The Daily Astro for February 20, 2013





The Daily Astro for February 20, 2013

by Valerie Sylvester



When the Moon sidles into Cancer at 5:45 AM EST, it means we have a total of 6 planetary and asteroid-y bodies in Water signs (the other 5 are in Pisces). Pretty sloshy business here, with heightened emotions, waves of nostalgia/future passed feelings, sympathy for any and all underdogs, and a tendency to get information through pictures, symbols, or by osmosis rather than through the workings of the rational mind. We might feel like we’re living in a movie today as the boundaries between worlds become thinner. We also may register all the undercurrents today, which can make some feel “tuned in” and others just plain paranoid.

The Moon trines the Sun at 10:05 AM EST, so our inner and outer worlds are aligned and we hum like a tuning fork.  At 11:24 AM EST the Moon trines Neptune in Pisces, deepening and widening the mood. Here’s a time period where we may really feel an almost mystical sense of oneness with the universe. Obviously this is an excellent time to pursue interests in the metaphysical world, to do volunteer work, help others who are having problems, tend to animals or pets, meditate/seek answers from the hidden realms. Some may find the overload (or undertow) too great and may feel spaced out or just want to hide!

We’re jolted back to earth later in the day as the Moon connects with Pluto at 5:41 PM EST, then hits Uranus at 6:53 PM EST. Maybe we’ve come to some realizations earlier in the day and now know we need to break free from damaging emotional patterns or that it’s time to release someone from our lives (they may decide to just take off now, anyway). Surprises are apt to be jarring and unexpected;  try to go with the flow and look at it as a learning experience.

By late evening the aspects from the Moon to Jupiter and Venus may incline us to call it a night early and cocoon ourselves with family or close friends to keep the wider world at arm’s length. Overnight (2:19 AM EST) the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. Try and remember your dreams; write them down. The colors, symbols and “feel” or any messages you receive may be very important or be loaded with portents for the future. You might not understand them now, just keep on hand for later.



Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “A petrified forest.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “The deck of a trawler on which are quantities of fish. It is night, a small cottage is on fire on the land, and this, with the shore lights, is reflected in the water.”

The Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “SURVIVAL”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is: “SECRETIVENESS”.

The contrast in imagery of today’s Symbols is intriguing. On one hand, the Sabian Symbol shows a petrified forest (solid, immovable, preserved forever), and on the other, the Kozminsky Symbol highlights water, a boat, and fire, all symbols of things that move, shift, and change second by second. The emphasis today is on striking the proper balance between preserving the best of the past (the Moon is in Cancer, after all) and allowing the process of change to move through you (all those planets in Pisces).

The Sabian Symbol is about continuity and honoring the patterns of the past, and involves standing strong in our belief system/standing up for our beliefs. In order to understand the present, we may need to look back to the past. On the down side, an adherence to past precepts may cause too much crystallization and block progress. We may tune into the fearful, paranoid side of the water element and be so afraid to move or make a change that we “freeze in place”. We also need to learn the Pisces lesson of letting go. It may be time to clear a space for new things to come in. A petrified forest covers a huge area; it takes up a lot of real estate. It may be time to examine how much “real estate” the past is taking up and whether it’s time to get rid of things you’ve outgrown or no longer need.

The Kozminsky Symbol is associated with Neptune, more than appropriate given all of today’s water sign emphasis plus the Sun conjunct Neptune in the wee hours tonight. As noted, the individual symbols found here are all in motion or changing, and all is happening under cover of night. This image relates to the ability to fine tune our sensibilities in order to sense “disturbances in the field”. We may be challenged, but ultimately we obtain the reward (fish piled on the trawler). What we are involved in may require that we remain alert and act in a diplomatic fashion, we have to “work undercover”. This image seems to be about staying under the radar in order to finish a mission, and all the water and fire imagery points to the idea that this is a spiritual goal as well. It’s something that is personal, unique and fraught with challenges but is also rewarding and fulfilling, as it’s about our own particular path, the quest to find meaning in our lives.



8 of Cups / 8 of Wands

Double eights today! We’re off on our secret night journey (see commentary on the Kozminsky Symbol above), and it’s a powerful quest. Eights, as connected with all things Plutonian, always seem to me to be about transformation and regeneration of what has become embalmed (see the Sabian Symbol’s petrified forest).

With all the planets in water signs today, it’s not surprising a water card related to Neptune in Pisces (which is the current position of Neptune as it hooks up with the Sun later tonight ), has shown up. The 8 of Wands adds to the theme of taking a journey or traveling somewhere because it’s time to move on down the road.

This combination tells us it’s time to let go and face the truth, whatever it is and as painful as that may be. The 8 of Wands is related to healing, so this pair tells us our journey is guided and protected–we’re meant to be on this path. We start seeing below the surface and learn to merge with the currents as we bring more movement and flow into our lives. These two cards could indicate news of a major move or news of a death, as both cards have a feel of “going home” at last.

–February 20, 2013



















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