The Daily Astro for February 21, 2013

The Daily Astro for February 21, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester


How’s the out-of-body experience going? It may be hard to ground ourselves after yesterday’s waterfall avalanche of water sign energy, capped off by the Sun-Neptune conjunction in Pisces in the early hours of the morning. We gradually shake off the fog as the Moon (still in Cancer) opposes Pluto and trines Saturn early in the day, which may bring us back to earth with a thud, but at least gets our posterior in touch with terra firma again. The Moon/Pluto connection hits us hard; the emotional veneer is stripped off so we can see whether what’s underneath is worth keeping. Then a Moon/Saturn trine helps stabilize the situation–visualize rescue workers in a helicopter hovering over someone struggling in roiling waters. They lend a hand (and a rope) and before you know it, you’re safe in the helicopter.

A Mercury/Uranus hookup at 2:32 PM EST can unleash our inner Babel. We may be thinking fast but everything rushes out in a confusing jumble. Great ideas may pop up but vanish, shipwrecked by the sheer torrent of words and images unleashed. Since this aspect is closely followed by the Moon trine Mars (at 12:48 PM EST), be careful not to make split-second decisions based on emotions or anger. Use this energy to churn up righteous indignation; go to battle for someone in need.

It’s easier to detach from the chaos after 9:08 PM EST, when the Moon trines Mercury. An added bonus: asteroid Juno and Saturn connect at 9:04 PM EST. An older woman may lend a sympathetic ear or offer useful advice. It’s also good for spending time with your spouse or partner, as the combination of flowing communication with a  boots-on-the-ground reality orientation will help you address any concerns with honesty and clarity.


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “Heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A lighthouse built on rocks in the midst of an angry sea. Over the sky is a rainbow.”
The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “CONVERGENCE”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “MISTRUST”.
Both of today’s Symbols hint at Saturnian themes. The Sabian Symbol relates to limits and restrictions (too many people crowded into a narrow space); the Kozminsky Symbol shows a sturdy structure built on even sturdier rocks (Saturn relates to stabilization and things that stand pressure and the test of time). Both relate to dealing with situations in which our options are limited and we have to learn coping skills. There’s just not enough real estate available, so we need to work within  constraints.

The Sabian Symbol highlights the crazy rush of modern life, the cacophony and chaos of just getting around every day, getting to work or wherever we need to be. This reflects the ebb and flow of our water sign emphasis and particularly relates to the Mercury/Uranus connection. There’s too much going on, too many people, too much sensory input. It’s all happening all at once, so it’s hard to make proper decisions. The key is to calm down, work with others to resolve the situation. Don’t don’t go into “road rage” mode or try to barrel through or over those in front of you, which is the down side of this Symbol. Today’s a day when you may feel overwhelmed or overloaded by choices and responsibilities and need to establish order (another Saturn word). Take a few minutes to get organized. Eliminate non-essentials and start again once you’ve rid yourself of distractions.

The Kozminsky Symbol is all about the water and waves (Neptune/Pisces emphasis). If we’re equipped  with foresight (the lighthouse beam) and built on a stable foundation (our Saturnian rocks), we can withstand any storm and look towards a brighter future (the rainbow). We may not feel safe, but we are protected and will make it through the storm.

Since the key word here is”mistrust”, the problem is that we may be focusing too much on the storm and not enough on the rainbow. Kozminsky says that this Symbol shows a person who “has mediumistic power to enable him to know his inward strength, but he fears to use it”. Here’s that Neptune (mediumistic power) and Saturn (fears) connection again. We need to know how to interpret the signs (rainbow) that we are shown and learn to trust our innate wisdom.



8 of Swords / Knight of Swords

Here’s an “it’s all in your head” combination! Two air cards point to the mind and to long-term patterns of thinking that have put us in a restricted position. We’re static, limited and need to DO something to break the chains. This one is from a fairytale: the sleeping princess who’s waiting for the Prince to show up and wake her up/take her away. Fear and mistrust (today’s Kozminsky Symbol keyword) have settled in and a state of paralysis ensues. We’re putting off the inevitable and it’s causing a huge amount of tension.

The Knight of Swords shows that we’re in a state of constant argument with ourselves or have split ourselves in half in some way. This combination is about inner conflict as one part of ourselves is at odds with the other. However unwelcome the intrusion, we may need a new perspective or outside force to jar us out of this dilemma.

We may have to react quickly today to news that arrives suddenly, or “out of the blue”. We need to be attentive to all messages winging their way to us, as these contain the key to unlocking the prison of our thoughts. Clarify your mind, talk things out with someone you trust, get a second opinion, and try not to fight with those who do give you advice.

With Mercury ready to roll retrograde, we need to take another look at the way we communicate with others on a day-to-day basis. We have to take the lighthouse view and see things from a broader perspective in order to make a breakthrough.

–February 21, 2013



















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