The Daily Astro for June 20, 2013


Playing Card Women


The Daily Astro for June 20, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester





I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and never got to the Astro, but of course the big news was that Jupiter and the Sun were conjunct. This elicits a general rah-rah-sis-boom-bah from everyone, and indeed, Jupiter is the Great Benefic, in charge of doling out all good things, and the Sun puts them all in shiny gold wrappers. My own natal Jupiter isn’t very prominent or particularly well-aspected, so I’ve been privy to the flip side of the cosmic Big Boy as well. Jupiter can also relate to That Which Runs Amok, grows too fast, and expands too much.  I’ve also seen Jupiter prominent in charts drawn for the time of a death.  Jupiter takes you higher—it relates to travel and higher education (and not just the kind you get in school). Think Mount Olympus, home of the gods.  So it makes sense that Jupiter shows up when it’s time to move on. I wondered whether yesterday’s Sun/Jupiter combination would indicate that it was time for a prominent male (someone who was “larger than life”) to make his exit. Of course, yesterday we heard the news that actor James Gandolfini of “The Sopranos” died at age 51. Gandolfini was a large, imposing man for a good part of his life (people describe him as being like “a mountain”), and although a working character actor for many years, most people know him for his role in the HBO series  “The Sopranos”. 

In the role of Tony Soprano, as the “big boss” of a New Jersey crime family, he was the embodiment of many Jupiterian traits. Tony Soprano had a gargantuan appetite for all things. I recall many scenes shot from the vantage point of Tony Soprano chowing down in front of the refrigerator (usually without bothering to sit down and eat), patronizing his favorite Italian restaurants, and drinking in bars and strip clubs. There was no shortage of extracurricular activity with a variety of women, either, or flashy jewelry, cars, and large houses, all bought when the money was flowing in from various illegal activities. Of course, in the Sopranos, it wasn’t necessarily good to be the king, and most of the excessive behavior served to dull the pain in an attempt to stomp down the demons that plagued the often–lugubrious mob boss, who was prone to panic attacks.  

Given that Gandolfini was 51 and experiencing his Chiron return, I wonder if he was confronting some old woes and foes in his personal life that had for some time taken a toll on his health. Mars was square Chiron yesterday, too, so perhaps it was a “flare-up” of heart disease or valve problems (with planets in Gemini I think of “transport systems” that take fluids or blood from one place to another). Weak areas that have caused problems in the past may have been pushed beyond limits or a wound somehow broke open again.  

Without going into detail (there’s no official birth time for him, anyway), it’s not hard to see that Jupiter is all over the place in his transits and progressions, plus there are many indications that it was time to “let go and move on. Obviously in most cases it doesn’t mean the person will die—they will change their lives in other ways. I do wonder whether there was a final, sudden occurrence of something that he had dealt with in the past that proved to be the vehicle that took him out of this life. (Uranus was also prominent, so it’s likely whatever happened was accidental, sudden, or unexpected.)  Even if it was his time to say goodbye, it still was a huge shock to millions of people.  I enjoyed seeing him on the Sopranos (parts of it were filmed near where I live). I also saw most of the films he appeared in (most recently “Not Fade Away”, David Chase’s music-fan-coming-of-age tale set in-New Jersey ) and enjoyed watching him on stage in New York City in “Gods of Carnage”, and I’m sorry that the life of this hardworking, expert craftsman (Sun in Virgo/ Moon in Capricorn) was cut short.  

We’re now heading into the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (1:04 AM EDT tomorrow), which means thet Sun is set to enter the water sign Cancer, so there’s a shift from the restless mental energy of Gemini to the more retentive, emotional, security-conscious Cancer mode. The Moon is in Scorpio, another water sign. We may say more by not speaking  now, and feelings are intense. The day begins (1:45 AM EDT) with a Jupiter hangover from yesterday, as Jupiter and the Moon take it to the limit and encourage emotional excess that can lead to compulsive/protective behaviors a la “drowning yourself in _____” (enter substance or tantalizing addiction of your choice).  If binging doesn’t do the trick, a Moon/Mars inconjunct (2:17 AM EDT) can lead to temper tantrums or explosions (or at the very least, indigestion, if you’ve been pigging out in the middle of the night). We’re “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore”. At 2:28 AM EDT a Sun/Moon clash tells us we need to align heart and mind, body and soul, or we’ll continue to have problems. Something’s out of joint! 

