The Daily Astro for June 17, 2013




The Daily Astro for June 17, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




Just another Manic Monday!  Yesterday featured Chiron stationing retrograde in Pisces. So there we were, enjoying a quiet Sunday by the lake, relaxing  and absorbing the ambiance, when suddenly we spot a dead body floating in the water. I’m being dramatic, but that’s what it feels like. Things we thought we’d buried or dumped in the deep waters of the psyche show up again for a last round clean-up. The fact that they’ve popped up indicates you’re ready to deal with the issue, so don’t keep trying to toss it back into the water. It’s time for a proper burial so you can release the weight of the past and move forward. Look inward for guidance and inspiration, as outer sources will be unreliable or just not available. Philosophies that comforted in the past may lose their allure now.

Mercury is also entering what some astrologers call its “Storm” period now, which means it is slowing down and getting ready to enter the retrograde period. (The “official” retrograde date is June 26.) Since Mercury is in Cancer, we may find we need to redo or revisit situations involving family members and entanglements related to the home front or that take us back to childhood nurture scenarios.Some re-thinking may be necessary in these areas, or we may find that we’re not able to communicate our feelings properly. (Or we just want to throw a big tantrum!)  Today gives us a taste of the Dissatisfied Dynamic as Mercury forms a stress aspect to Neptune in Pisces. We might feel we’re drowning in other people’s needs or fielding non-stop urgent requests from those close to us today.  It may be hard to discern what’s real and what’s being generated from fantasy or fear.  If someone’s being evasive or you feel uneasy, it may be because you’re missing a piece or two of the puzzle. Since the Moon is in Libra, we’re trying to be fair, but as the day begins with a Moon/Neptune inconjunct at 7:06 AM EDT, it’s all too easy to get lost in the shadows or let the “helpless” types tromp all over you because you feel sorry for them.

Today we’re also zotzed by Mars in Gemini sextile Uranus in Aries at 11:20 AM EDT, and combined with later fast & fizzy aspects, this makes for a lively day. Just remember it’s a day to take some chances, do things in a different way and avoid over-routinizing your life.  Leave some space for happy accidents. Do it now, since whatever shows up may be fleeting and you’ll miss the opportunity if you dither. Genius is in the air.

We may find emotional resistance, either in ourselves or in others, or fear of causing a scene or rocking the boat as today’s Libra Moon is hit by a square to Pluto in Capricorn at 4:39 PM EDT and an opposition to Uranus in Aries at 7:23 PM EDT. (With a T-square, check out the “empty space”, which in this case falls in Cancer).  Cancer thus becomes our “outlet zone” and reminds us to nurture ourselves and others.

Try to find the comfort zone that will allows you to navigate upheaval.  Sometimes the Crab needs to scuttle backwards for a while until it gets its “sea legs”. Power struggles and loony behavior may ensue, and Emily Post probably wouldn’t approve. Someone will no doubt go off the rails today or shock us with crazy-ass outbursts.  Remember that these challenges just give us a chance to show off our Libran tactical and diplomatic skills and ability to bridge all gaps.  Keep juggling and keep the communication lines open! This is important in order to move forward, as the Moon moves to trine Mars in Gemini at 7:49 PM EDT.  Mars, ruler of Libra’s opposite sign Aries, will give us the boost we need to finalize projects, put things in writing, or bring our vision to life in whatever form we choose. Since Mercury’s heading retrograde, we may also be putting a new twist on old ideas or reworking promising concepts that we’ve set aside.

Bonus Points:  Venus, the North Node, and Chiron form a Grand Trine, so the underlying energy is about healing through love and releasing past fears that have kept us from opening the heart. We become aware of the ways we’re connected to others and want to use our energy to make changes and release ourselves from the ghosts of the past. The North Node in Scorpio moves us to a new paradigm, but it requires leaving the past behind.




Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “A gypsy coming out of the forest.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A man seated at a table, gloomily looking at a violin with broken strings before us.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “EXPENDITURE.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “SURRENDER.”


Today’s Kozminsky Symbol immediately brought the phrase “the same old song” to mind. Violins have a plaintive sound, and this brings us into the realm of Neptune, which features in some of today’s aspects. The man in the Kozminsky Symbol scenario is feeling gloomy because his violin isn’t functional at the moment. He’s letting negative feelings take over and on some level is feeling helpless or hopeless. Rather than go to the formless-fear-scary side of Neptune, he needs to annex some of the “can do” energy of today’s Mars aspects.

One of today’s key themes is that we give something up in order to move on to something better. We’re not meant to wallow in sadness or dread over what’s going away. We need to get ourselves in tune, stop singing the same worn-out ditty, and take better care of our instrument. In what ways have we let things go or stopped caring about ourselves?  It’s time to do something about it so you’re ready for your next performance!

The Sabian Symbol features a gypsy emerging from a forest. Since gypsies generally stay within family groups and often travel together, a solitary gypsy relates to curiosity, striking out independently, seeking new adventures, the beginning of self-expression, and the start of a new phase. Since gypsy groups have traditionally been regarded as outsiders on the fringes of “polite” society, this Symbol relates well to today’s Mars/Uranus sextile, with Mars in Gemini as the quest for knowledge and Uranus in Aries as the trendsetter who departs from the norm. This gypsy traveler belongs to an alternative group and is also setting his own pace in order to discover what’s outside of his normal boundaries. It’s a generally optimistic Symbol, as a certain confidence and eagerness is required to venture outside of the known.  As gypsies were seen as “exotic”, there’s also a sense of mystery here-he emerges from the woods, so this can indicate “natural” talents emerging, or we’re opening ourselves to the creative side of our subconscious. The down side of this Symbol relates to being too solitary or refusing assistance from others (here’s the Aries vs. Libra dichotomy-“I can do it myself” vs. “let’s work on this together.”)  It can also indicate extremely non-conformist behavior based on fear, refusal to adapt or compromise, or a general inability to trust others.




 Empress / Lovers 

“Relationship Choice”.  The Empress is ruled by Venus, the ruler of Libra, where the Moon is currently located. (Venus also rules Taurus). The Lovers aligns with Gemini, where the Sun, Mars and Jupiter are situated. The ante’s being upped in relationships now. It’s time to make the mature choice, or risk becoming stagnant. It may be more comfortable to sit in one place, but we have outgrown the need for certain situations, people, or places and it’s time for a realignment.  We’re entering a new and more dynamic cycle now, so things may move quickly.

This can also indicate a choice between “love and lust”, or a confusion about which is which. Choices have consequences. Issues may require mediation or a third party may be involved. This combination can relate to the birth of a child or the arrival of a younger person. It also relates to the time period of early to late Spring (Taurus through early Gemini), the “gestation to birth” time period. Something new, based on a choice made during this time, will come to fruition in due time.

–June 17, 2013

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