The Daily Astro for December 6, 2012

The Daily Astro for December 6, 2012

by Valerie Sylvester

Virgo Moon today. It’s also  the Last-Quarter Sun/Moon phase, at 15 degrees Sagittarius and Virgo, so the Moon squares the Sun. The Moon also squares Jupiter (in Gemini), the ruler of Sagittarius. Today’s one of those “mountains and molehills” days. The sheer amount of information rushing by may be overwhelming (Jupiter expands), so the word to remember is: WINNOW. Not everything is worth paying attention to. Eliminate the unnecessary; work with what remains. This will help with the sensory overload potential inherent in these aspects and help you avoid frittering time away on distractions. The Moon trines Mars, adding an energy blast to help plow through that mountain of information, so take advantage. Shore up your health routines and diet, too–maybe it’s time to eliminate certain habits or foods (Virgo Moon square Sun/Jupiter–time to look at areas of overindulgence! ) After 10:33 AM EST, we may be sidetracked by surprise developments or news (the Sun/Moon square and then a Moon/Uranus hit). The Moon/Venus sextile at 4:55 PM EST will help smooth things out–it might be a good idea to take a break and do something nice for yourself or others around that time. Indulge your creative side. Moods sway back and forth this evening after 11:33 PM EST as the energy field fluctuates. Worrying or jumpiness may prevent us from getting to sleep right away.


Sabian Symbol for today’s Sun: “The ground hog looking for its shadow.”
Kozminsky Symbol for today’s Sun: “A painter at his easel in a forest upland, observing not the heavy black clouds which betray an approaching storm.”
Keyword for the Sabian Symbol is: “Reassurance”.
The Keyword for the Kozminsky Symbol is:  “Radiation.”

Both of today’s Symbols feature clouds and shadows, so here’s our theme/image for the day.  Both also relate to impending change. In the Kozminsky Symbol, the painter is so intent upon his work that he doesn’t see the storm coming, while in the Sabian Symbol, the groundhog pops out of his burrow to see if it’s safe to come out, to see if spring is on its way at last. It’s about reading the signs and symbols and knowing how to interpret them, so it relates to intuition and heightened awareness. We’re being told to investigate further, and be willing to adapt to our surroundings as conditions change. The painter in today’s Kozminsky Symbol is staying put in order to focus on his art, rather than over-reacting to every little fluctuation, which shows determination and the ability to work even in difficult situations. However, if he ignores the approaching storm for too long, he’ll have to beat a quick retreat before the downpour ruins his painting! There’s a middle ground between these two symbols, obviously. Be conscious of your surroundings and of any “change in the weather”, but don’t over-react to every tiny twinge. Here’s the mutable dilemma, (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs and today’s Last Quarter Square features Moon in Virgo square Sun in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Gemini): it’s great to be flexible and “ride the wave” of change, but constant movement for the sake of moment can interrupt the rhythm (think circadian rhythms here, too) and lead to inconsistency and uncompleted tasks as we overreact to every stimulus in the environment.