 A Venus/Jupiter parallel at 4:58 AM EDT and the Moon/Venus trine that follows at 2:49 PM may bring pleasant dreams and a desire to connect with people we love.  Maybe we’ll receive pleasant messages from those who have passed on. Since Mercury also trines the Moon at 3:17 PM EDT, we may find it easy to express our feelings or let our creative spirit flow. The emotional climate is peaceful; people want to feel cherished and protected. This part of the day could be a very romantic time—there are few hard edges. Let it flow!

Of course, a Moon/Pluto connection at 9:20 PM EDT can make some uneasy or suspicious of all the lovey-dovey stuff going on earlier today. Maybe it’s jealousy or insecurity. who knows? Don’t let your imagination run away with you. Leave the control buttons to the TV remote. Examine your motives. It might be time to purge bad habits. 

At 10:57 PM EDT we’re comfy and cozy again as Mercury and Venus cuddle up. It’s a good time to settle in for the night with a snack, slippers and your significant other(s). It might be a good night to turn in early, too, as at 12:03 AM EDT the Moon and Uranus rumble. You’ll never be able to figure out what set things off, anyway, so better to be snoozing at this time than engaging in late-night wackiness. I can’t guarantee that you won’t have weird dreams, though.  




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “ Bathing beauties.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A maiden bound to a stake smiling at an angel. Near-by lie three dead bats.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “CHARM.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “STUMBLING.”


We’re clearly in the realm of the goddess today, which ties in with all of today’s Venus aspects. Both Symbols feature young women and  have an “old-timey” feel, quite suitable for Venus in Cancer. The Kozminsky Symbol reminds me of the old serial “The Perils of Pauline” with an attractive young woman tied to train tracks while an evil dude lurks nearby (usually twirling his moustache). In this case, the girl in peril seems to have a direct connection to a higher power (yesterday’s Sun/Jupiter conjunction is still in force). A nasty trinity of bats has been vanquished (the stake and bats make this Symbol a bit vampire-y), and there’s hope for redemption (the angel) even at the darkest hour. Divine intervention is possible, but we have to “look up”. This one also reminds me of the 8 of Swords in the Tarot in the sense of being limited or limiting yourself or being held within certain parameters due to fear or a feeling that nothing can save you. There’s a sense here of being threatened, but at any moment you might just stumble upon the road to salvation (note the keyword). 

 The Sabian Symbol also evokes the past. (I’m visualizing old photos of women in what were once daring bathing costumes lined up at Atlantic City for a beauty pageant.) This Symbol relates to displays of charm and grace, putting yourself in front of the public, being judged by external appearances, being “on parade”, and taking the initiative. It tells us to take advantage of our assets, to make the best use of whatever endowments we possess.  We’re “in the swim” now, the focus of attention. Maybe we’ll win a prize–fortune smiles on us. 

Obviously this symbol can also indicate being preoccupied with superficial matters or depending on physical appearance, being vain or exhibiting narcissistic behavior, being overly impressed with yourself, or relying too much on externals and not going within to find true value. It can also mean going along with the crowd or believing that others’ superficial judgments of you are correct. It’s a warning not to get a swelled head or take things at face value. Looking at those old photographs, we’re reminded of the impermanence of youth and beauty and also of the changing ideas of what is desirable or attractive as seen through the lens of culture or social mores. 




Ace of Pentacles / Tower


“All Fall Down”.  This combination can indicate false starts, lack of growth, and a need to raze something to the ground in order to begin again. We may need to redraw the blueprints so we’ll wind up with a structure that doesn’t come tumbling down. There may be a  fundamental flaw in our assumptions. This duo reminds me what happens after a massive wildfire destroys a forest. New growth eventually arises from the bare bones of the old; fertile soil is formed from the remnants of the old, played-out forest.  Stillbirth, or death leading to rebirth. A jewel grows by being pressured or pulverized by intense forces.

This pair can indicate reinventing yourself, total change, or unexpected events causing a change in plans. The elimination of something that wasn’t functioning properly. Something that seems small or insignificant now can cause a “system crash” later on. Bankruptcy or financial failure. What we’re depending upon is not solid or safe right now. Something begun in the early autumn runs into problems by the end of the year. Ecological collapse or disaster that starts small, but advances exponentially.



–June 20, 2013

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