The Daily Astro for May 6, 2013

The Daily Astro for May 6, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester




Today’s the kind of day that may push each and every one of your buttons—but that’s probably a good thing, in the long term. We’re approaching this middle of this month’s “eclipse sandwich” (specifically, we’re heading towards the solar eclipse in Taurus on May 9th) so the energy’s building—and it’s getting pretty funky. The Moon’s in Aries today, emphasizing independence, enthusiasm, and a “me-first” energy pattern. The first aspect that occurs when most of us are awake is the Moon inconjunct Saturn at 11:17 AM EDT, so this may be Slow Start Monday for some of us. We may find the first part of this weekday underwhelming. Don’t gloom-and-doom coworkers or others you encounter. It’s not their fault you didn’t have a great weekend or are brooding/shut off emotionally this morning!

Today’s a day that should be left as unstructured as possible since weird stuff/hellzapoppin’ moments may occur in regularly irregular fashion all day. At 1:40 PM EDT, Venus clashes with Pluto, so we’re running on Control Freak Central Time. When Venus in Taurus is frustrated and doesn’t get another heaping helping of what it wants, it’s not a pretty sight. People may feel squelched or taken advantage of and the blame gamers can run wild. Today is dominated by Uranus and Pluto aspects, and these two outer planets don’t fool around, especially when they’re doing the Outer Planet Tango with each other (Uranus is square Pluto) right now.

At 4:58 PM EDT, the Moon joins Uranus in Aries, an “I gotta be free!” aspect, so the joint starts jumping. The energy pattern may be erratic though, as these two combine. Don’t bother making definite plans for this evening, just let things unfold and see what happens. People may be acting out or acting on impulse, which means “defensive driving” on all fronts is a very good idea. What’s the craziest thing someone might do?  Yeah, they’ll do it.

This is reinforced by a Moon/Pluto square at 6:33 PM EDT, which can set off the power/control dynamic again as people feel threatened or overwhelmed by change or fluctuations. Pluto trines the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Taurus, though, so if we can just back up from the precipice for a minute, we can make some major breakthroughs. Change is trying to work its way from the inside out and is meeting resistance. The Moon relates to our emotional patterning and what’s been “programmed” into us since childhood (or what’s been brought in from past lives), so it’s no surprise we’ll freak out if we feel the rug’s being pulled out from under us. Uranus and Pluto, as noted above,  are in an intense square aspect so with both of these planets highlighted today, any breakdowns or takedowns are showing us the “fault lines” in our own lives.  We’re being taken out of day-to-day reality to get a glimpse of the underpinnings, what lies beneath. This is why it may feel so uncomfortable and many seem to be sitting on vast reservoirs of bottled-up rage. Fixed sign energy works like an earthquake. It withstands stress until it reaches breaking point, then releases vast amounts of energy at the stress point. Right now people may find it hard to express what’s really going on inside because they’re still processing it, trying to avoid it or push it back down, but the bile is building up. Today’s aspects are helping to crack the façade.

The day ends with Moon aspects to Venus and Mars at 7:05 PM EDT and 8:08 PM EDT, respectively. Some of us may try to work off frustration and that “bottled up” feeling by overindulging; others may hit the gym. Try to find a creative use for the energy; don’t deflect it onto family and friends.


Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “ A battle between the swords and the torches.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A sea-gull flying over the waters of the ocean.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “ RESOLUTION.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “WANDERING .”

Today’s Kozminsky Symbol takes us to the Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus in Aries aspect. The urge is towards detachment, changing perspective, rising above, and shuffling the routine. It’s a restless, questing energy that needs constant movement. The mind is very active here and requires a great deal of stimulation. We can be bored easily if forced to restrain ourselves. There’s a desire to take off, to travel, to experience the variety the world has to offer.  The seagull is a wild bird, at home on land and over the ocean. Seagulls are also very resourceful, bold and inventive. They can be loud, “squawky” and discordant, too, which is also part of the Moon/Uranus in Aries energy. It’s important to take a break today –get up and wander around for a while; see where you end up. Open up space so something different can come dive-bombing in like a seagull who sees something good to eat in the sand.

The Sabian Symbol is reflective of a struggle between the ideal and the limitations of current reality. The swords are meant to represent force and the torches equal the urge towards enlightenment.  There’s a natural opposition here as humanity tries to go beyond the old paradigms, but there’s also a tendency to oppose change, which leads to the struggle depicted in this Symbol. Opposing forces are at work and are engaged in a “battle of the Titans.” This echoes the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square and today’s Moon/Pluto square.

We’re in the middle of world-wide “renovations” and structural, systemic change right now, but it’s hard to see beyond the strife when you’re in the midst of it. Things also tend to polarize, with some hanging on to the past and others wishing to move in a new direction. This Symbol also represents the ability to reconcile differences and be a “translator” so those on opposite sides can begin to understand each other. Delicate negotiations may be required today, as people can  be stubbornly set in their ways. There’s an extremist tendency afoot, which can spark sporadic explosions. Trying to force people to do what you want won’t work and may meet with huge resistance. In some cases, common ground will be very difficult to find. Remember that the goal is to maintain the connection, not to completely sever it, even though both sides may have to change in order to accommodate the new rules.


The Emperor / 4 of Swords

“Abdication or Strategic Withdrawal.”  Here’s two “4” cards,  and as 4 relates to the 4th month, April, and The Emperor to Aries, there’s an emphasis here on last month during the time of Aries, so think back to that time as a sort of gestation period for what’s happening now. I associate 4 with Uranus, and with Uranus currently in Aries (and the Moon conjunct Uranus today), we’re in a cycle that involves some sort of high-intensity change.

This pair reminds me of one of those action figures that runs on batteries; at some point the batteries need to be recharged, and we’ve reached that point now. We may need to “sleep on it”. There’s a feel of abdicating power (a king in exile). Wel need time off to deal with things that came to a head last month and to gear up for the next round of fighting. It can also indicate the need to back down from a confrontation or to take a different direction/relax judgment on a particular issue. We find we must “overthrow” our old ideas due to some kind of sudden revelation or change in the situation.

–May 6, 2013 

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