Henry VI, King of England, Hasan al-Askari (Shia imam), King Ferdinand IV of Castile, Baldassare Castiglione (Italian diplomat/author), Niccolo Zucchi (astronomer), Johann Christoph Bach (composer), Gabriel Duvall (U.S. Supreme Court Justice), King William II of the Netherlands, Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin (French magician), John Eberhard (built largest pencil factory in U.S.), Haraprasad Shastri (Sanskrit scholar and historian), Evelyn Underhill (British poet), Fred Duesenberg (Geman automobile pioneer), Will Hay (British comedian/actor), Dion Fortune (British occultist/author), F. Osbert Sitwell (poet/writer), Lina Carstens (actor), Gunnar Myrdal (sociologist/economist, Nobel Prize 1974), Eve Denise Curie (pianist/author; daughter of Madame Curie), James J. Braddock (boxer), Kamal Sumblatt (Druze leader, Lebanon), Harold Horace Hopkins (inventor of the endoscope), Willem Oosterheers (resistance fighter), Jimmy Bivins (Hall of Fame heavyweight boxer), Bobby Van (singer), King Moody (actor; played Ronald McDonald and “Shtarker” on “Get Smart” TV show), Kenneth Copeland (American televangelist), Helen Cornelius (country singer), Richard Speck (U.S. mass murderer), Mike Smith (pianist, Dave Clark 5), Shekhar Kapur (Indian filmmaker), Peter Handke (writer), Doug Marlette (editorial cartoonist), Craig Newmark (founder of Craigslist), Will Shriner (talk show host), Chris Stamey (musician/producer, the dBs), Rick Buckler (drummer, The Jam), Satoru Iwata (CEO of Nintendo), Ben Watt (musician, Everything But the Girl), Teri Hatcher (actor), Ulf Ekberg (musician, Ace of Base), Richard Krajkek (tennis star), Elian Gonzalez (Cuban boy, center of controversy in US), Janine Turner (actor, “Northern Exposure”), Miroslav Vitous (bassist/jazz musician), Alfred Eisenstaedt (photojournalist), Debbie Rowe (nurse, wife of Michael Jackson who gave him custody of their 2 children in divorce), Elissa Landi (Hollywood actress of the 20s and 30s), Dulce Maria (singer/songwriter, actor), Byron Katie (speaker/author), Kim Farnell (astrologer), Xishun Bao (world’s tallest living man), Edna Rowland (astrologer/author), Eleanor Holm (Olympic swimming champ), Tomson Highway (Cree playwright/novelist), Herman Shumlin (theatrical producer/film director), Eric Newby (British travel author), Dan Harrington (pro poker player), Bruce Nauman (artist), Ebizo Ichikawa (Kabuki actor), Benn Watt (DJ/record producer), Randy Rhoads (guitarist, Black Sabbath), Agnes Moorehead (actor), Dave Brubeck (jazz pianist), Steven Wright (comedian), Jobeth Williams (actor), Ira Gershwin (lyricist, “Summertime”), Andrew Cuomo (Governor of New York State; son of Mario Cuomo, former governor); Tom Hulce (actor, played Mozart in “Amadeus”), Alberto Contador (Spanish bicycling champ), Judd Apatow (film producer/director), Peter Buck (musician, R.E.M.), David Ossman (member of Firesign Theatre comedy troupe), Lynn Fontaine (Broadway actor; appeared often with husband Alfred Lunt), Joyce Kilmer (“poet”), William S. Hart (early film star/Westerns), John Singleton Mosby (Confederate Army colonel, a/k/a “The Gray Ghost”), Nick Park (stop motion animation filmmaker/”Wallace & Grommit”), James Naughton (actor).


Queen of Pentacles/9 of Swords

Here’s an earth and air combination that screams “think about what you’re attracting to yourself” through your thought and habit patterns. The Queen of Pentacles relates to being at home in your body and in the physical world, feeling a sense of belonging to the earth and a comfort and confidence in being in your own skin. This is very Taurean energy, born of the earth. Indulgence is a key word here, and there are many ways to indulge ourselves. The 9 of Swords reminds us that one thing we shouldn’t indulge is the screaming mind. Take a look at what you’re manifesting as a result of the recurrent patterns in your life. How do thoughts become things? How does that energy express itself in or through your physical body?  There may be a disconnect between the mind and body that needs to be examined. Grounding and centering is needed urgently now as feelings of guilt, depression, and anxiety take over, unbalancing us.  Look to someone you trust, someone stable, for advice if you feel hopeless.

This combo also mirrors today’s aspects: don’t allow a feeling of overwhelm, a sense of having much too much going on, derail you or cause you to lose sight of basic, important things. Reconfirm your essential values; pare things to the essence to discover what you value most.

–December 6, 2012



















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