The Daily Astro for May 3, 2013





the figure Concordia, goddess of agreement, understanding and ma

The Daily Astro for May 3, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester





The Moon is Void-of-Course today until it enters Pisces at 2:25 PM EDT, so the earlier part of the day sees us playing catch up and taking care of things we’ve previously neglected, rather than rushing to start something new. The rest of the day has a Neptunian tinge, as the Moon’s in Pisces and there are two Neptune aspects in force (Neptune is the ruler of Pisces). We’re more than ready to slide into the weekend and a more unstructured pace. The key here is to leave behind this week’s “stress & obsess” mode and just let things shake out organically, without interfering or attempting to control the situation.

The Moon sextiles Mercury at 11:16 PM EDT, then it conjuncts Neptune at 11:28 PM EDT and finally, Mercury sextiles Neptune at 11:32 PM EDT.  This is a very creative triumvirate. The emotions and soul (Moon) connect with the mind (Mercury) and spirit or higher force (Neptune), so the channels are all open and we’re very receptive. Of course, you have to relax and let yourself be “carried away” –and not resist. There’s magic in the air and a touch of the poet. Conversations this evening can be inspiring. Mercury connecting with Neptune can mean we are able to talk or write about our dreams.  We’re between worlds, and it’s a very interesting place to be. We pick up on what others are feeling; there’s a sense of being tuned in to the cosmic rhythm.  It’s obviously a very good evening for writers, musicians, filmmakers, and other creative types.  Something envisioned today can become the foundation for a future creative project, so even if you drift away on a cloud tonight without taking action, you can use the ideas generated later on.



Sabian Symbol for today’s SUN: “Shellfish groping and children playing.”

Kozminsky Symbol for today’s SUN: “A virgin clothed in white, with a bright star above her head, joining the hands of two men about to quarrel.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “EMERGENCE.”

The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “HARMONIOUS LOVE .”


Both figures feature central figures being true to the essence of who they are or expressing their basic virtues and characteristics. The Sabian Symbol is a symbol of self-discovery occurring along the lines of what is natural for their species, so the shellfish reach out one way, the children another. Both are learning by exploring their environments. This Symbol is about the natural unfoldment of talents, which picks up on today’s “let it go/let it flow” Moon in Pisces and our two Neptune aspects. It’s also about the instinctive learning process, which relates to the Mercury/Neptune connection. It’s learning by osmosis.  It’s like being born with a map in your mind and as you go through life, you explore all of the places indicated on your map.

This symbol also relates to being one with yourself and finding out who you are as an individual entity. Curiosity is highlighted, as is independence. The down side here comes from trying to do too much at once, or flitting from one thing to another without truly absorbing the experience or ever finishing anything. It can also mean “just playing around” and never getting serious, or not realizing the value of an experience.

The Kozminsky Symbol also pares it down to the essentials. The virgin is complete within herself; she needs no one else in order to express her true nature. Her mission is peace and harmony. The star relates to the spiritual essence of beauty and understanding. The Star in the Tarot deck also relates to healing after going through a tumultuous time. The woman functions as an intermediary, preventing two opposing forces from engaging in conflict. This Symbol depicts universal love and understanding, which is Neptunian by nature when expressed in its pure form. Today’s Neptune aspects open our hearts and minds– if we’re willing to lay aside prejudices and grievances.


6 of Pentacles / Page of Pentacles


Mercury just entered Taurus yesterday, and Mercury in Taurus is one of the attributions I use for the 6 of Pentacles. One of the meanings of this card is “harmony”, which echoes the Kozminsky Symbol, above. It’s a card that relates to balance, the art of giving and receiving, of appreciating what we have and sharing it with others. In Taurus, Mercury is grounded and focused on the practical uses of information and knowledge. It becomes part of a toolkit–we’re talking DIY here.  The knowledge is seen as a means to an end. It often indicates a period of slow but steady growth in understanding. With the Page of Pentacles, there’s an understanding of natural cycles and a realization that everything will happen in due time. These two are patient cards, cards of the spring season, when growth begins. We may need to wait for our rewards, which are gained later in the cycle.

There’s a gentle and playful element to both cards (see the Sabian Symbol above), and a feeling of “sharing the wealth” through generous gestures. This pair can also indicate that we’re receiving “start up” assistance from a benefactor or from someone who appreciates our work. It reminds me of the patrons of the arts during the Renaissance period who sponsored some of the era’s most accomplished artists.


–May 3, 2013 

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