The Daily Astro for December 7, 2012

The Daily Astro for December 7, 2012

by Valerie Sylvester

The Moon begins the day in Virgo, then migrates to Libra at 1:37 PM EST. Today is full of squinchy aspects that can throw us off our game. The day begins with a Mars/Neptune clash that can make it feel like we’re trying to drive a sports car at 200 MPH in a thick fog bank. It’s easy to get distracted or drawn off the track by far-out ideas that disappear in a puff of smoke. People will likely waste time and energy on things that are extraneous to their goals. Focusing is difficult–imagine sitting in the eye doctor’s office and trying to see the tiniest row of letters on the eye chart–they’re all blurry and you can’t quite make them out, but with concentration you may identify a few. We may also feel the energy’s been totally drained out of us.

After the Moon enters Libra, it forms an adjustment aspect to Neptune and then opposes Uranus, so expect a bit of “shake-and-bake” in your relationships and learn to adjust to changing situations as they arise. There’s an opportunity here to “peer behind the veil” and discover what’s really going on as facades crack and drop. Being forced out of routine opens new avenues that can lead to exciting discoveries, so instead of being upset that things aren’t “normal” anymore, have some fun with the “new normal” brought in by today’s Neptune and Uranus aspects.


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “Sea gulls watching a ship .”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A woman outside an old ruin under a starlit sky, a white angel on her right, a dark angel on her left. The stars–the lamps outside the palaces of the Holy Ones–are shining.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Alertness”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is “Restraint.”

Today’s symbols have a common theme–being alert and seeing something that other people may overlook. The seagulls in the Sabian Symbol spring into action when a ship passes by, because they know that ships are full of people –and the possibility of a meal or two.  Recently we ate dinner on an outside deck on the water and noticed a group of seagulls on the railings. They were waiting for an opportunity to nab whatever food we left behind. The second we got up to leave, they dive-bombed the plates to snatch the leftovers. Their timing was impeccable, and they got their meal.

The Kozminsky Symbol features two angels hovering over a woman as the seagulls hover around the ship in the Sabian Symbol (or our table in the example given above)! Both Symbols relate to “keeping your eyes open” and developing a “second sight”. The Kozminsky adds the idea of mediumistic abilities or being able to see and commune with the spiritual world. Today’s Uranus-Neptune aspects can open up other worlds, if we’re ready to jump in when we see the door opening. Uranus moves fast, things change in a flash (of enlightenment); Neptune relates more to mysticism and being a channel for information as it moves through you. There’s a real possibility here of connecting with a higher source or receiving messages from beyond. Problems to watch for: The need to wait for the right opportunity rather than leaping into things, losing our way, missing an opportunity, or expecting a handout without doing anything to earn it.


Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland, Abu Sai’d Ibn Aboaal (Persian mystic), St. Columba (Irish Christian missionary), Azzone Visconti (Lord of Milan), Abd Al-Rahman Al Sid (Persian astronomer), Henry Stuart (consort of Mary I of Scotland), John Ainslie (chairman of South Seas Company), Maria Josepha of Saxony (Queen Consort of Spain), Theodor Schwann (co-originator of cell theory), Solomon Schechter (Talmudic scholar), Larry Bird (pro basketball player/coach), Aaron Carter (pop singer), Ellen Burstyn (actor), Noam Chomsky (MIT professor/linguistics), C. Thomas Howell (actor), Louis Prima (jazz singer), Nicholas Hoult (actor, “About a Boy”), Jennifer Carpenter (actor, “Dexter”), Edd Hall (announcer of “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”), Johnny Bench (Cincinnati Reds catcher), Harry Chapin (singer/songwriter), Ted Knight (actor, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”), Eli Wallach (actor), Damien Rich (Irish songwriter), Richard Sears (founded Sears department stores), Francisco Javier Bautista (a/k/a “Frankie J.”, singer), Deacon White (early baseball star), Barbara Weathers (vocals, Atlantic Star), Julie Halston (actor), Tom Waits (singer/songwriter), Yoko Moroshita (prima ballerina), Victor Kermit Kiam II (CEO, Remington shavers), Mario Soares (premier of Portugal), Helen Gurley Brown (editor-in-chief, Cosmopolitan), Gerard Kuiper (astronomer), Stuart Davis (American painter), Fay Bainter (actor), Hailton Fish (US Congressional leader), Willa Cather (author, “My Antonia”), Madame Tussaud (created wax museum bearing her name), Ellen Stewart (founder of La MaMa theater group), Craig Scanlon (guitarist, The Fall), Mike Nolan (musician, Bucks Fizz), Vladimir Akopian (chess champion), Dominic Howard (drummer, Muse), Emily Browning (actor), Gem Archer (guitarist, Oasis), John Bennett Ramsey (businessman/father of missing child Jon Benet Ramsey), Sara Bareilles (singer/songwriter), Kelly Hunter (astrologer/author), James Keach (actor), Jeffrey Wright (actor), Ary dos Santos (poet), Susan Minot (novelist/short story writer), Jack Huston (actor, “Boardwalk Empire”).


6 of Wands/7 of Swords

This combo is like setting yourself up to lose by winning through undercutting yourself in some way. It can be a fear of success, so as you get closer to achieving your goals you find ways to succumb to obstacles.  It can relate to jealousy of someone else’s success and/or a desire to undermine the achievements of others. There’s a missing piece here; something isn’t clear. There’s something we aren’t being told. This card combination reminds me of the two angels in the Sabian Symbol–the black angel and the white angel that hang over the woman outside the ruin. There’s an “out of the ruins” feel to these cards, too. Something great has collapsed from internal stress and sabotage. Success is available, but the power of the mind has to be harnessed. Using diplomacy playing yours cards close to the chest, coming up with a strategy–these are better ways to deal with the 7 of Swords energy. The seagulls in the Kozminsky Symbol know it’s best to wait for an opening before moving in on the ship; the woman in the Sabian Symbol’s ruins is willing to wait for inspiration for as long as it takes for the spirit to speak to her. Keep the higher goal in mind; don’t listen to the siren call of the dark angel!
–December 7, 2012

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