and wander around your neighborhood, read an inspiring book, work on a major project (Jupiter always takes things up a notch). You may get a phone or email message from someone at a distance who wants to reconnect. Of course, you may also have to endure a blowhard or two under these aspects. You know the types—blatherers and pontificators. But it shouldn’t be a problem to politely (Moon in Libra) disengage because you have something else going on (Gemini): just dance away.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “A man declared bankrupt.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A  number of workmen building a railway track through barren country.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “DELIVERANCE.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “INDEFATIGABLENESS.”


Since Jupiter’s Big-Daddying it around here this week, I’d like to bring in the tarot card associated with Jupiter, the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel, with its emphasis on cycles and the wheels that go round-and-round, ties into the Sabian Symbol (it’s another of the reversed Symbols) of a man facing bankruptcy. This brings to mind the concept of boom and bust; it emphasizes beginnings and endings, reaping and sowing karma. It’s a new era for the bankrupt man, who can now hope to start over with a clean slate. Will he learn from his mistakes and handle his resources well in the future?  Sometimes we need a change in circumstances to drop-kick us into the next phase of life.

We become conscious of fluctuation and the impermanence of all things. Today may be a day we remember for a long time, because something stopped or started, changing our lives, pushing us onto a new path. We’re set free to explore new opportunities.  The down side is being sloppy, irresponsible, or assuming others will “pick up after you” when you leave a mess behind.

The Kozmisky Symbol features more wheels (once the tracks are completed, trains will come rolling through). A group of determined men work hard to provide the foundation for railroad travel. It’s a difficult project, but their energy is not wasted. They’ll keep working until the rail network is complete. It will allow people, mail, supplies, news and information to travel long distances from one part of the country to another–Jupiter in Gemini in action.  People could now easily “change the scenery” when they ventured out, and it was faster and more comfortable than the old horse and carriage mode.  There’s a desire to expand, it was a huge undertaking, it involved  movement and travel, and it brought people together. In some ways, the establishment of the rail system was like the internet of its day.


 5 of Swords / King of Pentacles


“Turning Anger into Opportunity.”  I just read an interview with Henry Rollins, musician (Black Flag), writer/publisher, actor and Aquarian gadabout/gadfly, who notes that he’s driven by his anger. It goads him to DO something. The Five of Swords has a direct line into the energy of anger. It’s trying to get our attention and make us listen. We’re being called, but it doesn’t mean we’re necessarily going to like what we hear. We need to get out of the mind-clash and seek clarity. Grounding is necessary. The King of Pentacles is a force to be reckoned with ( a Big Wheel, if we want to keep the theme a-rolling). He’s heard the voices, learned the hard way, and knows how to turn around difficult situations. He knows the value of things.

This combination reminds me of those situations where they send in someone to save collapsing businesses. Of course sometimes it turns into corporate slice-and-dice, and many people get fired while a few get crazy rich. That’s another aspect of the King of Pentacles: the greedhead/Midas side. This combination also tells us not to let short-term wonkiness get in the way of long-term goals.  Don’t let the scarcity mentality take over your brain and block the way to true prosperity.


–June 18, 2013

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