The Daily Astro for March 1, 2013




The Daily Astro for March 13, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


We start the day off as Void-Oids until the Moon enters Scorpio at 12:33 PM EST.  Void-of-Course Moon periods can make us feel unhinged and unmoored, especially with so many planets in water signs. We’re feeling everything at once and we’re not sure whether it’s our own emotions we’re channeling.

Fortunately the Sun in Pisces sextiles Pluto and trines Saturn, so it’s heavy hitters to the rescue today. Normally we might not be so enthused about being tapped on the shoulder by this no-nonsense outer-planet duo, but the aspects are flowing and will help us separate the wheat from the chaff (and boy, there is a lot of chaff floating around!)  We feel the need to take control rather than drifting along with all the flotsam and jetsam. Discipline is definitely called for–picture a kindly yet stern black-leather-clad dominatrix forcing you to balance your checkbook or she will be VERY displeased.  (Hey, the Moon IS going into Scorpio!)

Today’s a good day for research of all kinds, from garden-variety Googling to more exotic searches.  It’d be ideal for noodling around on to find out about your ancestors and discovering your connections to your own personal history. Investigating past lives is another way to use this energy. The psychic doors are open and that Moon in Scorpio/Sun with Saturn and Pluto is fearless, not to mention relentless. It’s a good time to find out things and uncover secrets; just be careful you’re really ready for what you unearth!

As the day wends towards evening, Moon/Neptune and Moon/Venus aspects blur the edges a little.  It’s a good night for dinner and a movie, romance, or getting together with people you love.  We’re feeling compassionate and open-hearted tonight  and others will be drawn to us.  If  you’re by yourself tonight, working at a charity event that benefits the underprivileged is another good use of this energy and will connect you with other like-minded spirits.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “An examination of initiates.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “An author with his head in his hands, a rejected manuscript and a lady’s photograph on a table before him.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “QUALIFICATION”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “INTRICACY”.

The idea of being tested as presented in the Sabian Symbol resonates with today’s Sun/Saturn/Pluto aspects. It’s crunch time and we’re called to prove what we’re made of.  Investigations take place and we find out if we passed the Big Test. Since this is an examination of initiates, it’s a spiritual rite of passage, a time of overcoming hurdles to show that we’ve made progress. Honesty and integrity are important, as with this energy lies and false fronts will be discovered. Since this symbol involves a group, it’s also about all of us facing intense challenges that demand that we “step up”. The down side of this symbol is pretending to be something we’re not or overstating our abilities, and also worrying too much that we will fail or don’t have what it takes. Don’t freeze up; or in the words of my favorite Scorpio rising chap, Bryan Ferry, “don’t stop the dance”. Get out on that dance floor–make it ecstatic!

The Kozminsky Symbol features someone with a lot going on.  He has no doubt devoted a great deal of time and energy to that forlorn manuscript on the table in front of him, which has just been rejected by a publisher.  Sharing the table space is a photograph of someone he loves and wants to spend time with.  Since it’s “back to the drawing board” with his book, he may not have enough time to spend with the alluring woman in the photo. Kozminsky says he is at a stage where “he will be compelled to decide between two mistresses, one as insistent as the other”. It’s that old “rock and a hard place” conundrum, like dealing with both Saturn and Pluto at once (sound familiar?)  It’s a test of character and endurance, and brings up some of the same issues as in the Sabian Symbol related to being good enough, having what it takes, and facing our fear of failure or falling short. It can also indicate we need to take a break because demands have been weighing too heavily on us.



The Tower / Ace of Wands
Rotting structures go boom and from the ruins, new life asserts itself. It’s time to declare your independence from old forms and formats and blaze a new trail. Things that sustained us before have no validity in the new world we’re entering. Since the Tower relates to Mars and the Ace of Wands is connected with the Fire element, here’s a double dose of “burn the house down”. The accent is on enlightenment and freedom, hard-won. This combination also looks to me like a release of kundalini energy, a shock through the system that rejuvenates. This pair is about about healing the past, shocking the monkey (the energy here resonates to Uranus’ call also, and with Uranus currently in fire sign Aries, we’re meant to be new/renew).  There’s huge potential here, if we can let go of old ties, dust ourselves off and get moving in a new direction. If you’re still shellshocked, Rescue Remedy from Nelson Bach is really useful.

–March 1, 2013

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